Changing Minds, Removing Barriers: UX Practitioner as Strategist and Change Agent

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Latest update September 2013. Presented at UX Akron Meetup, September 2013. First presented at the Big (D)esign 2010 conference, May 2010.


<ul><li> 1. CHANGING MINDS AND REMOVING BARRIERS ! ! USER EXPERIENCE PRACTITIONER AS STRATEGIST AND CHANGE AGENT! PaulSherman ShermanUX </li></ul><p> 2. lets cut to the chase! Usabilitytestingagooduserexperience! Strategicuserexperienceplanningcanyield auniedandconsistentuserexperience. Andstrategicdesignleadstogreatuser experiences. 2 3. why isnt testing enough?! Usabilitytestingis almostalways tacticalandshort- termfocused. Evenwhendone acrossreleasesthe resultsarealmost alwaysused tactically. 3 4. so?! Butthemethodisnotwellsuitedfor: Craftingaunieduserexperience Planningfortomorrowsuserexperience Creatingdelight,loyalty,stickiness 4 Usabilitytestingcanndproblemswithyour siteorproduct. 5. Delight Loyalty Stickiness Howdoyouattainthese? 5 6. Bydesigningtheuser experience: Fornow. Fornextyear. Andtheyearsafterthat. 6 7. Anddesigningtheentire experience Notjustyourproductsuserinterface. OrtheemailcampaignsHTMLformatting. Ortheuserassistancecontent. 7 8. 8 STRATEGY VS. TACTICS! 9. yadda yadda definition! [Strategyis]Alongtermplanofaction designedtoachieveaparticulargoal. Strategyisdierentiatedfromtacticsor immediateactionsbyitsorientationon aectingfuture,notimmediate conditions. 9; 10. heres a good example: ! 10 11. heres a good example:! 11 Strategicplan: Gofromairport tohotel Tactics: Makesome turns 12. Findandxusabilityislike makingaturn. Itsagoodthingtodo Ifyouknowwhereyouregoing. Doyou? 12 13. 13 A STORY ABOUT ALIGNMENT! 14. its about the organization! Atmanycompanies,variousgroupsand departmentsarenotalignedaround creatingthebestuserexperiencepossible. Infact,somegroupsareincentedto createabaduserexperience. Howcanthatbe?Easyunintended consequencesofincentivestructures. 14 15. unintended consequences! Example:Imaginean[ahem]ctional companywhereamarketingdepartmentis responsibleforshippingandfulllment. Imaginetheycharged$15.95USDtoshipa boxofsoftware.Andthismadethemarketing department600Kyearly. Howmanypeopledoyouthinkabandoned theirshoppingcartswhentheysawthat price? 15 16. unintended consequences! andhowmanycustomersdoyouthinkwere lostbecauseofthisoneshort-sighteddecision? 16 17. my point is! Usabilitytestinganduser-centereddesign canonlydosomuch. Tocreategreatuserexperiences,youhaveto takeaholistic-andstrategicapproach. 17 18. im not the only one! Imnottheonlypersonsayingthis: SteveBatyBeingAnExperience-LedOrganization JaredSpoolUPA2009keynote andmanyothers. 18 19. 19 USABILITY AND ! USER EXPERIENCE! 20. some definitions! Whatisusability? Apersoncanaccomplishwhattheyretrying todowithyourproductorservice. Whatisuserexperience? Apersonspositiveandnegativeattitudes thatresultsfrominteractingwithaproductor service. 20 21. user experience honeycomb! 21 FromPeterMorville: 22. Usabilityisapartofit Butonlyapart. 22 23. how do you quantify ux?! Measureit Therearemanywaystodothisbutwedont doagoodenoughjobtoday. Myadvice Usemultiplemethods,multiplemeasures, andlookatmultiplecustomertouchpoints... notjusttheproductexperience. 23 24. what can you do NOW?! Therststepisto becomeawareof theproblems! How? Walkthroughthe entirecustomer experience. 24 25. walk the customer corridor! Fromsign-uptoinitial usefreetopay conversioncalling andemailinghelp, techsupport,and billingevenclosing theaccount. 25 26. the customer corridor! Ifyoudontknowaboutthisconcept,talkto yourproductmanagers.Theydo. 26 Atypicalproductmanagerdrawing 27. and while youre at it! 27 CheckyourcustomerservicelineUX!Most arehorrible!(BecausetheITgrouptypically designsthepromptsandmenus.) 28. vui is a specialization! JustbecauseyoudoGUIdoesntmeanyou candoVUI. VUIexpertSusanHura: IsYourGoalToGetRidOfMoney? AreYouWorkingHardToSuckLess? 28 29. full disclosure! Shesmywife. Shesalsothebest VUIusabilityexpert around. 29 30. Howdoyoudostrategicuser experience? Itsometimesmeansbigchanges. Itoftendrivesprocessandorganizational structurechanges. 30 31. it takes big changes! Remember,inmanyorganizations, departmentsandteamsareincentedto createbaduserexperiences. Changingorganizationstructuresand incentivestorefocusonthecustomerishard work. 31 32. some do it instinctively! Oine: Nordstroms.VirginAir. Online: Zappos.Amazon.LandsEnd.(Oinetoo.) Whoelse? 32 33. Thesadtruth:most organizationsdontalignonthe userexperience. 33 34. whose fault is it?! Everybodys.Andnobodys. Thatstheproblem. 34 35. Howdoyoutakeastrategic approachtocreatingagreat userexperience? Fourveryhardeasysteps 35 36. a strategic approach to ux! 1.Alignment Findthedisincentivestodeliveringagood userexperience,thensurfacethemtoyour leadership.Eliminatethem. Advocatefortweakingthebusinessmodelif youneedto. Donttakebadprots.Badprotsare unsustainableprots. 36 37. strategic user experience! 2.Values Beopentolearningaboutandimprovingthe userexperience. Thoseaphorismsaboutthecustomeralways beingright?Theyrealltrue. Remembertheguywhocomplainedabout thefoodonVirginAir?Hesnowataster. Stunt?Yes.Buteectiveandrevealing! 37 38. strategic user experience! 3.Assesstheuserexperienceholistically Traversethecustomercorridor.Assessthe totalexperiencenotjusttheUI. Findthestickypoints,thelittletrapdoors. Remember,onebadtouchpointaectsthe wholebrand. 38 39. strategic user experience! 4.Leverageuserexperiencedesign Dontjustxthelittleuserexperience trapdoorsandholes. Assessandredesignthecustomer touchpointsallofthem.EventheIVR. Anddocumentwhatyoudoandhow.(More onthisinafewminutes.) 39 40. Yeah,buthowdoIgetmy organizationtodothis? Initiative 40 41. Giveyourselfanewjob: Changeagent Easytosayhardertoputintopractice. Initiative 41 UX 42. What is a change agent?! Apersonwholeadsabusinessinitiativeby: Deningandresearchingtheproblem Planningtheintervention Buildingbusinesssupportfortheintervention Enlistingotherstohelpdrivechange SixSigma- UXmatters-TheUserExperiencePractitionerAsChangeAgent 42 43. Changeagentsmusthavethe convictiontostatethefacts basedondata,evenifthe consequencesareassociated withunpleasantness. 43 44. Successfulstrategicuser experienceisnotjustabout deliveringadesignortesting theuserinterface. 44 45. Itsaboutaligningthe organizationtomeasureand improvetheuserexperience Usingthetoolsandtechniquesofuserresearch, interactiondesign,andusabilityassessment. 45 46. Ifyouredoingyourjobright, yourechangingyour organization. Initiative 46 47. HeressomethingIcreatedto helpmebuildastrongUX presenceatmyformer organization. 47 48. 48 THE STORY OF ! THE UX KIT! 49. done!! Icoulddothekitspiel inlessthan5minutes. Itsactuallyquite boringtakenalone. 49 WhatsinterestingiswhyIneededone,whyyou probablyneedoneandwhatweshouldbe doingaboutthis. 50. heres the storys main point! Userexperiencepractice needstobeembedded moresecurelyinto productdevelopment lifecycleactivities. 50 51. a proposition: ! Despitewhatwemaywishorthink,UXis stillpoorlyintegratedintoproductideation, design,anddevelopmentactivities. 51 52. gaps! LikeJaredSpoolsaid inhisUPA2009 keynote,thereare gapsinoureld. Ibelievethatoneof themisthelackof organizational structureandprocess guidelines. 52 53. why?! Whyisnttheregoodstuoutthereonhow tointegrateUXteamsintoorganizations? Therearesomelists.Afewbooks. Buttheredoesntseemtobemanylively, ongoingdiscussionsaboutUXand organizationalstructures,cultures,etc. 53 54. why?! Butisntsettingupateamapreconditionto actuallyDOINGeectiveuserexperiencework? 54 55. my hypotheses! 1. ItsatrivialproblemImstupidand everyonegetsthisstubutme. Note:thisisadenitepossibility. 55 56. my hypotheses! 2. Itsaparticularlythornyproblemora problemthatoureldisnotequippedto workon. Butwehavesomanyresearch psychologistsinourranks! 56 57. my hypotheses! 3. Itsjustnotasinterestingorsexyas otherproblemsinoureld. 57 58. 1. ItsatrivialproblemImstupidandeveryone getsthisstubutme. 2. Itsaparticularlythornyproblemoraproblem thatoureldisnotequippedtoworkon. 3. Itsjustnotasinterestingorsexyasother problemsinoureld. Ichoose#3 58 59. yup, thats me! alwaysworkingontheunsexyproblems. 59 60. 60 THE PROBLEM! 61. ux ino, or cargo cult ux! Iveworkedinseveralorganizationsthat claimedtodoUX. Someofthemactuallydid 61 62. ux ino, or cargo cult ux! Someorgs*thought*theyweredoing UX. Butwhattheywerereallydoingcouldbe calledUXinnameonly. 62 63. cargo cult user experience! Acargocultisatypeofreligious practicethatmayappearintribal societiesinthewakeofinteractionwith technologicallyadvanced,non-native cultures. Thecultsarefocusedonobtaining thematerialwealthoftheadvanced culturethroughmagicalthinking, religiousritualsandpractices 63 YesItookthisfromWikipediatoo.&gt; 64. cargo cult ux! Cargocultsconductritualsimitating thebehaviortheyhaveobservedamong theholdersofthedesiredwealthin ordertoreceivethewealththemselves. 64 65. pics or it didnt happen! 65 66. pics or it didnt happen! 66 67. can i hammer this point even more?! Thetermcargocultis invokedasanEnglish languageidiom meaningtoimitatethe supercialexteriorofa processorsystem withouthavingany understandingofthe underlyingsubstance. 67 68. (not so) clever impersonation! Someorgsdo something resemblingUX butitsnotreally UX. 68 69. Ithinksomeofyouhaveseen thistoo. Yes? 69 70. now you know my problem ! AtaformercompanyIwasaskedtohelp puttogetherUXteamsinotherproduct groups. IttookmeonefailuretorealizethatI neededtogivethemmorethanthis: Youneedauserresearcherandaninteraction designerandausabilityanalyst.And,uh,a managertoo. 70 71. my solution! IdidwhatPhDs dobest:Iwrote apaper. AndthenI remembered whomy audiencewas, andcutitby2/3. 71 72. who was it for?! Seniormanagers anddirectorswho neededadviceand consultationon howtosetupaUX team. 72 Mosthadnoideathattheywouldhavetochange processesandprocedurestobenetfromUX. 73. what did I cover?! 73 74. damn! thats a lot.! Iknow! 74 75. what i said about process! 75 76. roles and responsibilities ! Product Management Business &amp; Requirements Analysts User-Centered Design Development Quality Assurance PMO Ideation Role: Approver/Driver Responsibility: Target audience definition, business model research, ID of value areas. Create customer use cases. Role: Contributor Responsibility: Review PMs assumptions and high-level requirements. Role: Contributor Responsibility: Investigate target market needs at the level of individual users (workflow, success criteria). Role: Informed Role: Informed Role: Informed Design Role: Approver Responsibility: Contribute to design process. Validate adherence to customer business model and value. Role: Contributor Responsibility: Create and maintain business and functional requirements and specifications. Role: Contributor Responsibility: Design to meet market &amp; user requirements, within constraints. Role: Contributor Responsibility: Manage feasibility and other technical considerations. Role: Contributor Responsibility: Create test cases and test plan from scenarios, requirements, use cases. Role: Driver Responsibility: Plan and manage plan for overall program of work. Development Role: Approver Role: Contributor Responsibility: Ensure that development meets requirements, elicit unknown/latent requirements. Role: Informed Role: Driver Responsibility: Implement the solution, meeting requirements within constraints. Role: Contributor Responsibility: Conduct iteration testing as modules are completed. Role: Informed Validation Role: Approver/ Contributor Responsibility: Ensure that solution meets use case requirements and delivers customer value. Role: Informed Role: Driver Responsibility: Conduct customer validation research to ensure solution viability. Role: Informed Role: Driver Responsibility: Assure quality minimal defects, adherence to requirements. Role: Informed Release Role: Approver Responsibility: Approval authority for release signoff. Role: Informed Role: Contributor Responsibility: Approve enhancement from customer view. Role: Informed Role: Driver Responsibility: Release management. Role: Informed Discipline Phase 77. ux team services! Service Phase Description Provides: Contextual inquiry Ideation Investigation of users goals, objectives, tasks, and limitations/ constraints; at the users place of business (or other appropriate use context). Rich descriptions of users goals, motivations, environment. Task analysis Ideation Step-by-step, granular identification of users work tasks. Details of the users processes. User profiling Ideation Detailed reports of real users; what they do, how they do it, etc. A library of user profiles that can be used to guide design. Persona creation Ideation An abstracted description of users, based on the attributes of real users. A design target specifying who the design is aimed at. Role/task matrix Task/object matrix Task frequency &amp; criticality ratings Design Additional details about who does what in a particular environment, as well as the importance of particular tasks. Quasi-quantitative information about users, roles, tasks, etc. Scenarios Use cases Process flows Design Designs describing the flow or transformation of information through a system, and how the system and user interact with each other. Information about how a design should work in the real world when implemented. Early-phase usability testing Design Testing the process flows and scenarios to ensure that they meet real users needs. Validation of the design and correction opportunities. Wireframes &amp; prototypes Validation &amp; documentation A lo- or medium-fidelity representation of the feature or product. A working system that can be tested in late-phase usability testing. UI / interaction spec Validation &amp; documentation The formal, complete documentation of the feature or products user interface. A specification to code and inspect against. Visual design Validation &amp; documentation Formal documentation of the visual design for the product or feature. A specification to code and inspect against. Late-phase usability testing Validation &amp; documentation Usability testing using a working prototype or mockup. Validation of the design and correction opportunities. Summative usability testing End-of-cycle validation Usability testing of a finished version of the product, measuring key indicators such as average time-on-task, error rate, etc. Information to feed into the next lifecycles activities. 78. 78 ux team services (again)! 79. resources in the kit! Iprovidedcrazyamountsof templates,datasheets, recruitingforms,report formats,etc. Noneofthisisbrandnew; mostofthecontenthas beenaroundinvarious forms. 79 Whenyoustealfromme,youre stealing(atleast)twice! 80. what did i tell the leaders?! 80 81. what did i tell them?! Hireatleast3directco...</p>