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  • 1.JINDAL SHADEED IRON & STEEL LLC Said Al Darmaki, HR & Administration Head The Reasons why Employees quit their workplace Presented by

2. Talent Management Talent management is the implementation of integrated strategies or system designed to increase workplace productivity by developing improved processes for attracting, developing, retaining, and utilizing people with the required skills and aptitude to meet current and future business needs. (SHRM,2012). 3. Omani Employees Turnover in 2012 4. The War for Talent Basedonmanyresearchithasbecomeobviousthat whatdis4nguisheshighperformingcompaniesfrom merelyaverageperformersinthiswarfortalentisnot be9erhumanresourceprocessesbutthefundamental beliefintheimportanceoftalent. 5. The reason for the persistence of the war The irreversible shift from Industrial Age to Informant age The demand for highly talent mangers The growing propensity for people to move from one firm to another. July 7, 2014 5 6. Herzberg's Two Factor Theory - Recognition -Sense of Achievement -Responsibility Nature of Work -Growth -Advancement - Salary -working conditions -job security -l Supervision -Company supervision & Administration -interpersonal Relationships July 7, 2014 6 Hygiene FactorsMotivation Factors Source: John Martin, Organizational Behaviour 7. Main Reasons Employees separate from their employees 1-Theworkplacewasnotasexpected 2-Themismatchbetweenjobandperson 3-Theli9lecoachingandfeedback 4-Toofewgrowthandadvancementopportuni4es 5-feelingdevaluedandunrecognized 6-stressfromoverworkandworklifeimbalance 7-lossoftrustandcondenceinseniorleaders July 7, 2014 7 8. Strategies 8 9. The workplace was not as expected