Web developer - 5 things every self-learner should know

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5 THINGS EVERY SELF-LEARNERSHOULDKNOWWEB DEVELOPERSee what people who have been through it have to share.So you want to become a webdeveloper?BUT YOU ARE PLANING TO SELF-LEARN IT?Here are 5 things which every webdeveloper/ self-learner should knowbefore starting:PLAN.PLAN.PLANBefore you start teachingyourself make sure that youcreate a learning plan of whatyou need to learn. BUILD!The only way to really learncoding is by putting it intopractice from the verybeginning.MASTERLearn what you really need.Dont go for every possiblelanguage/acronym out there.the BASICSBE PATIENTLearning to code is very farfrom easy. Trial/Error will beaccompanying the process allthe way. TO LEARNWeb development requiresconstant learning in order tobe up to date.OR JUST ..........GO TO THE NORTH POLEdeals.thenextweb.comONE OF THESE COURSES CAN GET YOU STARTED ;)Premium TechE-LearningCoding CoursesBundlehttps://deals.thenextweb.com/sales/sitepoint-1-year-subscriptionhttps://deals.thenextweb.com/sales/the-code-like-a-pro-bundlehttps://deals.thenextweb.com/sales/the-code-like-a-pro-bundlehttps://deals.thenextweb.com/sales/sitepoint-1-year-subscriptionhttps://deals.thenextweb.com/sales/sitepoint-1-year-subscriptionhttps://deals.thenextweb.com/sales/the-code-like-a-pro-bundle