baroque period 1600 - 1750 part 1. baroque means: very fancy, elaborate, over decorated, or...

Baroque Period 1600 - 1750 Part 1

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Baroque Period

1600 - 1750 Part 1

Baroque means: very fancy,


decorated, or


History & Politics• Government• Colonization• Social Classes• Fashion• Religion• Architecture• Arts

“Super powers” at this time in history were England, France, and Spain. They were ruled by kings and queens, also known as monarchs.

The rest of western Europe was made up of many smaller kingdoms. These monarchs were often at war amongst themselves and with the super powers over boundaries.

England, France, Spain, Portugal, and Holland established colonies in America.

Three Social Classes

The Nobility lived in amazing wealth!

• This is one of the 1000 rooms in King Louis XIV’s palace.

• People of the Nobility were also called Royalty or Monarchs.

• They received most of the wealth that came back from colonies in the New World, and trade in foreign lands.

The New Middle Class Peasants did all the work!

• Some of the wealth held exclusively by Royalty began to trickle to the commoners, and a new Middle Class emerged. The Middle Class wanted lavish homes and servants, just like Royalty.

• The peasants did all the work! Most of them served the upper classes by working their land or waiting on them in their homes.

Fashions of Royalty

The clothing worn by royalty was often brightly colored, made of silk or velvet, and trimmed with lace, ribbon, or braid.

In your notes, sketch one the sleeves worn by one of these people. What type of activities might a person be able to do in this style of clothing?

Here is King Louis XIV of France. He lived at Chateau de Versailles, near Paris.

In addition to the clothing, what clues do you see that let you know Louis XIV’s portrait was painted during the Baroque period? Write

your ideas in your notes.

Fashions of the

Emerging Middle Class

If this image was in color, you would be able to see that the Middle Class wore cotton or wool fabrics, in colors that are drab or black.

In your notes, write two ways you can tell this clothing is representative of the Baroque period.

Write two ways you can tell by their clothing these people are not as wealthy as the Royalty.

Fashions of the Peasants

Peasants were the working people of the Baroque period.

In your notes, write two ways you can tell these are working people by the style of their clothing.

During the Baroque period, children dressed and behaved as miniature


What class do you suppose these children belonged to? What clues do you get from their clothing?

Hair Styles in the Baroque period were very fancy, too.

Louis XIV started the fashion trend of wigs for men because he was going bald.

Women wore spectacular wigs, powdered, starched, and piled high in curls.