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A brief presentation of creative Edge\'s background and work examples


  • 1. EDGEC R E AT I V E E D G EDESIGN AND ADVERTISING C O N S U LT A N T S GIVING YOU THE EDGEA small dedicated consultancy (its just me!) Big on experience and big on ideas!

2. EDGE C R E AT I V E E D G E DESIGN AND ADVERTISINGC O N S U LT A N T S BIG ON EXPERIENCEI spent 11 years in London advertising agenciesculminating in a stint at Saatchi & Saatchi.I then moved to the North East where I held CreativeDirector roles at Martin Taits and Redheads beforestarting Creative Edge in 1992. 3. EDGE C R E AT I V E E D G E DESIGN AND ADVERTISINGC O N S U LT A N T S SMALL IS BEAUTIFULLow overheads mean very competitive prices Small number of clients offering a very personal service Experience means effective solutions No juniors! 4. EDGE C R E AT I V E E D G E DESIGN AND ADVERTISINGC O N S U LT A N T S VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFEI specialise in any form of communication, from full scaleadvertising campaigns, one off ads, brochure and leaflet design,corporate identity, logos, exhibition design and all points inbetween. 5. EDGE C R E AT I V E E D G E DESIGN AND ADVERTISINGC O N S U LT A N T S PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE London: McCann Erickson, Grandfield Newcastle: Creative Director of Martin Creative Edge: established 1992 Rork Collins, Saatchi & Saatchi Tait Associates and RedheadsBarker & Stonehouse, AGMA, Egger (UK), Milk Marketing Board, Schreiber Aycliffe and Peterlee DevelopmentMatthew Charlton, Building Maintenance Furniture, Shwartz Spices, KossettCorporation, Northern Electric, House of Company, Entec, South Staffordshire Carpets, Automobile Association, SPAR,Mayfair, Heritage Homes, Holland & Waters Home Service, Waterstones, Linguaphone, Tesco, Anchor Foods, Abbey Barratt, Olympic Airways, Cameron Hall Orama Fabrications, Crawford Higgins, National Building Society, TimesDevelopments, English Estates, Rush &Fentimans, Wize Speke, AND Group Plc, Newspapers, RAC.Tomkins, Barker & Stonehouse, WynyardCova Products Ltd, Hotel Solutions, Hall, Braathens Airlines, Kangol,Theresa Spinks, Derwentside Council,Border Craft Ltd 6. EDGEC R E AT I V E E D G EDESIGN AND ADVERTISING C O N S U LT A N T S A C R E AT I V E E D G E A selection of some of the work we have created... 7. C R E AT I V E E D G E DESIGN AND ADVERTISINGC O N S U LT A N T S IPSIGNATURE / BGANIPSignature offers remote satelliteservices. With IPSigusers controlled BGAN nature at the coreaccess to the new of the network,generation of Inma removing the inhethe operator hasrsat IP basedIPSIGNATURE rent risks of IP Inmarsats Broadconnectivity whilcomplete control band Global AreaNetwork servic bandwidth connst retaining theover costs, voice and broadband data simulte BGAN is theectivity. benefits of shar guaranteed data aneously throug h a single, trulyworlds first mobil e communicationsing the additionarates on demand to remote locati portable device service to providlons, avoiding slow on a global basis. It is also the first e both With the Inmardial-up connectionsto offer Vehicle livery All services can sat BGAN servic , or worse still,no access at all.be offered on a service at speede a broadband mobile office canemail, instant mess pre-paid basis s up to half a megabbe set up in minut to registered user it in a highly compaes, providing an aging, Fax, SMS s and crew. Thes ct, easy to useform. affordable, mobile broadbandaccess to company, web browsinge services inclu BGAN supportsthe latest IP servic (including dedide:circuit-switchedes, as well as tradit intranet applicati cated news and voice and data ional ons. sport content)/ BGAN corporate netwo integrating seaml andrks. It will suppoessly withproviding a smootrt legacy applich upgrade pathations while Simultaneous connexperience in provid to IP. Inmarsat ections are maning secure commhas vast usage. Contentioaged and billingovernment customunications to militan controls are avail g is seamlessly ers. BGAN meetsry and split between pre requirements andthese exactingable to ensureand post paidsupports all major the prioritisationencryption stand ards.VPN products andof business traff ic.Global coverageBGAN delivers seamless netwoworlds land mass. rk coverage across Users are able tomost of the they go not just get broadbandin major cities wherever accessible in Europ or at the airpor e, Africa, the Middl t. BGAN is South America. e East, Asia, NorthandHardwareBGAN is accessible via a rangeoperational needs of small, lightw . Standard termineight satellite termin withstand challe als are highly portab als, which provid nging environmen le and can be used e performance ts and extremes both indoors andoptions to suit and discreet trackidifferent IPSIGNATURE / BGAN users, for whom ng antenna, whichis mounted onof temperature . Vehicular systemoutdoors, beingrobust enoughportability is a the vehicle roof.s comprise an interio tosuitable for small key consideratioThe smallest standr, rack mountableteams that needn. The larger standard terminals are terminalhigher bandwidthto establish a tempo ard terminals offer designed to suitto enable applicrary office for an a WLAN capability single ations such asextended periodand are particularlylive broadcastin. They are also The service is accessg. suitable for usersrequiringed via BGAN LaunchPad, a softwareinterface, which BGAN is design is standard across ed for simplicity all BGAN termin and ease of use.als. No specialist technical expertise is required to setup and use it.BGAN TERMINAL COM PARISONOptimising convergence betweenIDENTITY PRESENCECONTEXT satellite and terrestrial voice and data networksOptimising convergence between satellite and terrestrial voice and data networks BROADBANDProduct literature IP Signature provides a gateway to always on communication using the new generation of IP based satellite services. SATELLITE TERMINAL The unique structure allows shared use of the IP connection, and genuinely ubiquitous communication for Officers and Crew members alike.User defined protocols control which activities or services can be charged to the company post-paid account and which must be paid for by a personal pre-paid account. IPSIGNATURE USER PERSPECTIVE High Compression E-mail B Instant Messenger to networkInstant Messaging Virtual Fax users E-mailLow cost via GPRS A Virtual Telex Free on wireless Free voice calls to network S users connectionIridiumOpenPort SMS I Dedicated company network Direct access to Mobile office - noInstant Messaging Cheapest form of data vessels C dependence on PABXcommunication Wireless Connectivity File transferFree on-network calls E Reduced tariffs to satelliteInstant communicationLow cost global calls N networks T Message store/searchStaying in touch has never been easier or cheaper call from Iridium SMS StandardOpenport, any time, at one fixed cost with Iridium Go Chat Prepaid Calling E Automatic file transferCards from AND Group. mobile phone R Instant Messaging/ file Voice via ADSL (in port)connectivity P transfers to vesselsPre-paid calling cards from AND Group provide maritime crews with a convenient and Free calls to network affordable solution for placing calls at any time; IDENTITY PRESENCECONTEXT R users AND brandedOptimising convergence between satellite and I PDA software 24/7 Flat Rate Tariffs Around the clock pricing at one single low rateterrestrial voice and data networks S Reduced tariff calls worldwideenabled Progressive Discounts Longer 45 minute and 60 minute cards with progressive discounts to reward longer talk times BROADBANDSATELLITE TERMINALE Controlled Internet Access Pre-paid and Value Pricing The lowest crew calling rates availablepost-paid web BInstant Messenger to network High Compression E-mail Virtual Fax Instant Messaging userssurfing AS Free voice calls to network users E-mail Virtual Telex Low cost via GPRS Free on wireless connection CUSTOMER PRICING IDedicated company network SMS Direct access toIP Signature software is FREE OF CHARGE, there are Mobile office - noInstant Messaging Cheapest form of data vesselsC dependence on PABXcommunication no monthly fees or license costs, users only pay forPer card Per minute E File transfer Wireless ConnectivityFree on-network callsairtime. Supports Inmarsat Fleet, Fleet Broadband Reduced tariffs to satelliteNnetworks Instant communicationLow cost global callsand Iridium Openport. 30 Minute Go Chat Card$21.00$0.70TE SMS Message store/search Automatic file transfer Standard mobile phoneRInstant Messaging/ file Voice via ADSL (in port)connectivityFor further information e-mail transfers to vessels Call RecordsPre-paid / Post paid / Split BillingCall Records45 Minute Go Chat Card$30.15$0.67PR Free calls to network users AND branded info@and-group.netIPDA software Reduced tariff calls worldwide Pre-paid / Post-paid optionsAccess to mail boxes / admin controls Pre-paid / Post-paid options60 Minute Go Chat Card$36.00$0.60SEControlled Internet Access Pre-paid andpost-paid web enabledsurfingAAIC Services / call records Call RecordsPre-paid / Post paid / Split BillingCall Records Pre-paid / Post-paid optionsAccess to mail boxes / admin controls Pre-paid / Post-paid optionsManagement reportingHistorical Analysis Daily MonitoringForecastingTanners Bank North Shields Tyne & Wear NE30 1JH Management reportingAAIC Services / call recordsHistorical Analysis Daily MonitoringForecasting Tanners Bank North Shields Tyne & Wear NE30 1JHTel: +44 (0) 870 444 9679 Sales: +44 (0) 870 444 9681 Tel: +44 (0) 870 444 9679 Sales: +44 (0) 870 444 9681www.and-group.net www.and-group.net Product matrix Internet promotion Digital Ship ad 8. EDGE C R E AT I V E E D G EOUR intehas never rest rate2009 sales flyer DESIGN AND ADVERTISINGC O N S U LT A N T Sbeen HIG HER! S L OW Well, Ill be j i g g eFERMENT IT TAKES AED EACH OF OUFULL 7 DAYS TO BRER UNIQUE BEVW ERA GESgi ng e r l y burbeverage cking th e d , these are ins has nee trend,deed C u ver beenand interi ous T rest in imesPerhaps its th