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A brief presentation of creative Edge\'s background and work examples


  • 1. EDGEC R E AT I V E E D G EDESIGN AND ADVERTISING C O N S U LT A N T S GIVING YOU THE EDGEA small dedicated consultancy (its just me!) Big on experience and big on ideas!

2. EDGE C R E AT I V E E D G E DESIGN AND ADVERTISINGC O N S U LT A N T S BIG ON EXPERIENCEI spent 11 years in London advertising agenciesculminating in a stint at Saatchi & Saatchi.I then moved to the North East where I held CreativeDirector roles at Martin Taits and Redheads beforestarting Creative Edge in 1992. 3. EDGE C R E AT I V E E D G E DESIGN AND ADVERTISINGC O N S U LT A N T S SMALL IS BEAUTIFULLow overheads mean very competitive prices Small number of clients offering a very personal service Experience means effective solutions No juniors! 4. EDGE C R E AT I V E E D G E DESIGN AND ADVERTISINGC O N S U LT A N T S VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFEI specialise in any form of communication, from full scaleadvertising campaigns, one off ads, brochure and leaflet design,corporate identity, logos, exhibition design and all points inbetween. 5. EDGE C R E AT I V E E D G E DESIGN AND ADVERTISINGC O N S U LT A N T S PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE London: McCann Erickson, Grandfield Newcastle: Creative Director of Martin Creative Edge: established 1992 Rork Collins, Saatchi & Saatchi Tait Associates and RedheadsBarker & Stonehouse, AGMA, Egger (UK), Milk Marketing Board, Schreiber Aycliffe and Peterlee DevelopmentMatthew Charlton, Building Maintenance Furniture, Shwartz Spices, KossettCorporation, Northern Electric, House of Company, Entec, South Staffordshire Carpets, Automobile Association, SPAR,Mayfair, Heritage Homes, Holland & Waters Home Service, Waterstones, Linguaphone, Tesco, Anchor Foods, Abbey Barratt, Olympic Airways, Cameron Hall Orama Fabrications, Crawford Higgins, National Building Society, TimesDevelopments, English Estates, Rush &Fentimans, Wize Speke, AND Group Plc, Newspapers, RAC.Tomkins, Barker & Stonehouse, WynyardCova Products Ltd, Hotel Solutions, Hall, Braathens Airlines, Kangol,Theresa Spinks, Derwentside Council,Border Craft Ltd 6. EDGEC R E AT I V E E D G EDESIGN AND ADVERTISING C O N S U LT A N T S A C R E AT I V E E D G E A selection of some of the work we have created... 7. C R E AT I V E E D G E DESIGN AND ADVERTISINGC O N S U LT A N T S IPSIGNATURE / BGANIPSignature offers remote satelliteservices. With IPSigusers controlled BGAN nature at the coreaccess to the new of the network,generation of Inma removing the inhethe operator hasrsat IP basedIPSIGNATURE rent risks of IP Inmarsats Broadconnectivity whilcomplete control band Global AreaNetwork servic bandwidth connst retaining theover costs, voice and broadband data simulte BGAN is theectivity. benefits of shar guaranteed data aneously throug h a single, trulyworlds first mobil e communicationsing the additionarates on demand to remote locati portable device service to providlons, avoiding slow on a global basis. It is also the first e both With the Inmardial-up connectionsto offer Vehicle livery All services can sat BGAN servic , or worse still,no access at all.be offered on a service at speede a broadband mobile office canemail, instant mess pre-paid basis s up to half a megabbe set up in minut to registered user it in a highly compaes, providing an aging, Fax, SMS s and crew. Thes ct, easy to useform. affordable, mobile broadbandaccess to company, web browsinge services inclu BGAN supportsthe latest IP servic (including dedide:circuit-switchedes, as well as tradit intranet applicati cated news and voice and data ional ons. sport content)/ BGAN corporate netwo integrating seaml andrks. It will suppoessly withproviding a smootrt legacy applich upgrade pathations while Simultaneous connexperience in provid to IP. Inmarsat ections are maning secure commhas vast usage. Contentioaged and billingovernment customunications to militan controls are avail g is seamlessly ers. BGAN meetsry and split between pre requirements andthese exactingable to ensureand post paidsupports all major the prioritisationencryption stand ards.VPN products andof business traff ic.Global coverageBGAN delivers seamless netwoworlds land mass. rk coverage across Users are able tomost of the they go not just get broadbandin major cities wherever accessible in Europ or at the airpor e, Africa, the Middl t. BGAN is South America. e East, Asia, NorthandHardwareBGAN is accessible via a rangeoperational needs of small, lightw . Standard termineight satellite termin withstand challe als are highly portab als, which provid nging environmen le and can be used e performance ts and extremes both indoors andoptions to suit and discreet trackidifferent IPSIGNATURE / BGAN users, for whom ng antenna, whichis mounted onof temperature . Vehicular systemoutdoors, beingrobust enoughportability is a the vehicle roof.s comprise an interio tosuitable for small key consideratioThe smallest standr, rack mountableteams that needn. The larger standard terminals are terminalhigher bandwidthto establish a tempo ard terminals offer designed to suitto enable applicrary office for an a WLAN capability single ations such asextended periodand are particularlylive broadcastin. They are also The service is accessg. suitable for usersrequiringed via BGAN LaunchPad, a softwareinterface, which BGAN is design is standard across ed for simplicity all BGAN termin and ease of use.als. No specialist technical expertise is required to setup and use it.BGAN TERMINAL COM PARISONOptimising convergence betweenIDENTITY PRESENCECONTEXT satellite and terrestrial voice and data networksOptimising convergence between satellite and terrestrial voice and data networks BROADBANDProduct literature IP Signature provides a gateway to always on communication using the new generation of IP based satellite services. SATELLITE TERMINAL The unique structure allows shared use of the IP connection, and genuinely ubiquitous communication for Officers and Crew members alike.User defined protocols control which activities or services can be charged to the company post-paid account and which must be paid for by a personal pre-paid account. IPSIGNATURE USER PERSPECTIVE High Compression E-mail B Instant Messenger to networkInstant Messaging Virtual Fax users E-mailLow cost via GPRS A Virtual Telex Free on wireless Free voice calls to network S users connectionIridiumOpenPort SMS I Dedicated company network Direct access to Mobile office - noInstant Messaging Cheapest form of data vessels C dependence on PABXcommunication Wireless Connectivity File transferFree on-network calls E Reduced tariffs to satelliteInstant communicationLow cost global calls N networks T Message store/searchStaying in touch has never been easier or cheaper call from Iridium SMS StandardOpenport, any time, at one fixed cost with Iridium Go Chat Prepaid Calling E Automatic file transferCards from AND Group. mobile phone R Instant Messaging/ file Voice via ADSL (in port)connectivity P transfers to vesselsPre-paid calling cards from AND Group provide maritime crews with a convenient and Free calls to network affordable solution for placing calls at any time; IDENTITY PRESENCECONTEXT R users AND brandedOptimising convergence between satellite and I PDA software 24/7 Flat Rate Tariffs Around the clock pricing at one single low rateterrestrial voice and data networks S Reduced tariff calls worldwideenabled Progressive Discounts Longer 45 minute and 60 minute cards with progressive discounts to reward longer talk times BROADBANDSATELLITE TERMINALE Controlled Internet Access Pre-paid and Value Pricing The lowest crew calling rates availablepost-paid web BInstant Messenger to network High Compression E-mail Virtual Fax Instant Messaging userssurfing AS Free voice calls to network users E-mail Virtual Telex Low cost via GPRS Free on wireless connection CUSTOMER PRICING IDedicated company network SMS Direct access toIP Signature software is FREE OF CHARGE, there are Mobile office - noInstant Messaging Cheapest form of data vesselsC dependence on PABXcommunication no monthly fees or license costs, users only pay forPer card Per minute E File transfer Wireless ConnectivityFree on-network callsairtime. Supports Inmarsat Fleet, Fleet Broadband Reduced tariffs to satelliteNnetworks Instant communicationLow cost global callsand Iridium Openport. 30 Minute Go Chat Card$21.00$0.70TE SMS Message store/search Automatic file transfer Standard mobile phoneRInstant Messaging/ file Voice via ADSL (in port)connectivityFor further information e-mail transfers to vessels Call RecordsPre-paid / Post paid / Split BillingCall Records45 Minute Go Chat Card$30.15$0.67PR Free calls to network users AND branded info@and-group.netIPDA software Reduced tariff calls worldwide Pre-paid / Post-paid optionsAccess to mail boxes / admin controls Pre-paid / Post-paid options60 Minute Go Chat Card$36.00$0.60SEControlled Internet Access Pre-paid andpost-paid web enabledsurfingAAIC Services / call records Call RecordsPre-paid / Post paid / Split BillingCall Records Pre-paid / Post-paid optionsAccess to mail boxes / admin controls Pre-paid / Post-paid optionsManagement reportingHistorical Analysis Daily MonitoringForecastingTanners Bank North Shields Tyne & Wear NE30 1JH Management reportingAAIC Services / call recordsHistorical Analysis Daily MonitoringForecasting Tanners Bank North Shields Tyne & Wear NE30 1JHTel: +44 (0) 870 444 9679 Sales: +44 (0) 870 444 9681 Tel: +44 (0) 870 444 9679 Sales: +44 (0) 870 444 9681www.and-group.net www.and-group.net Product matrix Internet promotion Digital Ship ad 8. EDGE C R E AT I V E E D G EOUR intehas never rest rate2009 sales flyer DESIGN AND ADVERTISINGC O N S U LT A N T Sbeen HIG HER! S L OW Well, Ill be j i g g eFERMENT IT TAKES AED EACH OF OUFULL 7 DAYS TO BRER UNIQUE BEVW ERA GESgi ng e r l y burbeverage cking th e d , these are ins has nee trend,deed C u ver beenand interi ous T rest in imesPerhaps its thehigher. our bota . But we are herbal fact thatnically i ngrediwe usebrewed Fermene n t s inonly t h e ted our fin est nsure you - each bottle ta beverages and at uralll agree.kes a futhat ouroots anll 7 days r draf tsd So, buckto brew. are S l o the trenTime w w in yourd and sh el l spen soft drin are in out Imk sales r impresBottle POSwith Fe ntimanssi ve gr o- Fait hfw t h - reul to thnew inte THE Original Adult SOFT DRINK e Origin restals. FENTIMinterest... Te l: 01 43ANS Lt OUR UNIQUE dWHAT THE paperssay 4 60 98HIGH MEDIAw w w.f en47ti m an s. coadvertising campaign WHEN IT COMES to the CRUNCH. .m Tonic 4 pack Unique Product Botanically brewed 100% traditional 100% natural Less than 0.5% ABVal Endorsed by the Ethicfearless fermentationsFEARLESS - THE DOGS HEAD Consumers GuideThomas Fentimans prize Alsatian - twice winner at Crufts, hisS ince introducing our G i n g e rBeer, our r o o t sOUR BEVERAGES ARE the BESTMix WITHimage was immortalised in this mosaic that still adorns theGateshead factory facade and e v e r y b o t t l e w e m a k e ! have gone from strength to strength, based on the principle of using only the finest 100% natural h e r b a l MAKING HEADLINES Our botanical beverages have been Stylish Delivery BBC LOOK NORTHFaithful to the making the news in a variety ofeBespoke Fentimans bottl i n g r e d i e n t s in our b e v e r a g e s .originals publications, including The SundayOur range ofEndorsed by the Ethical Consumers Association,urage 125ml mixers Fentimans does not use any additives or preservatives.Times, BBC Good Food Magazine,NEW twist off caps enco purchase opportunities And while our roots are firmly back in the day, ourGood Housekeeping and the Independent Magazine.impulse ESTING HEADLINES recipes are still refreshingly unique. nal favourite WE ARE MAKING VERY INTERAlready an internatio including The Daily Mirror,Daily Telegraph,news in a variety of media,I SUPPOSE A includingin prestigious venuesges have been making thea series of items looking at Once again, our botanical bevera ng on BBC Look North withFURTLES OUT OF..ASK THE EXPERTS..Club, ndent Magazine and featuri Gleneagles, CinnamonGood Housekeeping, the Indepe THE QUESTION? Traditional Ginger Beer Guardian arin Oriental NY, Harv ey Health & Fitness Magazine, the trend during a resession.Very superior, with a real kick The Mandhow Fentimans are bucking Museum FENTIMANS at a GLANCE Curiosity ColaThe worlds best cola The Independent Nicholls, Imperial War and Castle Howard TO Dandeli on & Burdockslightly spicy fizz logo Seek out this dark andDaily Mail Distinctive Fearlesshful toVictorian Lemonade .delicious complexity ensures we remain FaitMANDARIN & SEVILLE ORANGE JIGGER Fentim as Risingsoft drink with the juice ofThe brewing adds. esSunday Telegraphthe original recipStarDANDELION & BURDOCKtakableAll natural botanically brewed2009? lion & burdock create the unmis Jigger Mandarin & Seville Orange l Times of Seville Orange.Utterly splendid The Financia tFull strength infusions of dandethree mandarins and the zestFull-bodied Shandy fentimans botanicallyDistinctive Supporof this definitive classic. Financial TimesHow shandy shouldbe BBC Good Foodbrewed beverages quality aroma and distinctive palateUtterly splendid The Traditionally craftedslightly spicyfizz Daily MailFentimans Tonic Water mixer founded in 1905appearing inSeek out this dark andThe Latest must-haveIndependentTo enjoy a Furtle withadvertising campaignVICTORIAN LEMONADEand a halfsoft drink with the juice of one The st www.furtling.comrs reactions.. consumer magazinesFaste g All natural botanically brewed and some of our customeFentimans visit: CURIOSITY COLAin rsement invigorating botanicallygrow ansextracts in every bottle.Wow! What a discovery. I have just tried your It was fantastic. Thank you.Expert product endo A full-bodied and curiously lemons, ginger and herbalmy Telegraph Victorian Lemonade.quite spectacular.FENTIMANS POS materialsthe claims of the colasFenti eious complexity Sunda The Ginger Beer is alsoBen, Bristolconsumer brewed soft drink which revives lin The brewing adds..delic gin has been waiting for.Tel: 01434 609847 Up-dated website with The tonic my eOur distinctive of yesteryear. Sarah B, Corbridgewww.fentimans.comfind-a-stockist servic advertising campaign The IndependentFastes ingly good and quite The worlds best colaFULL-BODIED SHANDYt Your drinks are outstandSam North, New York www.furtling.combeer and real lemonadegrowinthe best I have tasted.With 70% traditionally brewed shan gmans range of TRADITIONAL GINGER BEER without undue fizziness. the dy on For infor matio n abou t FentiGinger Beer with ginger as the number 1to give maximum refreshmentmarke soft drink s, visitAll natural botanically brewedHow shandy should be BBC Good Food t botan ically brew ed adultingredient - how refreshing! Web: www.fentimans.comGuardianVery super ior, with a real kick The www.furtling.comhone 0143 4 6098 47 10 panel display systemTel: 01434 609 847 ans.com For inform ation on our 125m l Mixer Rang e and Shan dy Can go to www.fentim ans.c om or telep 9. EDGE A flavour of our decor development work designed to highlight both new colours and combinations 11C R E AT I V E E D G E EGGER EUROFORM worktops MINER XOT I C E XOT I C E XOT I C E XOT I C E XOT I F U S E D AL H3005 ST22 - Grey-Beige Zebrano H3006 ST22 - Sand ZebranoMINERAL F161ARCTIC BLUEH3005 ST22 - Grey-Beige Zebrano DESIGN AND ADVERTISING GREYC O N S U LT A N T S Idea l for usehave a heav with woo ds thatresu lt, Che y red influ ence . rry work s As aGRANITE well with this desi gn. part icularlyH1424 ST22 - Woodline Cream H1428 ST22 - Woodline Mocha H3006 ST22 - Sand ZebranoF163ARCTIC YELL OW GREY The media, increasedtravel andBoth these designs come with a brand newWithin the kitchen, exotics are ideally suitedmulticulturalism are all factors which have led texture (ST22 Matex) which is linear, deeplyfor horizontal usage and species liketo the growth in the use of "exotic" woodsembossed and has both matt and slightly Macassar (H3025) create a sleek andwithin the home, as consumers increasinglywant to be individual and differentiateglossy parts to give the decors real depth bothvisually and to the touch.sophisticated environment, especially whenused as an accent piece in combination withT I M B E RYello w orbrow n influthemselves from their neighbours. bright whites like Premium White (W1000) orwoo ds are enceThe Zebranos work particularly well in a goo d com dFor insta bina tion .We see species like Zebrano becoming more combination with uni colours like Crema warm metallics like Soft Gold Microline rece ntlynce, Walnut, whicgrow n in h haspopular either in bold tones (Grey-Beige(U222) and Cappuccino (U205) or for an(F785). wou ld bepop ular ity, part icularly effe ctiveZebrano H3005) or more muted sandyeven more striking contrast Avocado (U627) .versions (Sand Zebrano H3006).could be used.Inspiration on a theme F040BLACK MIN ERALWor ks well with ligh colo urs such t solid Alab aste as whit e r, or or woo ds, like ligh ter colo ured Insp ired Beec h or H3025 ST15 - Macassar by min eralBirc h.CREATING MORE FROM WOOD s from thethes e woreart hs corektop s take, form with a well -defsub tle vari ined crys talli neF238 uniq ue finis atio ns in TERRANOcolo ur to BLACK h.crea te aThe text ureson thes e W1000 ST9 - Premium Whiteand feel wor ktop s of natu ral repl icat emin eral both the shin y and ston es, withlookroug h in som e that smo othetext ure and are r and flattothe rs that er imp ress give aCon trast s effe ctiveion. solid colo ly with ligh urs, such tivor y, or as whit e lighandsuch as Pear ter colo ured woo F785 ST2 - Soft Gold MicrolineDEEP, UNDULATING, NATURAL LOOKING woo d. ds, For samples please go to www.egger.co.uk/samples Experience the new texture from Egger that will add an extra dimension and value to your furniture.Due to variab les in thephotograph To view our full range of decors and to order samples, please go to www.egger.co.uk.ic and printing process, CREATING MORE FROM WOOD colours may vary from the actualproduct MORE FROM WOOD. S TAYFURNITURE COMPONENTS FACILITY WOULD CREATE 45 NEW JOBS EGGER Where would EGGERONE STEPH3127 Natural Rosewood Furniture Components Furniture Components be used?AHEADWELCOME TO OUR WHAT ARE EGGER PLANNING TO DO?WHY DOES EGGER WANT TO INVEST? WHAT WOULD THE BENEFITS BE? H3005 ST22 - Grey-Beige ZebranoPUBLIC CONSULTATION EXHIBITION We wish to develop a state of the art Furniture Components facility. To counteract the pressure our customers face from overseas The new facility would convert and add value to the Melamine Faced competition they require an efficient domestic supplier who can 45 new skilled and interesting jobs Having already invested over 110 million to Chipboard panels we currently produce by cutting, edging and drillingsupply product Just in Time H3128 Natural Plumthe panels into cut size components. Fully enclosed, internal operationdevelop one of the most advanced chipboard production sites in Europe with the Conti-Roll This example of forward integration is focused on efficiency and To help off-set rising raw material costs rising timber, energydevelopment at Hexham, EGGER UK hopes to makeoptimising the supply chain from EGGER to our customer base in the and chemical costs means that our customers need the most No emissions no chimneyefficient supply chain possible to off-set these price rises which a further substantial investment on a state of the art furniture manufacturing industry.Furniture Components facility. This would bring they find difficult to pass onto the public No visible silosBedrooms further significant benefits for the local economy by To ensure efficient material utilisation supplying our customersgenerating 45 new jobs over the next few years and further indirect WHAT WILL IT LOOK LIKE?with component pieces rather than full sized boards means that No additional HGV traffic and temporary jobs during the construction period.they only receive what they need, resulting in less processing for The building would occupy a floor space of approximately 22,000 m2 Better utilisation of existing HGV trafficthem and less waste to dispose of, making it much more efficientTo do this, the company requires planning permission from TynedaleH3129 Autumn PlumCouncil but before we submit our final application, we want to hear (approximately 7% of the total size of the existing EGGER site). H3006 ST22 - Sand Zebrano It will be self-contained with no chimneys or silos. To increase efficiency in transport only the material required is Loading activities will be internalYOUR views on our proposals.transported to the customer meaning that more usable material is stored on each wagon No additional impact on current noise levelsHere we explain our outline plans for forward integration at theHexham site. We can recycle the timber waste (off-cut's) from the production Off-cuts and waste material is recycled back intoBob Livesey of the components back through the processproduction processJoint Managing Director (Commercial) EGGER UK Ltd Our existing skilled and highly motivated workforce gives us the Modern insulated building (Acoustic/Heat)confidence that we would be able to recruit from the local labourW1000 Premium Whitemarket No additional heat is required as heat is providedfrom the existing factory A LWAY S LAND ALREADY EARMARKED FORDEVELOPMENT One, single managed facilityBathrooms The land we seek to build on is safeguarded by Tynedale Council for ONE H3025 ST15 - Macassaremployment related development post 2006, and is identified in an The proposed investment in the new component facility will be a keyindependent study as being ideal for accommodating timber and step in securing the timber industry in Northumberland. It willforestry related companies given its location adjacent to the existingundoubtedly add considerably to the 179m per annum which EGGERcontributed to the local economy, even before the recent 100mplant and its proximity to timber supplies at Kielder Forest.WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN THE COMPONENTS FACILITY? investment in the board plant. It will process local materials,STEP U330 Auberginereducing the need to transport them for processing elsewhere and it There is a 6 stage will add further benefits with the recycling of materials from the process:-production process. It will reduce the need for imports, addingINDEPENDENT REPORT FINDINGS:- employment opportunities to the 470 direct jobs which the existing AHEADAmong the options identified by the study as being attractive (for theHexham site) were: Sawmilling 1. Goods InStore 2. Cuttingplant provides for West Northumberland. The investment will helpdeliver EGGER's vision for a cluster of timber activities at Hexham, avision which is shared by the local authorities and One NorthEastfollowing detailed research into the long term potential of the Bio Energy (which EGGER now have on site as part of the 2006 3. RoutingEdgingindustry in the County.investment) Kitchens U222 Crema4. DrillingJohn Hamilton Further wood panels expansion (which has taken place sincethe report)5. Packaging Economic Development Officer In today s competitive furniture market, staying one step ahead is vital. Northumberland County Council Panels value added (an example of which is Furniture 6. WarehouseLoading Our record of anticipating design trends and being first to market with the best, most innovative designs ensures thatWe are justly proud of our record of anticipating design trends and continue to be first to market with new, innovativeComponents) we can help you maintain your edge.The study identified that revenue generated by value addedTO SEND YOUR VIEWS TO EGGER UK:- designs that help you shape the furniture of tomorrow. development is at the heart of paying for the environmental, tourist,rural development and recreational aspirations targeted in the regional1. Fill in the response card and post into the box Our latest decor introductions mirror the growth in popularity of exotic woods as consumers increasingly want tostrategic plans.provided reflect their individuality.The latest additions to our eclectic mix of contemporar y and classic decors reflect our theme of Balancing NatureThe study scored the option of Furniture Components as low from a 2. Write to:- with Colour. To stay ahead of the game, contact our Marketing Department for samples of our latest decors.noise, emission and visual impact point of view. To view our full range of decors and to order samples, please visit www.egger.co.uk Egger Consultation Team Nathaniel LichfieldPartners Egger (UK) Limited,Report carried out by Jaakko Pyry Consulting, commissioned by Tynedale Council, Egger (UK) Limited,Northumberland County Council, Forestry Commission and One NorthEast. Generator Studios Anick Grange Road, Hexham,Trafalgar Street Anick Grange Road, Hexham, Northumberland, NE46 4JS. Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 2LA Northumberland, NE46 4JS. Tel: (01434) 602191CREATING MORE FROM WOODCREATING MORE FROM WOOD Tel: (01434) 6133043. E-mail to egger-comments@nlpplanning.com Fax: (01434) 613302 Fax: (01434) 613302. e-mail: decorative.uk@egger.com e-mail: decorative.uk@egger.com www.egger.co.uk www.egger.co.uk 10. EDGEC R E AT I V E E D G E DESIGN AND ADVERTISINGC O N S U LT A N T SWhen DESIGNSSOREALISTIC, inside meets out, HOW ELSECAN YOU make sureTELLTHE DIFFERENCE!youre wellNOBODYDOES IT BETTER... wrapped up....EXCEPT NATURE. Cova XL is a high performance thermoplastic veneer, developed to meet the exacting needs of the fenestration and door industries, available in a range of highly realistic woodgrain finishes and textured plain colours. A winning combination of authentic style with high technical performance, COVA XL is guaranteed against the effects of weathering. The COVA Press Premier range of wood finish 3D forming veneers The COVA Press Premier range of wood finish 3D forming veneers When you need to get well wrapped up, ask for COVA XL by name. uses advanced printing technologies and a pioneering pearl effectuses advanced printing technologies and a pioneering pearl effect for added realism, keeping us at the forefront of design innovation. for added realism, keeping us at the forefront of design innovation.Natural designs with visual depth. Natural designs with visual depth.Cova Products LtdStation RoadCramlington Cova Products, Cova Products,Northumberland Station Road, Cramlington, Station Road, Cramlington,United KingdomNorthumberland, United Kingdom, NE23 8AQ.Northumberland, United Kingdom, NE23 8AQ.NE23 8AQEXTERIOR GRADE VENEERTelephone: (44) 01670 718222. Fax: (44) 01670 590096.Telephone: (44) 01670 718222. Fax: (44) 01670 590096.Telephone: +44 (0) 1670-718222www.covaproducts.com www.covaproducts.com Fax: +44 (0) 1670-590096 11. EDGEC R E AT I V E E D G EDESIGN AND ADVERTISING C O N S U LT A N T SFrom new build... Take a clo r lookse ...Bathat... Takeroomsac lose ...Ner loow Buk ildat... At Bord er Craf create t we pr your pe ide ourfect ba rselvesExtetraditi throom in beinonal tofor allg ablethe co tonsio is largentempo settings or com rary, w from th With pact.nhethere induover syour ba stry,30 yeWe offethroomBordarsr a huge const ructio er Cra experienRoca, Prrange n pro ft ha ce in ima, Trof qualjectss a rethe be Merca ity branto thputauildin Grohe, ti, Moo ds such We h e hig tiong Elis Fuds, Sagias ave b hestfor corniture ttarius, areauilt ostan mple but a fe , Eco Ba andver 2dardtingw. throomhave 50 n s. s to naCounwon ew h me ties Maward omall asso As always weasters such es in the ciated offer a dem Build as th Tyneworkscomplonst er Ye e Nodale the baincludete serv ratinar Aw rthethroom ed. Hoice with stan g ou rnyoursewever,dard r exp ard 2 lf, that if youbuildof w erien 007,A com s fine wwant to ing p ork w ce, replimenith us. fit All oroject hich liabilavailabltary quur ne s. is ap ity ae to enotationstructw hoplied ndbudgetsure yoand ad ural mesto all that suu get thvice seGuara warrare pour its.e bathrvice is nteeantyrovid room yo.in pa ed w u wanrtne ith at at the rship10 yeBord with arenaber CraPremling ft offier yourus toer ou ro...to new tiles! tailo exactrequr both wn in-ho iremnew use dentsbuild esign A co .s andservic availmpliexteeable mennsioto he tary ns to quotalp ge tiont youand r pro advicjecte serv off thice is e ground. Oth er S Flo erv orin ices Ba gavathroilaboms le: Be droo Win Su msdTake a closer look at... So mm lar Cer h ous onve es G a o wsd Kit rden chen oms ro oors Off rtors ice p THE COMPLETE Sal es c Syste ms Tiles Studies ods TelontPlus Ma : 01 a man THE COMPLETEVis434 ct det y mo Gainte nancit: w 61ails re rden eww 3923:furnHOME .bo EBor de rde mail:iture Nor r Hourcrasaleftho ESERVICthTel: umbe , Beauseme @bord sHOME THE COMPLETEEm 01 4ail:rla34 6 nd, N ont Pa Efr r s.co.ukercrafthom SERVICE info 06632 46 4T k, Anic@bo FaxUk Ro es.co.urde : 01 ad,krcr afth34 He xhaom 4 6079HOM es.co.u 62m,SERVICE kE Folder and insertsTHE COMPL ETE HO SERVM E ICE 12. EDGEC R E AT I V E E D G E DESIGN AND ADVERTISINGC O N S U LT A N T SHOTELSOLUTIONS MHMarstonHarbottle S KYL I NES O L I C I T O R S S C A F F O L D I N G LT DCore Funds Limited33 Hallstile Bank,Hexham, Northumberland, NE46 3PQ Tel: 01434 608384 E-mail: nick@corefunds.co.uk