Why isn't my lap top intelligent ?

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We are all working harder and harder, and many of us have reached our limit. Giving us a faster more powerful laptop might make a marginal gain, and faster broadband complemented by smarter search engines might add a few more percentage points to our productivity, but the big ITC gains have been won. We have become the limiters of work output and not our technology. The technology now waits for us and not the other way around.To make the next leap in productivity and creativity we need help specifically, we need machine help! Men and women alike need a third intelligence a new way of thinking a new perspective and a new route to problem solving and creativity. So where will it com from, or in other words, why is my laptop, PC, Pad, Tablet so dumb?Even with Moore's Law continuing at it's present rate or accelerating, true machine intelligence will remain largely embedded in our networks. The good news is; it will soon be available as a commercial service in The Cloud. Much later, it is likely to appear in our devices to perform specific tasks related to our work, health, life and leasure. In both cases the primary key is sensors, sensor networks, and adaptability of software and hardware.


<ul><li>1.Why isntmy laptopIntelligent?Peter Cochranecochrane.org.ukca-global.orgCOCHRANE a s s o c i a t e sFriday, 16 March 12</li></ul> <p>2. It has an abundance of:- processing power- memory- RAM- network access- WWW informationFriday, 16 March 12 3. But it acts dumb anddoesnt: - learn my habits - anticipate my needs - correct my errors - learn from mistakes - monitor me and my lifeFriday, 16 March 12 4. But why even as thequestion ?Friday, 16 March 12 5. We cannot work anyfaster or any harder -we have reached theend of the line ?Friday, 16 March 12 6. We a r e n o w t h e ultimate limiter and slow down mechanism in a networked world we have created ?Friday, 16 March 12 7. Not all that helpful ! 38,700,00014,600,000Friday, 16 March 12 8. Muscle amplier Brain amplier Intellect amplierFriday, 16 March 12 9. We face a tide complexity,non-linearity &amp; chaos... andbiologically we are not goingto get any smarter...Friday, 16 March 12 10. We have no general math or theoretical framework to fall back on... ...that can cope with the problems we faceFriday, 16 March 12 11. And we live at a timeof greater achievementand creativity than anyother......at no time in the past hashumanity discovered, understoodor created so much...Friday, 16 March 12 12. Just a small selectionof thingswe reallydont understandFriday, 16 March 12 13. In order to move onwe need a newapproach......help from new intelligences thatsee the world from a differentperspective...Friday, 16 March 12 14. Old systems &amp; methodsare extremely unlikely tobe able to help...or copewith the demands andchanges to come...Friday, 16 March 12 15. During the reformationeve r y t h i n g b e c a m estove-piped...initiallyt h i s b ro u g h t h u g ebenet, but it is now amajor inhibitor......there is only science...Friday, 16 March 12 16. So what is the state of play with Ar ticial Intelligence today...Friday, 16 March 12 17. And are machinesreally capable ofcreativity...Friday, 16 March 12 18. IBM - Deep Blue 1972Friday, 16 March 12 19. NASA Planetary Walker - 2002Friday, 16 March 12 20. Machines that design machines today...Friday, 16 March 12 21. IBM - Watson 2010Friday, 16 March 12 22. Life and death decisionsare a fact of life...Friday, 16 March 12 23. But machines are now assuming new levels of responsibility in medicine...Friday, 16 March 12 24. To say the least thisposes some ver yserious issues...Friday, 16 March 12 25. So what do we know of Intelligence ?Friday, 16 March 12 26. Stanley Kubrick&amp; Arthur C Clarke1968Friday, 16 March 12 27. Dave has a bit of a problem with HAL...- Open the pod bay doors HAL- Sorry Dave, I cant do thatFriday, 16 March 12 28. Machines do make mistakes, but so dowe...and very often they go hand in hand,embedded in the root of software...Friday, 16 March 12 29. The generic questionwe keep asking: Where is HAL 9000 ?Friday, 16 March 12 30. 19682000 Where is he ? 2011Friday, 16 March 12 31. Three big questionsFriday, 16 March 12 32. Three big questions Will Hal be here in 2025 ?Friday, 16 March 12 33. Three big questions Will Hal be here in 2025 ? Will I be here in 2025 ?Friday, 16 March 12 34. Three big questions Will Hal be here in 2025 ? Will I be here in 2025 ? Will my computer be proud of me before I die ?Friday, 16 March 12 35. AI plays better games than us !Friday, 16 March 12 36. AI outsmarts us on knowledgeFriday, 16 March 12 37. AI control a lot of our industrial process to feed, clothe, keep us warm and transport us...Friday, 16 March 12 38. AI is now bringing a new level of creativity and problem solving to the party...Friday, 16 March 12 39. BUT arent we just talking machines running algorithms ?Friday, 16 March 12 40. The big problem is that we cannot describe, quantify or measure intelligence?Friday, 16 March 12 41. &gt;&gt; 150 published definitions ?? AND - IQ Tests are worthless ??Friday, 16 March 12 42. InternetSuper MIP/sComputerComputing PowerIntelligence Level PC1960 70 80 90 2000 10Friday, 16 March 12 43. The singularitypriesthood 2035 !Friday, 16 March 12 44. I got a call from adefence companyFriday, 16 March 12 45. How do wecomparesystems ?Friday, 16 March 12 46. P.MFriday, 16 March 12 47. No P or M !Friday, 16 March 12 48. No P or M !Friday, 16 March 12 49. Scanning long termcomatose patients of10 years...considered tobe totally vegetative !Friday, 16 March 12 50. Ask them to thinkabout playingtennis...Friday, 16 March 12 51. For &gt;60% the brainactivity is the sameas for you and I...Friday, 16 March 12 52. They are entombedin meat space...Friday, 16 March 12 53. Sensors S =0 no intelligenceActuators A =0 no intelligenceFriday, 16 March 12 54. AxiomIntelligence is EntropicFriday, 16 March 12 55. compare A 30 second tutorial !systems ?Friday, 16 March 12 56. So starting with a simple model of this form... SensorsProcessor S P1SystemMemory EnvironsMActuatorProcessor A P2Friday, 16 March 12 57. And building the complexity a layer at a time... Processor MemorySensors 1ShortTerm SystemEnvirons Processor Memory Actuator 2LongTermFriday, 16 March 12 58. Followed by mathematicaljuggling and normalisation,liberties, crimes, &amp; of courseengineering licence... Ic ~ k log2[1 + K.A.S ( 1 + P.M )]S = Sensor, A = Actuator, P = Processor, M = MemoryFriday, 16 March 12 59. So why isnt my laptop intelligent?Friday, 16 March 12 60. So why isnt my laptop intelligent?How about: - sensors? - adaptability?Friday, 16 March 12 61. But we are rolling out intelligent sensors!Friday, 16 March 12 62. But we are rolling out intelligent sensors!And our machines will see, hear, smell.detect and communicate in a way andat a rate we cannot!Friday, 16 March 12 63. Intelligence MIP/sLevel Estimates ofComputing Power ArticialIntelligence Internet PC1960 70 8090 200010Friday, 16 March 12 64. Intelligence MIP/sLevel Estimates ofComputing Power ArticialIntelligence Internet PC1960 70 8090 200010Friday, 16 March 12 65. The good news !Friday, 16 March 12 66. Mobile Sensors and Actuatorsby the Bn !Friday, 16 March 12 67. Google , IBM aremoving into thisspace!Friday, 16 March 12 68. And it will arrive on ourphones, tablets, pads,laptops via The Cloud...Friday, 16 March 12 69. ca-global.org cochrane.org.uk Thank You COCHRANEAnd the day canta s s o c i a t e scome quick enough!Friday, 16 March 12 </p>


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