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  • 1. User Experience Design

2. What Is User Experience?User experience(UX) is how a person feels when interacting with a system. The system could be a website, mobile applications or desktop software. 3. User Experience ElementsThe driving factor of how we build websites has become the experience we want to give to the people who will use them. 4. Why is UX Important?UX its important because it deals with our users needs. We must learn, adapt and improve their user experience. The websites that have consistently stood out were the ones that were pleasant to use. 5. Practical Implications and Applications 6. Simple DesignSimplicity is extremely hard to execute, but it can offer great results. 7. Unexpected DesignIf something is unexpected, it will generate curiosity and may persuade someone to spend a bit more time examining it. 8. Concrete DesignSometimes, it is better to explain and present the subject using concrete concepts and design. 9. CredibilityCredibility plays a particularly critical role in the early stages of an encounter, when we, in a matter of seconds, conclude whether to invest additional energy or move on. 10. Designing for EmotionsEmotions tend to leave a deeper impression, making it more likely to be memorable. 11. StoriesGood storytelling will attract attention, awareness, produce memorable experiences and drive action. 12. What Situations Would Benefit From UX Design? 13. Complex SystemsThe more complex the system, the more involved will the planning and architecture have to be. 14. Start-UpsCreating a solid user experience for users in the very first versions of a product or service can certainly make it stand out and attract users attention. 15. Projects With OK BudgetsFocusing on UX needs time and money. For good UX, businesses must have some dedicated resources for planning, research, analysis and the building process. 16. Some UX Mistakes Designers Make 17. Paying Too Much Attention to Macro and Short-Shifting the MicroThe large design decisions are important, but its the small details that often define the entire experience. 18. Putting Too Much Time Into Designing Your HomepageYou must have a well-designed home page, but don't sacrifice the user experience of other important inside pages. 19. Relying Too Much on TextUnless you have a site with the singular purpose of providing text documents, provide content also in imagery audio or video. 20. Designing for the Wrong GenerationResearch shows that there are generational differences in the expectations and mental models that people have about technology and you must keep that in mind when designing a website. 21. Ignoring Multi-Screen Behavior Unless you are sure that your target audience is visiting your website sitting in front of a large desktop most of the time, you need to think about a multiscreen, active experience. 22. Is your website adding value? Is it easy to use? Is it pleasant to use?User experience design is all about answering Yes to this questions. 23. Thank you for the images


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