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Valuable tips and tools for increasing the strength of your presence online.


  • 1.Digital Hill Multimedia 14 years of experience 500+ active clients Web Design, Internet Marketing, Social Media, Application Development www.DigitalHill.com229 S. Main StreetGoshen, IN46526888.537.0703

2. Web Marketing Overview What well cover today

  • Web Trends
  • Search on the Web
  • Website Keys
  • Tips & Ideas

Digital Hill Multimedia, 3. Why Use the Web? Reason 1

  • 80% of Americansare using the web to check out a business before visiting their physical location!
    • Your Website is often aFirst Impressionof your business.
      • Is content current?
      • Is it easy to use?
      • Is there consistently new content to make me want to come back?

Digital Hill Multimedia, 4. Why Use the Web? Reason 2

  • Over 14BillionSearches on Search Engines per month in the U.S. alone.
  • Roughly 470 million searches per day
  • People use search engines to find products and retailers!!

Digital Hill Multimedia, 5. Search Trends on the Web

  • March 2010 Search Engine Marketshare
  • (Source: Hitwise)
  • Google: 65%
  • Yahoo: 15%
  • Bing: 14%
  • Ask: 3.5%

Digital Hill Multimedia, 6. Search Tips for Google

  • Use OR to broaden the search.
  • This can be useful if youre looking at researching a topic but youre not sure which keywords will return the information you need. It can be particularly handy in conjunction with the site: operator. For example, you could try this search: GTD OR getting things done

Digital Hill Multimedia, 7. OR search results Digital Hill Multimedia, 8. Search Tips for Google

  • Exclude specific terms with the
  • You can narrow your searches using this function. For example, if youre looking for information about American Idol but dont want anything about Simon Cowell, you could try searching Google for:
  • american idol -cowell

Digital Hill Multimedia, 9. Google is not your only concern today! craigslist 10.

  • Today you must focus on multiple dimensions:
  • Page Rank
  • Lead Capture
  • Multiple Platforms web, mobile, social
  • Reputation Monitoring

11. Manager Area Tool Bar 12. 13. 14. Page Editor View 15. Search Engine Optimization

  • Easily customize Title Tags and review Meta Data

SEO Friendly URLs - 16. Search Engine Optimization 17. Keyword Blogging - Share tips, your expertise, how to 18. 19. Internet Marketing involves keyword marketing to establish a large footprint for you company online. 4 out of the 10 possible page #1 results including spots 1, 2, 5, & 6. Web Footprint Building significantly increases your ability to garner leads! Large footprint = less competitors on page 1 1 2 3 4 20. Lead Generation Design is Key 21. Lead CaptureOpt-in Forms 22. Mobile Sites exponential growth 23. 24. 25. 26. Social Media Not a fad, but a platform for engagement, cultivation, and lead capture 27. Why use Social Media?

  • Because 3 out of 4 Americans use some form of Social Media; & people now spend more time on social sites than with personal e-mail.
  • Reach further with your message
    • Advertise / Expand Awareness of your Brand
    • Go to where your customers are (55 minutes a day)
    • Low cost of implementation compared to other marketing
  • Another Channel to Generate Sales Leads
    • Build Relationships / Rapport
  • Gauge Customer Satisfaction
    • Get Customer feedback
    • Provide customer service

Digital Hill Multimedia, 28. 29. 30. 31.

  • Summary:
  • Where are the people? Where are you?
    • Web, Mobile, Social Media
  • Page rank is important, but multiple showings on Page 1 is even better;
  • Being accessed easily anywhere via mobile is growing rapidly;
  • Facebook is critical as fans become your conduit and message bearers


  • Update your site!
  • Consider a blog
  • Get your site optimized
  • View and Download the Slides
  • Create a monthly new content plan, stick to it!
  • I will post the slides online.To find out the url, go to:
  • it will announced there.

Digital Hill Multimedia, What to do? 33.