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The city of Langford has a homegrown timesheet entry system. This system has been integrated to SharePoint 2010 for submission and approval. This presentation will show how the submission (via code) and approval (code – less) are implemented. Kevin Dube has been working with SharePoint since 2008 for the City of Langford wearing many hats (support, administration & development). Kevin’s blog site is: http://www.greenroomsolutions.ca/blog/


  • 1. About Me I have been working with sharepoint since 2008 My blog: http://www.greenroomsolutions.ca/blog/ Email: kdube@cityoflangford.ca My spare time:

2. Timesheet System Integration 3. Background City of Langford has a homegrown ASP.NET timesheet system Allows staff to enter there time on a daily basis. Time entry is recorded on a project by project basis The times system exports a file which is imported into our Payroll ERP System (Great Plains) 4. Background Cont. System has its own SQL server database 5. Background Cont. Projects assigned to each employee are configurable. Each user is assigned a supervisor in the system. 6. Timesheet System Snip 7. Approval Process In the old days People would print out there timesheet get their supervisor to sign it and submit it to the payroll department Purely a paper process 8. Integration Functionality Approval done in SharePoint document library Submit timesheet to SharePoint using SharePoint API Document tagged with metadata (submitter, date), dropped in Supervisor Folder (with security) Ability to comment Timesheet 9. Server API vs CSOM (SP2010) Pros/Cons Server API CSOM Easier to code Limited OM exposed Entire OM exposed More difficult to code Requires sharepoint server on machine running code Can run on any client Wrapper over web services 10. Development History Originally in SP2007 this system used the Server API (no CSOM available). Required timesheet website to run on sharepoint server. In migration to SP2010 CSOM became available. Switched to this API so timesheet not coupled to sharepoint server 11. Pseudocode Generate report (already existing), byte array Connect to sharepoint site, list Query for supervisor folder IF it doesnt exist then create it first Upload to supervisor folder Tag with metadata 12. Generate Report Using .rdlc (visual studio report designer) to generate report 13. Connect to the sharepoint site, list 14. Connect to the sharepoint site, list 15. Query for Supervisor Folder (CSOM) 16. Query for supervisor folder cont 17. Create Supervisor Folder (CSOM) 18. Versus Server API 19. Upload Code 20. Tag with metadata (CSOM) 21. Tag with metadata (server API) 22. Timesheet Library Approve View (data grid format) 23. Supervisor Folders (in approval view) 24. Approval View (Datagrid) 25. Approval View Settings 26. Bonus Content Ever tried to change someones name in sharepoint? Ever had someone accidentally delete the root site in a site collection? 27. Bonus Content Changing User Names 28. Bonus Recover Deleted Site Collection