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Cataloguing Session Libraries Australia Forum 2011 Slide 2 Developments CBS the LA cataloguing system improvements: MARC21 changes up until end of 2010 Better matching and merging Transliteration of Devanagari, Georgian and Tamil scripts and improvements in display and import of these scripts and Thai Further refinements to the Duplicate Detection and Removal script Slide 3 Developments Record Import Service (RIS) OAI PMH harvesting to RIS Upload of Authority records via RIS Slide 4 Developments Global holdings Update service and manual reviewing Two types of manual reviewing: 1.Tentative matches from records uploaded via RIS 2.Tentative matches from Global Holdings Refreshes Review of Global Holdings Update practices Slide 5 Developments Outcome of review: stop manual reviewing after holdings refreshes Instead, focus on: Improving match / merge algorithm Improving data quality in refresh files Slide 6 Developments Result of decision to stop holdings refresh reviewing: Enables us to keep up-to-date with RIS reviewing Allows us to put more resources into improving data quality before records are loaded to the ANBD Slide 7 Developments Holdings Deletion Trial Outcome: Good records = high rate of matches and few valid holdings lost Brief records = risk of more valid holdings being lost and mad merges Duplicate detection and removal (DDR) Slide 8 The coming year CBS software and configuration upgrades Linking of bibliographic and authority records Detailed holdings in WorldCat Table of Contents record enrichment Slide 9 The coming year SRU Update Working with OCLC on SRU update transmission with Amlib systems Resource Description and Access (RDA) LA is preparing CBS to support RDA records RDA will become LA standard for description LA will continue to support AACR2 records Slide 10 The coming year Data maintenance Further improvement to duplicate detection and removal scripts Batch loading of authority records Linking of bib and authority records Assisting libraries wanting to upload special collections and unique materials Slide 11 Discussion and questions


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