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Tell a Story PP for BTS 147


1. A Trip to RememberChau Le 2. My parents, sister, and I came to the US in 1995 We had no relatives in the USA at all and was sponsored by my moms godparentsWith the help of my moms godparents we settled downIntroduction 3. Time to ReturnNow after 15 years its finally time for us to return but-Would I be able to adjustTo the weather and temperature? 4. To a country Ive forgotten so much about? 5. To the people I barely remember?Plane RideA grueling 20 hour-plane ride with an hour layoverSeoul, S. KoreaSeattle, USAHo Chi Minh, Vietnam 6. ArrivalWe were greeted by 15 peopleWe were all very touched to see everyone 7. HomeA blast from the pastWhat little I remember from the city has changed completelyComing back to a home I didnt recognize 8. CountrysideWe took a train to the countryside to visit my grandmotherChance to see parts of the country Id never known before 9. HuCapital of the ThaThinprovinceLaid in central of Vietnam between the capital Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City Home to many historical and architecturalmonuments 10. Tribute to the PastWe visited our familys graves, including my grandfathersToured old palaces and ancient templesTook a boat ride across the Perfume River 11. Farewell PartyOur family threw a party to say farewell to our relativesWe wished everyone well and promised to keep in contact 12. Second GoodbyeWe said goodbye to those that came to see us offMany tears were shed but we promised to come back again soon 13. Fin