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Wilton Scout Group. Take on Everest!. Huish Woods Climbing Tower 6 metres tall. Why are we taking on Everest?. Our Scout hut at Wilton is great!. But has no heating, water or drainage. Children share play space with the storage of camping and activity equipment. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Wilton Scout GroupTake on Everest!

Huish Woods Climbing Tower 6 metres tall

Why are we taking on Everest?

Our Scout hut at Wilton is great! But has no heating, water or drainage.Children share play space with the storage of camping and activity equipment. It would be challenging to accommodate children with special needs. The hut is in use almost every evening of the week and is regularly used for drying out wet equipment. Wilton Scout Group have recently submitted a planning application to build a new scout hut that will make better use of the available land. With purpose made Storage, Heating and Washing facilities we will be able to accommodate a broader range of indoor activities (e.g. an indoor climbing wall) which will benefit all our members. The new building will retain the traditional Scout Hut character, with an open fire place, and high ceiling for ball games etc. A new scout hutat Wilton!This is an exciting project that will take a number of years but hopefully leave behind a legacy worthy of the next 100 years of Wilton Scouts

It is undoubtedly going to cost a lot of money to build a new hut. BUT Where there is the will, there is a way. 200,000+The Beavers and Cubs regularly make use of the hut for breaking up into smaller groups; investitures; activities which require the high beams; drying out kit and enjoying toasted marsh mallows in those cold winter evenings.

Many of these Beavers will be joining scouts this year!

Where is EVEREST?Part of the Himalaya mountain range that straddles border of Nepal and Tibet.

Everest was named after:

Sir George Everest, a British surveyor-general of India.Everest is approximately 60 million years old.

Did you know.

It is the tallest mountain in the world.

Approximately 4,000 people attempted to climb Mt. Everest, 660 successfully completed the climb. 142 died trying to climb the mountain. This is equivalent to the size of almost 20 Empire State Buildings!

Other names for it include: "Chomolungma" by Tibetans and Sherpas, which means "Mother Goddess of the Earth."

Countries visible from the summit: Tibet, India, and Nepal.

Mt. Everest FACT FILE

On 16 May 1998, Bear Grylls (Our Chief Scout) achieved his childhood dream (an ambition since his father gave him a picture of Everest when he was eight)

Entered the Guinness Book of Records, as the youngest Briton, at 23, to summit Mount Everest, just eighteen months after injuring his back. Bear Grylls Chief ScoutLife is not measured by the number of breaths we take. But the moments that take our breath away!

Beaver scouting provides the opportunity to give it a go you will be absolutely amazed at what these young folk are capable of. At Wilton, we recognise that youngsters crave adventure. We recognise that age, size, and maturity play a big part in the childs capabilities.The Huish Woods climbing wall offers a great opportunity for Beavers to try something new in a safe, controlled environment. Beavers are encouraged to participate, if they want to turn up and watch others before deciding if they wish to give it ago Great! Come along We are planning some other activities which might also take their interest. Climbing is fun!

To ensure the safety of all participants the Group have updated their climbing equipment, to cater all sizes. The beavers and cubs we now have full body Petzl Ouistiti Childs Climbing Harness. The safety of children taking part is paramount. The leaders supervising the event are experienced climbers, with the relevant scouting permits and qualifications to run the event. The children will be closely supervised and belayed (Fixed to) from safety ropes at all times when on the tower. Safety first"You don't have to be a fantastic hero to do certain things... to compete. You can be just an ordinary chap, sufficiently motivated."

First to climb to summit: Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay on May 29, 1953.

Height: 29,028 feet.Notable dates: 1921 Dalai Lama allows British reconnaissance party to visit Tibet and the northern side of Mt. Everest. 1924 British explorers George Mallory and Andrew Irvine disappear near the summit, along the Northeast Ridge. It is possible that they may have actually been the first to reach the summit, but they never returned.1949 Nepal opens its borders, making access to the mountain's southern peak possible.1953 Hillary and Norgay reach summit.1963 First Americans reach the summit.1989 First two women, both American, reach the summit.1990 Sir Edmund Hillary's son, Peter, reaches summit.1996 Eleven people die during spring expeditions.

Beaver Hike up Cotlake hill

Many Beavers recently hiked all the way to the very top of Cotlake Hill. Well done! Did you know that Cotlake Hill is about 75 meters above sea level. Some Maths: Everest = 29,028 ft (8,848 meters)Which means you would have to climb from sea level to the top of Cotlake hill 118 times to reach the same height. Wow! So here is the challenge..The scale of the challenge:

Ascent of Everest from South Base Camp to the summit: 3484m

Huish Woods Climbing wall: 5.7m high

Number of climbs required: 612

Wilton Scout Group (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers) consists of about 200 members. The Beavers (about 30 of us) will be climbing between 1pm and 3pm on Saturday 24th March. Are you up for it?What should you bring with youon the day!We will be climbing What ever the weather, so please look at the weather forecast and dress appropriately. Beavers will find PE daps or Trainers best to climb in. Packed lunch, snack and drink.Spare change of clothes, always a wise idea. Donations and your sponsorship form We can make a note of your climbs, and provide you with a certificate of thanks.

A BIG Thank you for all your kind support. Wilton Beaver Leadership team.

Please let us know if you are not staying with your child. We hold parents contact details on membership forms, please check that the information is up to date.

Everest ChallengeSaturday 24th - Sunday 25th March 2012Funds in aid of the planned rebuild of Wilton Scout HutName ..Sponsorship Form and Gift Aid Declaration

Full nameHome addressPost codeGift aid()Amount pledgedAmount givenDate givenWe, who have given our names and addresses on this form, and who have ticked the box entitled Gift Aid, want Wilton Scout Group to reclaim the tax on the donation detailed and given on the date shown. We understand that each of us must be a tax payer and have paid income tax or capital gains tax equal to the amount reclaimed by the charity on the donationThe Scout Association is a Registered Charity no. 306101All beavers should have received a sponsorship form. If you require another please download it from the Wilton web site or ask Pip & Brock. Grass sledges, Wide games etcWe will be climbing in small groups and hope to have a few other wide games and fun activities on offer when we are not climbing.

As always, there will be a prize for the Beaver who raises the most sponsorship, completes the most climbs and tries their absolute best.