big data: metrics, myths, and power

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Big's on everyone's lips, recently. Its caught the attention of everyone from C-level executives to database administrators. What is it really? What does it mean that every day 2.5 billion gigabytes of high-velocity data are created in a variety of forms, such as information gathered in sensors and medical devices, and transaction records? What are executives hoping to find in the mountain of data? What can content professionals learn from the reality and mystique of Big Data? Big data can address a multitude of problems if you know how to use it: help organizations deepen customer engagement, optimize operations, prevent threats and fraud, and capitalize on new sources of revenue. It has the potential to help those of us concerned about content to determine how impactful that content really is. Join Jennifer to learn about the characteristics of big data, its potential for content professionals, and how it fits into the large picture of metrics, myths, and power. By Jennifer Fell


  • 1. Big Data: Metrics, Myths, Power Jennifer A. Fell Technical Content Strategist Expert Support, Inc.
  • 2. Big data is the electricity of the 21st centurya new kind of power A Revolution That Will that transforms everything it touches Transform How We Live, Work, in business, government, and private and Think. life. - Viktor Mayer-Schonberg, Kenneth Cukier - Paul Sonderegger, Oracle Big Data Strategist [the Big Data Era] will bring the biggest opportunity for companies and individuals in technology since the dawn of the Internet. - Rob Thomas, IBM Vice President, Business Development
  • 3. Why me? Bu Data sin ess Content
  • 4. Our time together Big Data: What is it? Why does it matter? Big Data: What does it mean for content professionals? Metrics and Power: Words to the wise
  • 5. What is Big Data? The Four Vs Volume Variety Velocity Veracity (Variability)
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  • 10. The promise Simply put, because of big data, managers can measure, and hence know,* radically more about their businesses, and directly translate that knowledge into improved decision making and performance. Big Data: The Management Revolution * JFELL: Really? by Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson
  • 11. The potential Source: McKinsey Global Institute
  • 12. Its beginning to happen Sensors everywhere Neonatal intensive care Railroad cars Food products Perimeters of secure facilities Mobile phones Social media posts combined with other data Location information to push location-dependent offers Transaction history to predict and prevent customer churn Social connections: If one person defects from a product or service, other people with social connections to that customer may also do
  • 13. The voice of the customer Old: siloed Definitions centered around Customer surveys Focus groups, and Other forms of market research New: comprehensive The complete understanding of customer opinions and sentiment attached to your brand, products and services, regardless of channel or touchpoint Understanding the Voice of the Customer, HP Autonomy
  • 14. What can we learn about our content Real-world, real-time experiences of unobserved users Holistic view: Sentiment combined with actions Cross-business correlations Case study by Andrea Ames at IBM: Does content increase the perception of IBM as a thought leader in Big Data?
  • 15. Entry points for content teams 1.Choose a small, specific question 2.Set up the tracking elements that you need. Ex: Twitter acct 3.Prototype with standard analytic tools and approaches Google search results and analytics Twitter Facebook 1.Iterate 2.Find out whos working with Big Data in your organization
  • 16. Metrics, content, and power Metrics have power. Metrics transform opinion into fact and reduce emotion in decision-making Give the right power to the right person or team. Different metrics based on level of an organization, functional groups Measure the things that matter. Prove value. Have a closed-loop metrics process. Be realistic. Big Data isnt always hard data. Summarized from the workshop Creating a content strategy ecosystem by Ames and Riley.
  • 17. Call to action: Part 1 Big data is out there. The trick is finding ways to make it work for your company. - Adi Ignatius, Editor in Chief, Harvard Business Review
  • 18. Call to action: Part 2 SHARE
  • 19. Thank you Jennifer A. Fell Technical Content Strategist Expert Support, Inc. @jenniferfell Acknowledgements and Thanks Andrea Ames Content Experience Strategist/Architect/Designer IBM @aames Alyson Riley Content Strategist IBM @ak_riley