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  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


    what is he like? what are you like?

    trait (treit) rasgo, caracterstica

    reveal revela

    handwriting escritura

    signature firma

    fortune teller adivino, pitonisa, vidente


    self assure seguro de s mismo

    reliable fiable, confiable (se confia en l)

    responsible, serious responsable

    stable (emotionally stable) estable

    well-balanced equilibrado

    assertive firme

    high self esteem alta autoestima

    optimistic optimista

    self-confidence confianza en uno mismo

    ambitious ambicioso

    to have sense of humor tener sentido del humor

    funny gracioso

    lively vivo

    cheerful alegre

    sincere sincero

    imaginative imaginativo

    creative creativo

    honest honesto

    conscientious (consi'enses) concienzudo, serio, aplicado

    loyal, faithful leal

    careful cuidadoso

  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


    gentle amable

    patient paciente

    sociable sociable

    extrovert extrovertido

    open-minded, broad-minded abierto de miras

    mature maduro

    calm (self-controlled), laid-back calmado

    easy-going despreocupado, poco exigente

    wise sabio, prudente, juicioso

    practical prctico

    adventurous (ad'ventres) atrevido, intrpido, aventurero

    critical crtico

    sensitive, tender sensible

    sensible sensato

    friendly, kind, nice amigable

    generous generoso

    loving, warm carioso

    sympathetic comprensivo

    bold = brave = intrepid audaz, atrevido

    cool guay


    mean tacao

    selfish egoista

    insecure inseguro

    low self esteem baja autoestima

    unambitious no ambicioso

    shy, timid timido

  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


    quiet callado

    dishonest deshonesto

    arrogant arrogante

    bad-tempered mal temperamento

    possesive posesivo

    careless descuidado

    stubborn cabezn

    impatient impaciente

    unsociable no sociable

    narrow-minded mente estrecha

    inmature inmaduro

    eccentric (ik'sentric) excentrico

    impulsive impulsivo

    insincere no sincero

    vain (vein) vanidoso

    bossy mandn

    ironic irnico

    moody malhumorado, temperamental

    pessimistic pesimista

    annoying pesado

    difficult difcil

    unfriendly, nasty, unkind no amigable

    distant distante

  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


    illness enfermedad (general tem for the state o

    disease enfermedad, it's used for infectious illn

    treatment tratamiento

    having a temperature tener fiebre

    have a cough (kof) tener tos

    headache dolor de cabeza

    stomach ache dolor de estmago

    indigestion indigestion

    earache dolor de oidos

    toothache dolor de muelas

    huge abscess absceso, flemn

    a mosquito bite picadura de mosquito

    a bee/wasp sting una picadura de abeja / avispa

    he's got a cold tiene un resfriado

    a sore toe el dedo dolorido

    a swollen toe un dedo hinchado

    sunstroke un golpe de calor, insolacin

    a rash erupcin, salpullido

    a blister ampolla

    a pain dolor

    unconscious inconsciente

    a sore throat dolor de garganta

    he's being sick l est vomitando

    he's sneezing a lot estornuda mucho

    i't is bleeding est sangrando

    i't is swollen est hinchado

    her back hurts/aches su espalda le duele

    she's unconscious (an'konses) est inconsciente

    she has diarrhoea (dia'ria) tiene diarrea

    she feels sick se encuentra mal, tiene nuseas

    she fainted (feintid) se desmay

    she feels dizzy se siente mareado

  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


    vomit (vamet) vomitar vmito

    to lose consciousness perder la conciencia

    everything is spinning around todo est dando vueltas

    duele cuando ella habla o traga it hurts when she talks or swallows

    injury (injuries) herida, lesin, v. hacerse dao

    he has flu tiene gripe

    he's caught a cold cogi un resfriado

    he's allergic to cats es alrgico a los gatos

    he has asthma (aesma) tiene asma

    he has high (low) blood pressure tiene alta la presin arterial

    he's had a heart attack ha tenido un ataque al corazn

    he's had a stroke el ha tenido un derrame cerebrar o ataq

    he's had a food poisoning el ha tenido una intoxicacin alimentari

    he's twisted his ankle ha torcido su tobillo

    he's sprained his ankle se ha hecho un esguince en su tobillo

    he's burnt himself se ha quemado

    he has a bruise on his toe tiene un cardenal en su dedo

    take medicine, pills, antibiotics,

    painkillers, tablet

    tomar medicina, pastillas,

    antibiticos, calmantes, comprimidos

    specialist especialista

    go to A & E (accident and emergency) ir a urgencias (o llamar al telefono de ur

    if anything is broken si algo est roto

    have an x-ray hacer una radiografa

    have a scan hacer una ecografa, escaner

    have stitches dar puntos

    if you have a very deep cut si tu tienes un corte profundo

    have an injection tener una inyeccindrug = medicine medicina

    needle aguja

    have a bandage (baendidz) tener un vendaje

    to keep the wound (wu:n) clean para mantener la herida limpia

    have an operation tener una operacin

    hangover resaca

  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


    GP (general practitioner) mdico de cabecera

    prescription receta

    make an appointment pedir una cita

  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


    being unwell) my uncle has a serious illness

    ss, ex. Malaria and for illness affecting the organs ex. She has a heart


  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


    a very serious illness when movement blood is blocked

    sprain (n. y verbo)

    bruise (bru:s) (cardenal. V. contusionar)


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  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


    fashionable / trendy

    pay more attention



    attract attention



    spike / spiky

    belong to

    identify with (a group)

    dress up

    criticism (critisizen)

    criticize (critisaiz)

    a loose linen suit

    blue suede shoes

    pink silk slippers

    a tight lycra skirt

    a pale grey suede jacket

    a sleeveless white t-shirt

    sell anything on eBay

    items of clothing

    clothing line

  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


    GRUNGES: This urban tribe was borThey have a dirty look and they wear

    GOTHICS:This urban tribe was bornThey wear black clothes of leather, sp

    HEAVIES: This urban tribe was born iThey have a long hair and they wear j

    HIPPIES: This urban tribe was born inThey have long hair and use colorful

    POSH: This urban tribe there is alwaysThey look close attention to their app

    PUNK:This urban tribe was born in tThey have big and colorful crests and

  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


    a la moda, moderno

    prestar ms atencion



    atraer la atencin

    ponerse, llevar puesto


    punta / con puntas, puntiagudo

    pertenecer a

    identificarse con




    un traje holgado de lino

    zapatos azules de ante

    zapatillas de seda rosa

    una falda ajustada de licra

    una chaqueta de ante gris claro

    una camisa blanca sin mangas

    vender algo en eBAy

    prendas de ropa

    lnea de ropa

  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


    in Seattle in the 90s and they are very interested in music and

    tripped and coloured T-shirts or "scottish" shirts, ripped jeans

    in the 80s from punk. They are sometimes in specifics bars. Th

    iked accessories and religious elements for example crosses or

    in England in the 70s from rockers with hippies ideology. It is o

    ans, spiked leather jacket and black T-shirt from their favorite

    the 60's with Vietnam war. They like to take drugs. They procl


    but with different names. They like to play paddle, go shoppin

    earance, and men and women wear different clothes themselves

    e 70s in opossition of the culture decadence. Now, there aren't

    a lot of piercings and tatoos. They wearspiked leather jacket, b

  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


    adjectives order


  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


    refuse the consumist society and people without personality. The

    and coloured shoes.

    ey are apolitics and they admire everything about death and the o

    five-spiked stars.

    e of the most diffused urban tribe, especially in popular classes.

    music bands.

    im the peace and love. They don't like the policy and they have a

    and parties. They like to hear music from Julio Iglesias and his s

    , the men wear tight trousers, tight stripped shirt withsweater. The

    many punks but they're very radical. In bars, sometimes they be

    lack T-shirts with a social slogan or simbols(anarchy, comunist...

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  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


    hear music from Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Sonic Youth...

    ccultism. They look like a violent tribe but they're peaceful. They

    eavies like to do weekend outings, hear music from Heavy metal

    arquists ideas.

    ns. They're capitalists and consumists.

    omen wear shirt, skirt and a lot of accessories.

    ixed with heavies and skinheads. They have an ideology anarchi


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  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


    ear music from "Bella Morte" or "Black Ice".

    bands, go to gigs and sometimes smoke cannabis. They're antimi

    t, okupa, anti-fascist, anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist. They're

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  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


    an be violent by musical excitement or alcohol and cannabis.

    They hear punk music.

  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


    burglar (be:gle) ladrn (de casas, prop.priv)

    robber rb ladrn (de banco o negocio)

    shoplifter plft ladrn (roba de una tienda)

    pickpocket ladrn (roba en la calle)

    mugger (mage) ladrn de calle que usa violenciathief if ladrn (general)

    to steal sth from sb robar algo a algn

    what happens to a criminalarrest (ed) arrestar, detener a

    catch atrapar

    commit (committed) cometer a crime

    investigate investigar the crime

    question(ed) interrogar

    charge(d) sb with (de) acusar, cargar

    the trial (traial) el juiciocourt tribunal

    witness(es) testigo

    jury ('yueri) jurado

    evidence (proof) pruebas (pl)

    accuse sb of acusar

    to plead declararto swear jurar

    guilty culpable

    judge juez

    punishment castigo

    sentence(d) sb to sentenciar

    not guilty no culpable

    acquit (ted) absolver

    verdict veredicto

    convict condenar / presidiariodefend / prosecute for crime defender / procesar

    pass verdict on decidir si es culplable o no

    pass a sentence dictar sentencia

    send sb to prison enviar a alguien a la crcel

    release sb from prison poner en libertad

    to be tried ser juzgado

    to have a case judged in court tener un caso en el tribunal

  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


    probation libertad condicional

    crime criminalblackmail blackmailer

    bribery ---

    burglary ('be:gleri) burglar drug dealing drug dealer

    fraud (frod) ---

    hijacking /haiyaking) hijacker

    kidnapping kidnapper

    mugging mugger

    murder (me:de) murderer

    rape rapist

    robbery robber

    smuggling smuggler

    terrorism terrorist

    theft thief (zi:f)

    vandalism vandal

    shoplifting shoplifter

    arson arsonist

    forgery (foyeri) forger (fodye)


    manslaughter (manslota) homicidio involuntario

    assassination asesinato

    to assassinate asesinar

    Punishmentscommunity service servicios a la comunidad

    a 600 fine una multa de 600 euros

    six months in prison 6 meses en prisin

    a life sentence cadena perpetua

    capital punishment pena de muerte

    diference between rob and steal

  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


    the object of steal are things ex. He stole gold goods

    the object is the person or place from which things are stolen ex.

    I was robbed last night or a man robbed the bank

  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


    is someone who breaks in and steals from a private

    is someone who breaks in and steals from a bank o

    is someone who steals something when she/he is in

    is someone who steals from you in the street, often

    is someone who uses violence to steal from you in this the general word for someone who steals

    break in: robo con allanamiento de morada

    they were caught

    the police questioned them for hours

    finally they were charged with murder (me:rder)

    he appeared in court

    withnesses told the court what they had seen

    the jury looked at and heard all the evidence

    to accuse someone of a crime

    to plead guilty or not guilty

    he was found guilty

    the judge decided what Carl's punishment should be

    he sentenced him to 10 years in prison/jail

    he was acquitted and allowed to go free / to acquit a

    after two days the jury reached their verdict

    def /pros sb in court to argue for or against someone

  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


    verbto blackmail

    to bribe

    to break in / burgleto sell drugs

    to commit fraud

    to hijack

    to kidnap

    to mug

    to murder

    to rape

    to rob

    to smuggleto set off boms, etc.

    To commit act of terrorism

    to terrorise

    to steal

    to vandalize

    to shoplift

    to set fire to

    to forge (fody)

    to assaut

    killing somebody illegally, but unintentionally

    murder of an important person, usually for political re

    doing some work to help society

    tb. The death penalty

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  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c




    a shop

    ithout you noticing

    e street

    accused person of a charge

    in a trial

  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


    chantaje/ chantajista/ chantajear

    soborno // sobornar

    robo, hurto / ladrn / desvalijar, robartrfico de drogas /traficante / vendedor de drogas

    fraude / / cometer fraude

    secuestro (avin) / secuestrador (of a vehicle by force) / secuestrar (plane)

    secuestro (persona) / secuestrador /secuestro

    atraco (con viol) / atracador / atracar

    asesinato / asesino / asesinar

    violacin / violador /violar

    robo (banco) / ladrn / robar

    contrabando (pers o things) / contrabandista / pasar de contrabando

    terrorismo / terrorista / poner bombas

    robo / ladrn / robar (en general)

    vandalismo / vndalo, gamberro / destrozar por vandalismo

    incendio provocado / pirmano / meter fuego a

    falsificacin / falsificador / falsificar

    asalto .. / asaltar


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  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c



    soborno /cohecho

  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


    below zerobelow zeroadj

    blizzard /blzd/(snowstorm)tormenta de nieve

    brerze / bri:z/ wind brisa

    bright /brait/ brillante

    changeable /tendbl/ (weather: unpredictable) clima

    chilly /tl

    clear /kl/ cliar (cloudless) sin nubes

    cool /kul/ weather) fresco adj

    damp dmp/ wet hmedo adjdrizzle v /drzl/ light rain llovizna nf / lloviznar vi

    drought /drat/ no rain sequa nf

    flood n /fld/ water) riada nf inundacin nf

    fog fg] niebla

    freezing friz/ congelacion, helado

    gale- force /gelfs] vientos huracanados

    get soaked vi (be drenched) empaparse v

    get sunburnt 'snb:nt] quemarse?

    hailstorm helstm/ (outburst of hail) granizada nf

    heatwave hitwev/ period of hot weather) ola de calorheavy hev/ intense) intenso adj

    humid hjumd/ water in air) hmedo

    hurricane 'hrkn storm huracn

    ice /as/ (solid water)hielo

    lightning latn/ weather) relmpago nm

    melt /melt/ melt vi(turn to liquid by heating)derretirse

    mild mald/ apacible adj tranquilo ad jtemplado

    mist /mst/ like fog or cloud) neblina nf

    monsoon mnsun/ Asian wind monzn

    pouring pr/ lluvia torrencial

    schorching skt/ (burning) abrasador

    settled setld/ having home) en una casa establecido adj

    shiver 'v] (body: shake from cold) tiritar vishowers ar] /ssagua light rainfall) llovizna nf


  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


    (temperature less than zero on a scale)




    v inundar anegar

    the heavy fog kept us from arriving on time, la densa niebla nos impidi llegar a tiemp

    All my delicate plants died last night in the freezing cold.

    gale n (strong wind) vendaval nmI didn't think it was raining that hard, but I got soaked just going from my house to my


    That was a heavy rain we had last night.

    humid weather (damp weather conditions)clima hmedo nm

    hurricane season n (annual cyclone period)temporada de huracanes nf

    There was a dangerous layer of ice on the roads.

    I like the mild climate here /it's very mild for the time of year

    in the mist of time, en la noche de los tiempos

    I'm not going to walk the dog right now, it's pouring down; I'll do it later on

    weather] estable, asentado

    Showers are expected for Tuesday, but on Wednesday we will have thunderstorms.

  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


    bajo cero

    to be in a fog estar confundido or desconcertado

    comenz a over y nos empapamos

    Although the temperatures in California are high, there is a constant sea

    breeze which makes the heat tolerable.

    Las temperaturas son muy elevadas pero hay una constante brisa marina que

    las hace ms tolerables.

  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


    speed n spid/

    extreme adj kstrim/

    surfing adj ['s:f]

    ski surfing n

    wind surfing n

    bodyboarding n bdi b(r)d/


    kite n kat]

    pull v pl]

    pull n

    waterskiing n


    skydivers n [ska'dav]

    parachutes n /prut/

    paraglinding prglad/

    hang-glinding hglad/parasailing

    rock climbling [rk] klam/rope nattach v tt

    attached adj

    belaying V




    skateboarders n ['sketb:d]


    half- pipe

    tricks [trk]

    fakie, ollie. Kick-turn

  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c




    (engaged in surfboarding) deporte de surf

    esqu acutico ( watersport riding a jet ski)

    windsurf or sailboarding

    una tabla de surf pequea que se utiliza para l


    tirar de, mover, acercar


    esqu acutico (ski on water behind a boat)

    paracaidista de cada libre



    ala adeltaparavelismo

    escalada de montaacuerdasujetar

    unido (documento)



    carabiner/ carabineros


    esquiador de snowboard

    plataforma para el skateboarders, y snow

    triplete/ engaar, truco

    tipos de piruetas

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  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


    ute pulled by boat)

  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c









    hip / hips


    thigh /a/

    calf [k:f] n (pl calves [k:vz])











    nipple /npl/



    end organ

    internal organorgan donationn

    organ donation cardn

    organ donorn

    organ transplantn


    brain celln

    brain damagen

    brain surgerynheart /ht/

    at the heart ofprep

    by heartadv

    cold heartn

    congenital heart diseasen

  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


    from the heartadv

    have a change of heartvi

    kidneys /kdn/kidney machinen


    cirrhosis of the livernliver spotn


    collapsed lungn

    lung cancern

    lung cancern

    lung specialistn

    bite your naise

    blow your nosebrush your teeth/hair

    clap your hands

    comb your hands

    fold your arms

    hold somebody's hand

    nod your head

    shake your head (to say no)

    raise your eyebrows

    verb and verb phrases

  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c












    pantorrilla/ ternero/ becerro














    organo diana

    organo del cuerpo(pledging body parts after death)

    (document pledging body parts after death)



    (organ in head)

    (nerve cell in the brain)

    (injury to the brain)

    (surgical operation on the brain)corazn(at the centre of)

    (from memory)

    figurative (lack of compassion)

    (birth defect of the heart) Med.

    At the heart of the financial crisis there was a lot of greed.

    I learnt the sonnet by heart.

    She had a cold heart and nothing I could say or do would melt it.

  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c



    (go against one's previous decision)

    rion(medicine) medicina

    (body organ)

    (disease of the liver) Meden la piel


    (pneumothorax) Med

    (malignant disease affecting the lungs) Med

    (malignant disease affecting the lungs) Med

    (doctor specializing in lung conditions) Med

    morderse las uas

    cepillarse los dientes

    clap hands vtr (clap as an expression of pleasure, as a demand fto comb one's hair, peinarse

    cruzar los brazos

    to hold sb's hand, cogerle la mano a alguien

    to nod one's head, asentir con la cabeza:

    negar con la cabeza

    raise one's eyebrowsv

    The parents were devastated when congenital heart disease was found to be the cause of th

    She's had a change of heart and is inviting her sister after all.

  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


    the police are on his heels, la polica le est pisando los talones

    part inside the body)donacin de rganos nf

    tarjeta de donante de rganos nf

    donante de rganos nmf

    trasplante de rgano

    cerebro nm

    neurona nf

    dao cerebral nm The car accident caused him brain damage.

    ciruga cerebral nfat heart adv (deep down, by one's true nature)en el fondo loc adven pleno loc prep

    de memoria loc adv

    desalmado adj

    corazn de piedra

    cardiopata congnita nf

  • 7/28/2019 Voca Temat Upper Interm c


    de corazn loc adv

    cambiar de opinin sobre vtr

    kidney dialysis n (medicine) medicina dilisis renal nfmquina de dilisis nf

    hgado nm

    cirrosis nfmancha de la edad nf

    pulmn nm

    neumotrax nm

    cncer pulmonar/de pulmn nm

    cncer pulmonar/de pulmn nm

    neumlogo nm

    to bite your tongue, morderse la lengua mosquito bite picadura de mosquito

    la nariz) sonarse: I blow my nose quite frequently when I get colds, cuando me acatarro no paro de

    r attention) aplaudir

    she shook her head, neg con la cabeza

    to shake hands, darse la mano

    to shake hands with sb, estrecharle la mano a alguien

    (show scepticism)

    eir newborn's weakness.

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