your spiritual gps where are you? & where do you want to be? where are you? & where do you want to...

Download Your Spiritual GPS Where are you? & Where do you want to be? Where are you? & Where do you want to be?

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  • Your Spiritual GPSWhere are you?&Where do you want to be?

  • 1. Are you content with who you are becoming?NeverSeldomSometimesOftenAlways

  • 2. How confident are you in knowing your unique gifts & calling?Never ConfidentSeldom ConfidentSometimes ConfidentOften ConfidentAlways Confident

  • 3. Do you have a good spiritual diet?NeverSeldomSometimesOftenAlways

  • 4. Are you satisfied with the results from the time you are giving to your major life commitments?NeverSeldomSometimesOftenAlways

  • 5. Would you describe your life as a joyful life?NeverSeldomSometimesOftenAlways

  • What is your Spiritual GPS location? (Enter you score now.)0-5 Help, Im lost!6-10 Dont ask me!11-15 Ahhhthat way!16-20 Were close!21-25 Follow me!

  • Final Instructions from JesusBe a Servant Leader John 13Preparation for His Absence John 14Vine, Branches & Vine Dresser John 15Ministry of the Holy Spirit John 16Prayer for His Disciples & Unity John 17

  • John 15:1-2 I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch of mine that doesnt produce fruit and he prunes the branches that do bear fruit so they will produce even more.

  • The Secrets of The VineGPS Gods Prioritization System1. Time & Life Management2. Productivity & Fruitfulness3. Lasting Joy & Fulfillment in Life

  • A Picture of Your LifeThe Vine(Jesus)The Branches(You)Vine Dresser(The Father)

  • What are the Major Branches (Time Commitments) in Your Life? Things that Require Mental, Emotional, Physical &/or Spiritual EnergyFamily/RelativesFriendsWork/CareerPossessions Personal Care/Devel.Church/VolunteerThe Big Rocks in your Jar of Life

  • So what does Jesus mean by Fruit?Fruit = Good Work They both are used interchangeably in the BibleGood Works = a thought, attitude or action that pleases God and glorifies Him.Things that Work because their Gods willEphesians 2:10 . . . you were created in Christ Jesus for good works.

  • How would you describe the fruit bearing for God in your life?Im bearing LITTLE or NO fruit for GodSOME fruit but it could be betterIm bearing LOTS of fruit in my life

  • Gods Plan for FruitfulnessPRUNING!Gods Prioritization Process (GPS)

  • Why Pruning?Energy & Resource ManagementMore Sunlight MarginIncrease Fruit Size & QualityEncourage New Fruit to Develop

  • Pruning1. The No Fruit BranchesJohn 15:2a He cuts off very branch of mine* that doesnt bear fruit . . .2. The Fruit Bearing Branches to Produce More FruitJohn 15:2b . . . and He prunes the branches that do bear fruit so they will produce even more.

  • Is God Pruning Something in your Life?Ask: Where does it hurt?Discomfort says: Pay Attention Here

  • Is God pruning something in your life right now?YesNoIm not Sure

  • How many days did you fast (full or partial) from a meal and/or other pleasures in order to pray & seek God?One DayTwo DaysThree DaysFour DaysFive DaysSix DaysNone

  • How many prayer meetings did you attend during the Week of Prayer & Fasting?OneTwo to ThreeFour to FiveSix or MoreNone

  • Do you feel like you had a special encounter with God this week?YesNo

  • Spur pruningCane pruning

  • Cane PruningThompson Seedless, Black Monukka, Fantasy Seedless, Fiesta, GoldenMuscat, Concord and Crimson Seedless, Chardonnay, and Gewuztraminer areall cane pruned because the basal buds of each cane are not fruitful. You have toleave a long cane that has between 10 and fourteen buds. Cut

    As a general rule, leave 4-6 canesper vine. The more vigorous the vine more canes you can leave. If you vine isweak then leave fewer canes.Chose canes that are 3/8-5/8ths inch in diameter and that are on top ofthe vine and exposed to light.

  • Spur pruningThere are two fruiting canes (this years growth) originating from each spur (a cane shortened, usually to two nodes, although it may be between one and four nodes, in the previous years pruning). The cane furthest away from the cordon is completely removed, the one nearest is shortened to two nodes to produce next years spur, which will generate the two new fruiting canes. There are a number of spurs along the cordon, providing sufficient quantity of fruit.Cane pruning:Here the vine has a two year old cane which generates many more fruiting canes during the growing season, and a spur giving origin to two canes. At pruning the two year old cane, and consequently much of this years growth, are completely removed. Of the two canes originating from the spur, the one closest to the cordon is pruned to leave a replacement two node spur, whereas the cane further away is left intact, although shortened. This is next years two year old cane.