a guidance leaflet for teachers and trainers on cloud teaching and cloud learning

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  • School on the Cloud: Connecting Education to the Cloud for Digital Citizenship

    The impact of the Cloudon the roles of teachers and trainers in educationWhat is School on the Cloud?School on Cloud is a Key Activity 3 ICT network that addresses three key questions:

    1. How should education respond to the potential of Cloud-based tools and technologies?

    2. What is the impact on education stakeholders?3. What might the situation be like in the future?

    What is the aim of Working Group 2 Raising awareness: by clarifying training needs

    and the preparation of materials for workshops as well as teaching guidelines

    Diffusion: the use of social mediato disseminate recommendationsfor useful Cloud-based resources

    Participation: through network meetings,the annual conferences and Cloud meetings

    Managing: create a frameworkon how to administer, disseminateand inform iTeachers about Cloud-based tools and activities to the rest of the school community.




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    i-Manager (WG1)

    Transition from ground to Cloud: infrastructure,

    mentality, innovation and change

    i-Teacher (WG2)

    The innovative teacher:the role of the teacher,

    teacher training

    i-Learner (WG3)

    Integrating the Cloud: personalised learning,

    formal and informal education, special needs

    i-Futures (WG4)

    Future prospects: visions on open education,

    interactivity, impact and communicating the Cloud

  • Innovation-


    based on a vision

    A manifesto for Cloud-

    based teaching

    What is an iClassroom?A glossary of terms

    The impact of Cloud based

    teaching on teacher

    education, to get a diploma,

    during life time

    Presentations on the impact of Cloud-based teaching and teacher education, leading to the

    identification of training needs for teachers







    The impact of

    Cloud based teaching

    on teachers


  • An online catalogue of platforms, tools and appsfor teachers, trainers and educators


    Click on the attachments to see more information:

    Click twice on every box to expand or collapsethe mindmap:

    Click on the links to open the tools website:

    Watch the VODcast of the webinar: http://tinyurl.com/webinarD3-2


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    ICT Key Action 3 European Project with the support of the Lifelong Learning Programmeof the European Union

    www.schoolonthecloud.eu , linkedin.com/groups/schooloncloud-7426807, twitter.com/school_cloud , facebook.com/schoolonthecloud

    This leaflet provides information and guidance for Teachers and Trainers in terms of the education potential of Cloud Computing in education.

    It is the result of the meetings with the workgroup iTeacher. Information about Working Group 2: Sofie De Cupere, [email protected]

    With the support of the Lifelong Learning Programmeof the European Union. This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This

    publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

    http://www.schoolonthecloud.eu/https://www.linkedin.com/groups/schooloncloud-7426807https://twitter.com/school_cloudhttps://twitter.com/school_cloudmailto:[email protected]