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Media Plan for Solar Surge


!"#$%&'"()'*"(+$,$*-$%"-./010234/56788UA*%$+9+.:*%%;$+-&,&*9 Be Part of the Revolution.Executive SummaryNovothinks Solar Surge is a green product which allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to charge their phones on the go using solar energy. The intention of this media plan is to promote the convenience of not having to search for a char-ger or be near an outlet to charge a phone. Underground Advertising also wishes to promote Novothink as a reliable brand that consumers trust and will ultimately turn to. Since the product is in the introduction stage, building awareness and brand reputation is essential. We also wish to reach the growing market of eco-conscious consumers by promoting the Surge as a green, environmentally friendly product.Additionally, Underground Advertising aims to show the many bene!ts of using the Novothink Surge over several competitors products that are also on the market. We will explain the bene!ts of the product in addition to employing promotional strategies to make the Surge the solar charger of choice.To accomplish these goals, Underground Advertising will market the product to a target audience of 18-40 year old iPhone and iPod Touch owners. The campaign will raise awareness nationally through targeted geographic segments. This will be accomplished through a mix of print, outdoor and online advertisements. A pulsing strategy will be employed throughout the year to reach the desired advertising frequency.With this plan, we hope to build awareness and increase sales of the Surge through an array of advertisements and promotions throughout the year.Client HistoryOn September 1, 2009, Novothink released their product called Surge. Novothink worked with three di"erent business partners, Global Distributors, Airport Wireless, and Solar Arcadia to put together this product. Solar Arcadia specializes in marketing and promoting products that o"er the latest solar technology. The Solar Surge is the !rst case to be o#cially certi!ed by Apple Inc (Carmichael 2010). Currently the Solar Surge for iphone 3G/3Gs and second-generation iPod touch are the only chargers available from Novothink. The company is in the process of formatting the iPhone charger to !t the iphone 4. When becoming partnered with Apple, they then created an application to accompany the chargers called Solar Planner. SWOTStrengthsThe surge solar iphone iPod charger allows iphone/pod users to charge their phones anywhere under the sun. There are many bene!ts of purchasing and using our product. Currently our product is in the introduc-tion stage of the product lifecycle. Surge is produced in eight di"erent colors and remains at the same price since it was !rst placed on the market. Subtle changes have been made to !t di"erent products better, such as the iPod touch and the iphone. There is more than just buying an eco-friendly product when choosing a Solar Surge. It supplies convenience to the target market by being able to do outdoor activities and still be able to use a cell phone or ipod. When fully charged, the Solar Surge o"ers up to four hours of talk time and the user is still able to use GPS or MAP applications while the phone is charging. This takes the hassle of having to choose between draining the cell battery and using the applications or keeping a charged battery. Along with being supported by the trusted brand of Apple, Solar Surge has a free application accessible through itunes that supplies information, tips, advice, and instructions on getting the top performance and usage out of each case. Lastly, the Solar Surge case does not a"ect the sound performance that these Apple products give. So one does not have to sacri!ce any feature of the phone by purchasing a case. WeaknessesWith any product there are weaknesses that follow. Because our product is solar based, a major weakness is the limited sun in cities and urban settings because of the architectural structures. This limits the use of the product to certain areas. Another is the price of the product. Also, purchasers may be inclined to only buy one of the cases and share because of the high cost and the fact that it is a new product. Another weakness is that there is still the possibility of changing to make the product signi!cantly better than the other products on the market. Apple promotes their products in a way that shows and focuses on the sleek, chic, look of their prod-ucts, such as the iPhone and iPod. The case takes away of this because of the bulkiness that it adds making it harder and sometimes impossible to !t in pockets and other small bags. Again, since this is a new product, and only a few others have been made somewhat similar to this one, the question of reliability after prolonged use comes with purchasing. Is the bang worth the buck? Competitor 1ThreatsSolio charger is a multi-device charger that can charge over 3200 devices. This is a threat to our product because it can charge more than just one select cell phone or ipod per case. Also, it enhances the sounds that comes from the device being charged because of the speakers that are attached to the charger. Unlike the Solar Surge, Solio has a unique futuristic look that attracts customers and o"ers the bene!t of having an outlet plug in also. This is extremely important because it lets the device be charged literally anywhere that has electricity or sunlight. Last-ly, Solio has a strong supporter. President Obama uses and promotes the Solio charger, which makes consumers feel they are getting a trusted and respected review and they would want the same product as President Obama. OpportunitiesThere are many opportunities that come along with having other products similar to ours on the market. For instance, Solar Surge has an advantage over Solio because our product actually encases the phone. This pro-vides better protection and makes using the product more convenient. Also, the price of the Solio is higher than the price of the Solar Surge. The Solio Universal Hybrid Charger runs at $99.95 shelf price and claims to be able to play twenty hours of music or charge a cell phone battery up to two times. The Solio charger has to be charged from a wall socket before being able to charge via sunlight. Thus, leaving the Novothink product still in the lead for the most e#cient product. Competitor 2ThreatsThe other competitor that the Solar Surge faces is the Mophie Juice Pack Air. Juice Pack Air is a lightweight and ultra thin rechargeable charger with a protecting !tting case. The threat of losing Apples image is the main threat that Novothink faces. Juice Pack Air is signi!cantly skinnier and lighter in weight than our prod-uct making it di#cult to compete with. Along with this, it also provides full protection because of the hard shell case. Like our product, Juice Pack Air focuses on the sound of the iphone and ipod. Our product just protects the sound so that it doesnt mu$e, but Juice Pack Air provides external speakers on the case to enhance the sound quality. Lastly, Juice Pack Air is also not Apple certi!ed but it does come with a one-year warranty. OpportunitiesOne of the most important factors that puts Solar Surge above the Mophie Juice Pack Air is the fact that the Juice Pack Air is not eco-friendly. It provides solar charge, but the actual casing is not a green product. It is not considered a green product because it cannot only be charged by solar power. To charge the solar charging panels, it has to be plugged into an outlet. Also, it is the same price as our iphone 3G/3GS product of $79.95. Since they only have one case size, Novothink stands out because of the di"erent casing for the ipod and the iphone. The Current Marketing MixProductThe product is to be perceived as a green and eco-friendly product. The iphone Surge will be a convenient on-the-go product that can be used anywhere while still keeping up with the demands of the technology world. The Surge is a sleek, solar powered iPhone and iPod charger with a backup battery that is a 1320mAh 3.7 volt lithium polymer that o"ers two times the capacity of the iphone battery itself (Vaknin 2009). The case has a USB slot so that the product does not have to leave the protector the entire time in the sun. It is also equipped with a wrist strap slot for convenience. Surge conveniently comes in di"erent colors such as white, black, blue, red, and orange. Also, Novothink Surge also has an Apple Inc. certi!ed 30-pin connector. The Solar Surge weighs 2.7 ounces, and adds about a half inch to the height and length of the device and less than a quarter inch to the length of the device (Krisnow 2010). This wireless charger still o"ers the access of the touch screen, LED lights that serve as status indicators and speaker ports to prevent sound dampen-ing. Surge caught the eye of Apple Inc. because of the sleek, compact look that set it aside from the other competing products (Schwartz 2009). It is surrounded by easy grip slides and a nonslip surface. Solar Surge provides a Solar Planner, which is a free application o"ered on iTunes that goes hand-in-hand with the Surge case that determines the necessary charge time based on the phone usage and weather conditions. Novo-think speci!cally made the product case for either iPhone or iPod so that the case !ts correctly and gives the optimum performance. The Solar Surge is currently in the Growth stage of the product life cycle. This means that sales are constantly growing for Novothink. Also, in this stage, as previously mentioned, Novothink now has competitors creating products similar to theirs. Promotion must include heavy brand advertising and The Current Marketing Mix (continued)show what exactly sets them apart from the other competition. Another key factor that places Novothink into the growth stage is that Apple has certi!ed their product. This shows that the pro!ts are healthy and that the product has caught the eye of large corporations. Since Solar Surge received national recognition from Apple, it is able to set out and make di"erent models for the di"erent apple products. Right now, the Solar Surge is in the process of being able to !t the new iPhone 4. This shows that they are keeping up with the growing audience and their needs. PlacementThe product will be sold in many di"erent locations. It mainly will be sold in all Apple stores and online on the companys website Novothink.Com. It also can be bought from Amazon.Com and most eco-friendly product websites. Price The running market price is currently set at $79.95 for the Novothink Solar Surge case that !ts the iPhone 3G and 3GS. For the iPod touch second generation, the cost of a Solar Surge case is $69.95. Promotion The product is promoted in a few di"erent ways. First Novothink does many demonstrations with the product. ( Some of the demonstrations that the Surge has been featured in are demonstrations at the Macworld Expo and the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. There have also been a few di"erent occasions that Novothink has had some free give away opportunities of the Surge. On December 15 and 16, Novothink did a giveaway via twitter and Facebook that informed their followers how to get a free solar charger. Another way the product has been promoted is on the companys blog website titled, Blog.Novothink.Com. Customers are able to post reviews on these fo-rums and talk about their experience with the product. This makes it convenient for consumers to be able to decide if the product is right for them or not. Novothink is an active twitter pro!le that tweets about recent company happenings and new ideas that are in the making. YouTube o"ers videos of the product actually working and also how to work the products application. By placing themselves on an active social network creates strong awareness of the product and the company.Market Plan Objectives Product Life Cycle The Surge is currently in the introduction life cycle. This product is only a year old. The company is currently trying to introduce the product to its target audience. Generating awareness for The Surge drives the market plan objectives. Sales Goals Increase Novothinks sales by at least 10% from January 1, 2011 to December 30, 2011, in order to gener-ate awareness. The current sales for the year 2009 were 360,000 dollars (Haler & Zimmermann, 2010). So to achieve at least a 10% increase, Novothink would need to increase its sales by at least 36,000 dollars. Awareness Goals Since the Surge is a new product not many people know about it, which is why we want to bring aware-ness to our product. We want to create a new primary market for the Surge in the 18-40 year old active and technology savvy consumers. Increase awareness among technology savvy consumers by stressing that the Surge is the most up to date solar charger. Also remind consumers that the Surge is Apple certi!ed and contains more mAh spec battery space than the leading competition. MAh represents the milliamp hour a battery has, or how much power a battery can hold (Cheng, 2005). Image Goals Stress the importance of going green. Appeal to active consumers by being an on-the-go reliable product. With so many people being concerned with the environment this product o"ers a green option to modern day technology. Educate consumers that the Surge is an a"ordable one-time purchase. The Surges image may be viewed as too expensive. The image needs to be changed so that consumers value the product and perceive the prod-uct as something worth spending money on. The product has a long life- time, which will help to create this value among consumers. Seasonality Goals The Surge will be sold year round but will be advertised for more during the warmer months when sales are highest. Sales will be the highest where outdoor activity is high. Target Market Characteristics Underground Advertising decided on a market that would most likely be responsive to the product. The primary target audience is the 18-40 year old iPhone users. Demographics This market of consumers is in their adulthood. iPhone users in their adulthood between the ages of 18-40 were chosen because 29% of iPhone users are between the ages of 25-34 and another 36% are between the ages of 35- 54 (Stroud, 2010). These consumers most likely support themselves and have a stable income of at least 75,000 dollars a year because iPhone users tend to be more a#uent with 63% earning above 75,000 annually (Nielsen, 2008). The target market would be male or female even though two thirds of iPhone users are male (Nielsen, 2008).Target Market Characteristics (continued) Psychographics The Eco-Friendly/ Green Consumers The environmentalist shoppers generally show interest in new products that are eco-friendly. These shoppers are cautious shoppers and prefer to seek information about new products. However studies show that consumers are concerned enough to consider paying more for those products that are eco-friendly (Lowrey, 1995). Technology-Savvy Hip, up-to-date, and independent individuals base their lives around technology. These individu- als that we are targeting use technology at a far higher rate than any previous generation. This group of technology-savvy people rely greatly on technology for social means (Identifying, 2010). The target market would also be interested in keeping up with the latest technology trends. Outdoor Enthusiasts People in this category could potentially take place in many di!erent activities. People interested in activities such as hiking, biking, camping, skiing, or boating would be considered an outdoor enthusiast. This active market possesses the need for a variety of reliable products depending on their outdoor recre- ational activity (Mummert, 1998). Geographics The target audience could live anywhere but mostly within the warm climate states and the states with op- portunity for outdoor activity. Some of these states are California, Florida, Arizona, southern and west coast states. California Consumers in California are ideal to target an outdoor product to, due to weather characteristics, spe- ci"cally southern and central California. On average this region has average daily highs no lower than the mid-60s for any month of the year (Osborn, n.d.). It is even more attractive due to the fact that there is little rain, typically fewer than 20 inches a year (Osborn). Florida Florida would be an ideal place to target outdoor products mostly during the winter months. While summer time highs average in the low 90s (Osborn, n.d.), the winter months are at a more comfortable de-gree. Arizona Arizona climates are ideal for those outdoor enthusiasts primarily from April to October because the temperature remains between 65-85 degrees (Osborn, n.d.). Arizona also o!ers many opportunities for out- door activities such as hiking. Creative Brief Background and Overview This is a campaign for the Surge, which was created by the company Novothink. This campaign is directed towards a selected group of iPhone users and those in support of environmentally friendly products. We want iPhone users to become aware and buy the Surge. There are currently not many other similar products on the markets. While competition is generally low we want to create brand awareness and loyalty now before other competitors emerge. What is the objective, purpose of the advertisements? We want people to come to an Apple store of one of our many product demonstrations of the Surge and learn about it, and also buy the Surge once educated about the product. Target Audience: Who are we talking to? This campaign will be aimed at current iPhone users. More speci!cally, this campaign is targeting iPhone us- ers who are active and support the green movement for the environment. The campaign is aimed towards iPhone users in warmer states such as FL, AZ, CA etc. Also this campaign is targeting iPhone users between the ages of eighteen and forty who are interested in technology as well as the environment. This target audience should make at least 75,000 dollars a year. What is the single most important thing to say? You can power up your iPhone on-the-go, anywhere that the sun shines. What are the supporting rational and emotional reasons to believe and buy. The surge is easy to use and keeps your iPhone running even when you cant make it to an electrical outlet. The Surge is a green energy source, touch screen, durable, and even comes in di"erent colors to match your personality! Any creative guidelines? The creative guideline is to remember that the Surge will help make life easier for its users. This product inspires users to get outside more and be active. It also inspires users to go green. Tone and Style of Ads? The ads will be bright and fun to inspire users to get outside. Media Objectives and StrategyTarget AudienceObjective Advertisements will be targeted to 18-40 year-old iPhone and iPod owners who fall into our demographics. Our main goal is to increase awareness and purchases by those already using an iPhone or iPod. Strategy We will advertise to this target audience by placing a high concentration of ads in places frequented by outdoor enthusiasts. Our plan is to heavily advertise in places that our target market would be most likely to see each advertisement. Our advertisements will be seen in magazines, online, through social networks and also in outdoor areas such as ski resort gondolas and metro busses. All of which will be strategically placed so that the advertise-ments are displayed in places that !t our target audience. (Perez, 2008)GeographyObjectiveIncrease product awareness and purchases by 25% in areas best known for outdoor activities (California, Florida, Colorado, Washington, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, etc.) Strategy Advertising for outdoor enthusiasts in these states will be located in areas with a high concentration of outdoor activities including areas around the coasts, areas with large ski resorts and areas speci!cally known for its terrain that promotes outdoor activities. These areas contain more ski lodges, and other areas of outdoor activity, and therefore will have more places to add our advertisements by 25%. Although our advertisements will be seen nation-wide, we wish to concentrate them locally within regions that appeal to outdoor enthusiasts. SchedulingObjectiveWe plan to initially create product awareness amongst our target market during our kicko" period. Following our kicko" period, we will pulse our advertisements in accordance with the concentration of outdoor activities, selected issues of magazines and transportation sites in given areas.StrategyOur kicko" period will come during the Holidays, o"ering deals on our products that would make them desir-able gifts. We will pulse our frequency of ads so that more !nances are used in areas according to each month. On top of selected months of magazine issues, metro bus schedules in selected areas, and online advertising in certain months, we will place advertisements in ski resorts around the United States in the four main months of this outdoor activity. Reach and FrequencyObjectiveOur main approach is going to be the frequency of the advertisement over the reach. The frequency is far more important to us because we want to make sure that we are releasing the right amount of advertisements in our targeted areas. This will save our budgeted advertising dollars and we can ensure we are hitting the correct target at all times. Our share of voice will be distributed through the frequency of our ads through di"erent mediums. StrategyTo increase the share of voice in our targeted areas, a minimum frequency of 3.6 will need to be maintained through-out the year, with that number spiking to at least 4.0 during our holiday kicko" period based on the Ostrow model. The share of voice will be divided amongst a few di"erent mediums, including ski lodges in the winter months, and regional magazines throughout the year, along with online advertisements and special promotion times. Media Tactics and RationaleMost forms of advertising that we will use will be highly targeted to address budget concerns. Regional, Recreation and Technology Enthusiast PublicationsAs shown in the media objectives, the product will be marketed to speci!c groups within certain geographic areas. With the set and organized budget amount, it will be most e"ective to run print advertisements and web-based advertisements in smaller regional and niche magazines to reach targets in magazines with relevant issues to our product. We plan to stay consistent with 4 color advertisements both online and in print. We plan to use pulse advertising because this way, the product will be advertised all year round except di"erent advertisements will run more heavily at certain times depending on the season or subscription. Backpacker MagazineThe advertisements in this magazine will stress both the green aspects of the product as well as the usefulness to those engaging in outdoor recreational activities. The main readers of this magazine are 39 years old, making them fall directly into our target market pro!le. The average reader takes about 20 hiking trips a year. 99.3 million of the readers are interested in the technological advances and apparel in the outdoor market. Over 30.3 million of their subscribers prefer technological advances over new boots and apparel. Keeping consistent, there will be a 4 color 1/6 of a page ad in the marketplace section of the magazine three times a year. One will be in November because the topic of the issue is about famous backpackers and what they recommend using and having on each trip. Next, will be in the April issue. We chose this issue because it is titled Gear Guide, and its main focus is strictly on outdoor gear ranging from technology to apparel. Finally, their December and January issue is a combined issue that is called, Readers Choice Awards. It is a double issue and focuses on what the subscribers are using and recommending. Mobile MagazineThis niche magazine has a monthly readership in the thousands (total unique visitors- 890,000) making it an optimal place to feature the Surge. As a magazine about the latest and greatest advances in cellular devices, advertisements run in the magazine will showcase this product as the latest must have accessory for iPhone and iPod. This publication also has a strong online presence, which will bene!t in our advertising. Our goal with Mobile Magazine is to hit our target market in the most bene!cial times both online and in print. Since it is published in bi-monthly issues, our plan is to run full page, 4 color advertisements, two times a year. We will run these advertisements during the September and October issue and the July and August issue. In addition to our print advertisement, we will run our online advertisement during the months of November and December. Since December is our, Kick-O" period, we will run a promotional advertisement. We planned our promotional advertisement at this time because the viewers will have already been introduced to our product, and know our name. This advertisement will be 300x250 DPI and located in the top right side bar on the homepage. (MobileMag, 2010)Outdoor AdvertisingLarge parts of our target pro!le are outdoors enthusiasts and environmentally conscious. In the outdoor advertising approach, we plan to advertise our product in places that people enjoying these activities will see them. Ski Lift/Gondola AdvertisementsThese ads will run at ski resorts throughout the country, but most heavily in resorts within the targeted geographic areas. The ads will be in electronic form and featured in the gondola. It will run with a sequence Media Tactics and Rationale (continued) of advertisements that play for the entire seven minutes of the ride up the mountain. The ads will run during the main ski resort season, which is November through February. This provides an e!ective frequency, as the ads will be seen every time the lift is ridden. Approximately 4.5 million resort visitors will see the ads throughout the season, with 41% of them being in the 18-34 year-old demographic and 23% in the 35- 49 year-old demographic. Research done by a chairlift advertising agency shows the recall rate of these advertisements is 77% (Adbloc, 2010) .Metro/Bus Station Advertisements These advertisements will be placed strategically on public transportation unites throughout metropolitan areas within the targeted geographic markets. The goal of these advertisements will be to target commuters using public transportation as a green option, as well as market the product as an eco-friendly solution to charging a phone while on the go. The advertisements will be placed on the side of 49 public transportation units running throughout the day and night. Online Presence To accompany the print advertisement in Mobile Magazine, our November advertisement online will be the same advertisement that the readers saw in the magazine. Then, to follow up during our kick-o! month, we will run a promotion about Solar Surge. Letting the viewers know that the "rst 100 customers to purchase a Novothink Solar Surge, will receive one free. Along with this advertisement, we plan to use social networks such as Twitter and Facebook pages to inform followers of the recent promotion. Also, this approach lets the company gain followers on each page to keep them updated about new products that will be coming out or the bene"ts of having a Solar Surge. Media SchedulingThe % owchart provided shows which months will have active advertising and or promotion. Advertising is based on full months out of the year and how they will work with each other in providing pulse advertisement. It is broken up into the three main types of advertising that we chose to use and how much each lump sum throughout the year will cost. Our kick o" month is in December, so the chart reads from December on. The calculated costs re% ect an entire 12-month year and total out of the advertising budget used in that ! scal year. BudgetOverviewBecause Novothink is a new company, we had to ensure that we were picking the right budgeting method. After looking through, it was decided to go with the method called percent of sales budgeting. This is when projected sales revenue for a year is multiplied by a given percentage to be spent on advertising. This way, as sales increase so does the advertising budget. After !nding that the annual revenue is $360,000.00 we found that 25% of that, or roughly $90,000.00 would be a proper percentage for a year of advertising to get the product awareness high and the product further into the market. Print AdvertisingThe two places we chose to place print articles are Backpackers Magazine and Mobile Magazine. In total, $36, 384.00 was spent in this media class. Mobile Magazine consisted of 2 full-page 4-color advertisements each costing, $6,807.00 leaving a total of $13,614.00. In Backpackers Magazine, we placed 3, 4 color, 1/6 of a page advertisements in the marketplace section of the magazine. Each print advertisement cost $7,590.00, costing a total of $22,770.00. With these being our two main print magazines we decided to do full color and the biggest that we could a"ord to make our product stick out to the readers in each suitable issue. Back-packers Magazine will show our advertisements in April, November, and the December/January bi-monthly issue. This media class together is %40.42 of our annual budget. Alone, Backpacker Magazine is %25.3 of the budget and Mobile Magazine is %15.13 of our annual budget. Outdoor AdvertisingSince we want to focus on the outdoors enthusiasts and eco-friendly consumers it was necessary to place some of our advertisements outdoors. We went about this in two di"erent ways. In total, this media class cost $43,252.00 and is %48.05 of our budget. Throughout the entire !scal year we have busses running with our advertisements on the side in geographically correct areas. Alone, the busses cost $16,760.00 in the outdoor advertising media class. Also, standing alone this is %18.62 of our budget. Since the busses will be running all year round, we decided aim our next outdoor advertising at ski resorts. The advertisements will be distributed to all of the resorts supported by Adblock. These advertisements are purchased in four-month blocks. We purchased the months of November, December, January, and February. Alone, this media class cost $26,492.00 and is %29.43 of the media class budget. Online and Promotional AdvertisingThe third and !nal type of advertising that we decided to focus the budget on is online and promotional advertising. Together this consists of our social networks, Facebook and Twitter, two online Mobile Magazine advertisements, and a promotional giveaway. All combined the total cost of this media class is $9,200.00 and consists of %10.22 of our budget. We plan on using the Mobile Magazine advertisements in the months of November and December to promote our buy one get on free promotion to the !rst 100 customers who purchase a Novothink Solar Surge from the Novothink website while supplies last. These advertisements will cost $600.00 each and will remain on the homepage on the top right corner with the size of 300x250 DPI. We put aside $8,000.00 to support this promotion because of the impact it could have on the product. Not only will it make the consumer want to choose our product because of the BOGO o"er, but it will let two new users get familiar with the product. Alone, promotions cost $80.00 for 100 units, and equals out to %8.8 of the budget and advertisements are %1.33 of the budget. We feel that this is crucial in our budget because of December being our kick o" month and the fact that it stands around the holidays. We also can promote the giveaway on Facebook and Twitter encouraging our market to get familiar with our product and try to be one of the 100 consumers receiving a second charger free!Budget (continued)Future RecommendationsAfter six months, Underground Advertising will evaluate the e" ectiveness of the Surge campaign. This will be accomplished through surveys and consumer focus groups to determine how a" ectively our objectives were met through our implemented strategies. At the six month marker, we will determine the e# ciency of our frequency and evaluate the e" ect of the advertisements on the target markets. If we determine any of these advertisements or markets are ine# cient, we will not continue to waste funds and will consider other regions. We will do the same after the campaign has run for a year, at which point we will develop new media tactics and strategies based on the consumer surveys and focus groups, and new market data.We hope that with our campaign, the product will move from the introduction side of the growth stage to the maturity side of the growth stage through increased audience awareness, targeted advertisements and brand development. The Surge audience is continuing to grow, and after a year we will evaluate the new percentage of market share and develop new tactics for reaching the new audiences.After a year, we hope to change the media plan to include a more widespread national campaign. Rather than targeting speci! c geographic areas, we will move into marketing the Surge as a national brand that can bene! t everyone. This will be done by moving advertisements from strictly regional and niche magazines, to larger scale national magazines, television and radio spots. We also hope to continue partnerships with both Apple and AT&T in order to continue running large scale promotions in conjunction with those companies, including another holiday promotion at the start of next years campaign. The promotion will still include a large scale text to AT&T iPhone users, but will also include larger in store promotions in both Apple and AT&T retail locations, including an in store solar box which will allow potential consumers to try the product in an e" ort to increase on the spot purchase decisions.While more new and similar products may continue to come on to the market, the continued partnership with Apple and AT&T as well as continued brand development will ensure that the Novothink Surge will be the most trusted brand in solar phone chargers. We will strive to build a continued brand relationship by o" ering brand experiences (such as the solar box and other promotions) with consumers in order to continue this trust.AppendixCreative ExecutionsOutdoor AdvertisingCreative Executions (continued)Print AdvertisingThe Ostrow Model of E!ective FrequencyLow Required Frequency Frequency Adjustment High Required FrequencyMarket FactorsEstablished brand -.2 -.1 +.1 +.2 New brandHigh brand share -.2 -.1 +.1 +.2 Low brand shareHigh brand loyalty -.2 -.1 +.1 +.2 Low brand loyaltyLong purchase cycle -.2 -.1 +.1 +.2 Short purchase cycleLess frequent usage -.2 -.1 +.1 +.2 Frequency usageLow share of voice -.2 -.1 +.1 +.2 High share of voiceTarget other group -.2 -.1 +.1 +.2 Target old people or childrenMessage FactorsLow message complexity -.2 -.1 +.1 +.2 High message complexityHigh message uniqueness -.2 -.1 +.1 +.2 Low message uniquenessContinuing campaign - -.2 -.1 +.1 +.2 New campaignProduct-focused message -.2 -.1 +.1 +.2 Image-focused messageLow message variety -.2 -.1 +.1 +.2 High message varietyHigh wearout -.2 -.1 +.1 +.2 Low wearoutLarge advertising units -.2 -.1 +.1 +.2 Small advertising unitsMedia FactorsLow clutter -.2 -.1 +.1 +.2 High clutterFavorable editorial setting -.2 -.1 +.1 +.2 Neutral editorial settingHigh audience attentiveness -.2 -.1 +.1 +.2 Low audience attentivenessContinuous scheduling -.2 -.1 +.1 +.2 Pulse or !ight schedulingFew media vehicles -.2 -.1 +.1 +.2 More media vehiclesHigh repeat exposure media -.2 -.1 +.1 +.2 Low repeat exposure mediaReferences!"#$%&'()"*+',*-.'/0.".1.'!"#$%&'()"*+'.'2)-3*)4)"'5%4)6#)3'789':8;89'+&C)3'(+F+G*0)'E':8;8'!"4)3-*D*0F'L0MN*3*)D'.'/0.".1.'B+&C>+&C)3'(+F+G*0)'O'P%N3'B+&C>+&C*0F9'Q*C*0F9'R+6>*0F9'SN-"%%3'T)+39'!"4)0-N3)'I3+4)$9'+0"'JC*$$D'(+F+G*0).'2)-3*)4)"'5%4)6#)3'789':8;89'%"'I%N&=.'!'b)-+*$)"'K%%C'!-'I=)'*U%"'J%$+3'R=+3F)39'I=)'J^2Ta.'2)-3*)4)"'J)>-)6#)3''' '' :89':8;89'?@@#$%F.0%4%-=*0C.&%6@:8;8@+E")-+*$)"E$%%CE+-E-=)E*>%"ED%$+3E&=+3F)3E' ' ''-=)EDN3F)@K%H3)Y9'I.'/;VVX9'_N0)'::1.'BNY)3'R=+3+&-)3*D-*&D'%References (continued)(N66)3-9'Q.'/;VV\9'_N$Y';1.'SN-"%%3')0-=ND*+D-D.'/>%-)0-*+$$Y'$N&3+-*4)'-+3F)-'6+3C)-'+0YE+&-*4*-*)DE6+0+F)6)0-@>3%"N&-E6+0+F)6)0-@c\d:VcWE;.=-6$5*)$D)0'(%#*$)'I+C)D'+'R$%D)3'K%%C'+-'*U=%0)E+-*&D.'/:88\9'_N$Y';81.'2)-3*)4)"'5%4)6#)3':\9':8;89'=%0)E+-*&D@SD#%309'K.'/0.".1.'I%>';8'^J'J-+-)D'e*-='-=)'B)D-'e)+-=)3'!$$'P)+3'2%N0".'RN33)0-2)DN$-D.&%6.'2)-3*)4)"'5%4)6#)3':\9':8;89'3*$';1.'I%"+Y]D'*U=%0)'^D)3D'+3)'P%N0F9'2*&=9'+0"'I)&=0*&+$$Y'J+44Y.'2)+"e3*-)e)#'E'e)#'!>>D9'e)#'I)&=0%$%FY'I3)0"D9'J%&*+$'5)-H%3C*0F'+0"'J%&*+$'()"*+'.'2)-3*)4)"'5%4)6#)3'789':8;89'=*&D'%