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<p>RESUME</p> <p>RESUMEGAURAV SACHANA 45, Sector-19, Noida (U.P.) IndiaContact No: +91-9971836237Passport No: H2281997</p> <p>E-Mail:- ravigaurav_sachan@yahoo.com ravigauravsachan@gmail.comOBJECTIVE:To work in a challenging and creative environment where I can utilize my potential to full extent and win a responsible and repute position effectively contribute towards the goals of the organization.</p> <p>PROFILE:6.1 Years of experience in the field of Oil &amp; Gas, Petrochemical, Power plants RLA Inspection, Pressure Vessels Horton spheres &amp; mounded bullets statuary testing. Inspection of double girder EOT crane, gantry &amp; semi-gantry crane, lifting beam, grabbing crane, single girder cranes &amp; traversers, hydraulically operated pollution control equipment, municipal solid waste equipment, special purpose mobile equipment and other bulk transportation equipment for steel, aluminum &amp; cement plants, having knowledge of International Standards (ISO 9001, IS 3177, ASME Sec II, Sec V, IX, B31.3, B16.1, B16.5, B16.9 &amp; AWS D1.1)PROFESSIONAL EXPARIENCE: Unicon Technology International Pvt. Ltd. ( Feb 2013 to till date ) TPS Infrastructure Ltd. Ghaziabad, India ( Feb 2012 to Dec 2012 ) Power-Lite Industries, Montreal, Canada at onsite Location China (July 2010 To July 2011)</p> <p> IRC Engineering Services Ind. Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi (July 2007 To July 2010)KEY SKILLS: NDT Inspection ( UT,PT,MPT &amp; RT) Quality tools (ISO Co-ordination, CAPA , Root Cause , Pareto Analysis , 5S , Kaizen , APQP &amp; PPAP ) Vendor Development &amp; Management Field Piping Inspection ( WPS,WQR &amp; PQR ) Pneumatic &amp; Hydro-static Testing ( Pressure Vessels &amp; Valves ) Mechanical &amp; Hydraulic Operated Equipment InspectionSPECIALIZATION: - ASNT level II Qualified in ultrasonic testing (Ultrasonic flaw detector)</p> <p> Qualified in magnetic particle testing (MPI) Qualified in dye penetrate testing (DPT)</p> <p> Qualified in Radiography testing (RT)DESIGNATION:</p> <p> Assistance Manager ( Quality Assurance &amp; Inspection )Job Responsibilities at Unicon Technology International Pvt. Ltd Noida (U.P.): Co-ordination with third party Inspectors &amp; clients for Inspection of the cranes (double girder EOT, gantry &amp; semi- gantry crane , lifting beams ,grabbing crane , single girder cranes &amp; traversers ) Vendor development and management. Carry out the surveillance welding inspection of before, during and after welding operation as per approved Inspection test plan (ITP) with relevant engineering drawing, international standard and project specification Preparation of QAP &amp; quality record reports as per client requirement. Witnessing, evaluation and interpretation of NDT techniques such as RT, UT, MT and PT on weld joints. Maintain &amp; witnesses the quality of crane axillaries (i.e. Gear Boxes, wheels, rope drum etc.) Check the crane working, running, lifting efficiency, girder deflection test with load before dispatch. Job Responsibilities at TPS Infrastructure Ltd. Ghaziabad (U.P.): Provided In House training (5S, Basics of ISO, Basic of welding Process) Prepare the ISO documents &amp; co-ordinate with ISO Auditors. Coordinate with the production department to ensure that production is carried out without any delay. Implementation of Production schedule along with the co-ordination team. Monitoring day to day activities in shop floor. Manage Optimal Inventory understanding the customer requirement &amp; coordinating with the design department. Participate in Techno - commercial discussion.Job Responsibilities at Power-Lite Industries, Montreal, Canada at onsite Location ChinaNingbo Xinglaida Lamps CO. LTD (Yaxian industrial zone, Liangnong town, Yuyao city, Zhejiang, China) To confirm the material against the material certificate.</p> <p> To check the material surface condition, thickness, hardness, diameter, length and carry the visual Inspection of weld.</p> <p> Review the subcontractor daily weld report &amp; advice the sub contractor fulfill the NDE requirement.</p> <p> Witnessing, evaluation and interpretation of NDT techniques such as RT, UT, MT, PT Preparation of daily product quality reports.Job Responsibilities at IRC Engineering Services Ind. Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi: Review of relevant operating parameters, outage and maintenance history and failure analysis data of the power plant.</p> <p> Discussion with operating and maintenance personnel of the plant regarding plant overall performance and detail of modification /replacements carried out in various system on boiler auxiliaries Detailed inspection /assessment and recording of test data.</p> <p> Preparation of power plant remaining life assessment (RLA) report.</p> <p> Perform the NDT inspection for pressure vessels, Colum, heat exchangers pipelines and steam turbines and generators.Major Project:-</p> <p> Parichha Thermal House, Jhansi (U.P.)</p> <p>(Capacity of boiler -250Mw)</p> <p>Carried out the Ultrasonic Testing in U#5 cooling water Pipeline from Condenser to Cooling tower Approx (3.2KM)-With 400 Field joints { Diameter of pipe 96 Inch } NTPC Limited, Unchahar (U.P.)</p> <p>(Capacity of boiler -210Mw)</p> <p>Carried out the magnetic particle Inspection (MPI) in U#1 turbine blades, rotor, casings, upper body chest, valves, &amp; fasteners with cap nut Indane LPG Bottling Plant, UNA (H.P.)(Mounded bullet 3 X 300 M.T)</p> <p> Carried out NDT testing &amp; hydro testing on mounded bullets Indane LPG Bottling Plant, Kanpur (U.P.)(Horton Spheres No. 2 X 1200 M.T. &amp; 6 X 600 M.T.)</p> <p>Carried out NDT testing &amp; hydro testing on 2 x 1200 M.T. &amp; 6x 600 M.T. with LPG line modification &amp; painting of Horton Spheres</p> <p>Have completed successfully the below mentioned projects at different locale of India PROJECT MATRIX:-</p> <p> NTPC Limited , Farakka (West Bengal) Capacity of boiler - 200 Mw (NDT Inspection in Pressure Parts &amp; Boiler auxiliaries)</p> <p> NTPC Limited , Singrauli (Uttar Pradesh) Capacity of boiler- 200 &amp; 500Mw (NDT Inspection in Pressure Parts &amp; Boiler auxiliaries)</p> <p> NTPC Limited , Ramagundam (Andhra pradesh) Capacity of boiler- 210 Mw (NDT Inspection in Pressure Parts &amp; Boiler auxiliaries)</p> <p> Kribhco Urea Plant, Surat (Gujrat) Capacity of boiler- 63.7 Mw (NDT Inspection in Pressure Parts &amp; Boiler auxiliaries)</p> <p> Hindalco Power Plant, Sambhalpur(Orissa) Capacity of boiler- 67.5 Mw (NDT Inspection in Pressure Parts &amp; Boiler auxiliaries)</p> <p> Hindustan News Print Limited, (KERALA) Capacity of boiler 37.5 Mw (NDT Inspection in Pressure Parts &amp; Boiler auxiliaries)</p> <p>Professional Qualification:- Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with 67.75% marks from B.T.E. Lucknow (U.P)Personal Details:-</p> <p> Fathers Name : Brijendra Kumar Sachan Language Known : English, Hindi Date of birth : 05thMay 1985 Gender : Male Marital status : Single Interests : Exploring new technologies and processes.Dated:</p> <p> Signature</p>