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  • 1. Boomerang Confidential
    Better Customer Connectionswith Boomerangs Automated Newsletter
    Hap Leonard
    Marketing Communications Analyst
  • 2. Traditional email Marketing
    Promotions and offers only affect customers that are ready to buy at the time of delivery.
    Boomerang Confidential
  • 3. You position yourself as an expert in your field and maintain contact with a prospect until they are ready to buy.
    Automated e-Newsletters
    Boomerang Confidential
  • 4. Newsletters rank highest in quality B2B opt-in techniques.
    Automated e-Newsletters
    Boomerang Confidential
  • 5. Newsletters rank highest in quality B2C opt-in techniques.
    Automated e-Newsletters
    Boomerang Confidential
  • 6. Boomerang Confidential
    Traditional email Marketing
    Typically, the task of creating the company newsletter will fall on the desk of someone who already has a full workload resulting in a Newsletter program that is painful to maintain if at all.
  • 7. Automated e-Newsletters
    With each member of your team contributing articles the to company Blog, Generating content for the weekly newsletter becomes painless and a regular delivery schedule is easy to maintain
    Boomerang Confidential
  • 8. Automated e-Newsletters
    You and your staff write blog articles on an area of expertise or current research.
    Boomerang Confidential
    Weekly Process Example
    Content generation is spread among many people who all have something to say (even if they dont know it!)
    Small incentives and contests can get people motivated
  • 9. 2. Every Monday night Boomerang automatically scans through the blog extracting excerpts of new articles
    Boomerang populates the articles into a pre-defined template and produces an email newsletter with:
    New and past articles with links back to the blog
    Promotions and other standard information
    Optional pictures of the authors
    Automated e-Newsletters
    Boomerang Confidential
    Weekly Process Example
  • 10. Automated e-Newsletters
    Weekly Process Example
    You receive a proof
    Boomerang delivers the email upon approval
    Boomerang Confidential
  • 11. Boomerang Confidential
  • 12. Boomerang Confidential
  • 13. The Setup
    We create a blog for you
    Any name you want
    Can attach your domain: e.g.
    You are the administrator and can add people and change the look and feel
    We create a template for you
    Give us art for the top and sidebar
    Give us your subject line
    Upload your list to our BlastWizard tool
    Boomerang Confidential
  • 14. The Solutions
    Content Benefits
    Content creation is spread across many people
    Internal and external authors
    Richer more diverse content
    Timely content
    Saves time
    Education based marketing positions you as an industry expert
    Content posted to blogs is in a standard format
    Creating new articles is simple and requires very little training
    Consistent method of editing before publishing
    The blog is the archive
    Automated SEO promotion
    Delivery Benefits
    -Saves time
    Newsletters created quickly that look great and are formatted correctly
    Reduces manual errors
    Newsletters can be delivered dynamically based on subscriber preferences or existing db segmentation
    Boomerang Confidential
  • 15. Automated Newsletters
    Interesting, sustainable, and easily maintained information delivered to your clients on a regular basis in a format that they will read, enjoy and potentially pass on!
    Boomerang Confidential