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Download The Story of the Cory Family from 1753 - Campsea Ashe  story.pdfThe Story of the Cory Family from 1753 ... One of their daughters, Caroline, born 1785, married Philip Augustus Hanrott, solicitor, on 20th May 1807

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  • The Story of the Cory Family

    from 1753

    Research by Sheila Holmes February 2016

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    Front cover photo of Rev Charles Page Cory

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    Introduction The Rev Charles Page Cory was Rector of St John the Baptist Church, Campsea Ashe, Suffolk, from 1915 to his retirement in 1937. Charles Page Cory was born in 1859, the youngest of 8 children. He was educated at Sedburgh, Carlisle and Pembroke College, Cambridge. He took Holy Orders and was ordained in 1883. Prior to Campsea Ashe, he served in Madagascar and Burma. He lived life to the full serving 30 years overseas, eventually becoming Archdeacon of Rangoon. The Ven. Charles P Cory died in 1942 in Woodbridge, Suffolk. This is the story of the Cory family dating back to the beginning of the 17th century when a Thomas Cory was born. Generations of the Cory family were well respected and had successful professional careers. They became solicitors, attorneys, surgeons, doctors, clergymen and architects. The Heritage Group is grateful to the granddaughter and grandson of Rev. Cory for providing much background information and photographs concerning the Cory family. Sheila Holmes February 2016

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    Contents Introduction 3 The Early Cory Family 5 Robert Corys family 7 Children of Robert and Ann Cory 10 Children of John and Emily Cory 15 Charles Page Cory and his family 18 Children of Charles and Grace Cory 23 Robert Rising 26

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    The Early Cory Family The Cory family story has been traced back to the beginning of the 17th century, to one Thomas Cory, born 1603. There are references to a Thomas Cory in the Yarmouth area in the Minutes of Court Mayoral 1632-1635. These relate to Thomas Cory being sitting in hearings, disputes and trials. So it seems that he was present at these occasion in an official capacity. There are also references to a John Cory in the same capacity. Another entry in the Minutes relates to Alderman Cory, who sent up to court five pounds to be distributed on the day of the burial day of Mistress Ann Cory, his daughter. These records about Thomas and John Cory have not been verified as being this Cory family The next four generations of the direct line starts with John, 1636-1676 married to Elizabeth Swatman, and his son also John 1668-1708 married to Mary Daynes or Daines. John and Marys son Thomas 1696-1738, married Jane Brown on 6th October 1720. They had a son Thomas 1721-1761 who married Ann Crosskill. This information has come from the Public Members site on Ancestry. com. These facts have not been verified but it appears that several researchers into the Cory ancestors agree. My research into the Cory family begins with Robert Cory, born 1749, son of Thomas and Ann. He married Esther Riches, (born 1755) on 25th October 1774. They had at least 13 children. It has been suggested that Robert was Registrar of the Admiralty Court, Mayor of Great Yarmouth and solicitor by profession, buying and selling property. All his sons except Augustus Hanrott Cory who died young, went to Cambridge University and were successful in their chosen professions. Robert was their first, born 1776 and Henry their last, born 1798. They had eight sons and five daughters. It appears that three of the children did not survive infancy. One of their daughters, Caroline, born 1785, married Philip Augustus Hanrott, solicitor, on 20th May 1807. Links with the Hanrott family feature in several members of the Cory family.

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    Robert Cory Family Born 1776

    Robert Cory (1776 1840) = Ann Preston (? 1840)


    Isaac Preston Cory (1801 1842)

    Horace Cory (1802 1867) = Emily Jane = Ellen Marianne Smith (? 1896)

    Marianne Barnett Cory (1803 1871)

    Harriet Cory (1804 - ) = John Joseph Scoles (1796 1836)

    William Hanrott Cory (1806 1868) = Martha Palmer

    Charlotte Compton Cory (1809 1831)

    Louise Lucy Cory (1810 - ) = Henry Augustus Hanrott

    Robert Woolmer Cory (1811 1882) = Frances Mary Hare (1806 1837) = Lucy Morse

    Charles Cory (1813 1869) = Mary Nalton Hanrott (1812 - )

    Alexander Turner Cory (1814 1897) = Mary Hampshire (1835 1887)

    Laura Ann Cory (1816 1876)

    Elizabeth Parish Cory ( 1817 - )

    John Augustus Cory (1819 1887) = Emily Ann Holl (1822 1891)

    Ann Augusta Cory ( ? 1807)

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    Robert Cory, eldest son of Robert and Esther, nee Riches. Robert was born in 1776 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. He married Ann Preston on 22nd May 1800 in Gt. Yarmouth. They also had a large family. They had at least 13 children, who were all born in Gt. Yarmouth so it can be assumed that they lived most of their married lives there. The eldest was Isaac Preston born 1801 and the youngest, John Augustus, born 1819. (John was Charles Page Corys father.) Of the 13 children, seven were boys and 6 girls. It is thought that 2 children died young. Robert and Anns son were also successful in their lives and chosen professions. Robert was an attorney in Gt. Yarmouth and at one time town clerk and also Mayor. He was a highly respected man. Robert bought land beside the river for a ferry crossing and built a suspension bridge. Sadly the bridge collapsed 5 years after his death with terrible loss of life, 79 in all, 59 of them were children. (1845).

    Taken from Yarmouth and Gorleston Throughout Time by Frank Meeres Will of Robert Cory Robert Cory died in 1840. From his will, the following information has been summarised. It seems that Robert did not have much money in his personal effects as his will states that he was insolvent. He did however, have funds in his real estate. He appointed his eldest son Isaac Preston Cory, Fellow of Caius College, Cambridge and his other son Alexander Turner Cory, Fellow of Pembroke College, Cambridge, executors.

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    Robert bequeathed 400 yearly to his dear wife Ann, for life. The residue of the estate after all expenses and debts paid was to be equally divided between his eleven children. The following children were named as Isaac Preston, Horace, Marianna Barnett, Harriett, or Harriott, wife of Joseph John Scoles, William Hanrott Cory, Louisa, wife of John A. Hanrott, Robert Woolner, Charles, Alexander T., Laura A, John A. Robert also stated that his daughters inheritances would be for their use only and not their husbands. It seems from this list that two children were not living in 1840, Charlotte C. and Elizabeth P. In 1840, it would be more usual for the father to name his eldest son as the main beneficiary and also that his daughters would inherit a small sum of money each and even less if they were married. Robert divided the residue of his estate equally between his children, including his daughters. So Robert appears to have been ahead of his time and treated all his children the same. Robert and Ann had 13 children in all from 1801 to 1819. Ann must have been pregnant for most of 18 years.

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    Robert and Anns Children

    Isaac Preston Cory The eldest son was Isaac Preston Cory, born 1801. He was educated at Clare College, Cambridge in 1820. He was called to the Bar at Lincolns Inn in 1824. From 1839 until 1841 he was a Fellow of Caius College. He was also an author and wrote several books, which were published. He did not marry and died at the age of 40 in 1840 in Blundeston in Suffolk.

    Horace Cory Robert and Anns second son was Horace, born 1802. He was educated at Caius College, Cambridge, entering in 1822. He became a Batchelor of Medicine and later owned a manufacturing chemist. He married Emily Jane but sadly she died in Stepney in 1863. Date of the marriage is not known. The following year, Horace married Ellen Marianne Smith on 5th May 1864. The 1861 census for Limehouse, London recorded that Horace had a pharmaceuticals business, employing 11 men. Horace died on 6th June 1867 and his sole executor was his widow, Ellen. Ellen died in 1896, 29 yeas after Horace.

    Marianne Barnett Cory Marianne was Robert and Anns first daughter, born in 1803. Not much is known about her life but appears that she did not marry. She died on 21st March 1871 in Brighton, Sussex. Her will was proved and probate granted to Alexander Turner Cory, her brother.

    Harriet (Harriott) Cory Harriet, the next child was born on 4th April 1804. She married on 6th October 1831 to Joseph John Scoles in Gt. Yarmouth. They lived in London and had ten children, three sons and seven daughters. Their youngest son George died in Los Angeles, California. Joseph died in Hammersmith in 1863 aged 65 years.

    William Hanrott Cory William was Robert and Anns third son, born in 1806. It is not known if William was educated at university. He was however, a surgeon by profession and he must have been well educated. He married Martha Palmer, daughter of Ambrose on 31st May 1839. In 1841 they were living in Lambeth, London but 10 years later he was a widower and that he was MD for Colony of N.S. Wales. William died in Kingston, Surrey in 1868. From the records they did not appear to have any children. Martha Cory died between 1841 and 1851.

    Ann Augusta Kenrick Cory

    According to records, Ann was another daughter of Robert and Ann. Her date of birth has not been found and so far only the date of her death is known. She died on 30th April 1807 in Gt. Yarmouth.

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    Charlotte Compton Cory Charlotte was born in 1809 and was baptised on 22nd February of the same year. Charlotte died in 1831 in Lambeth at the age of 22.

    Louisa Cory Louisa was born in 1810 and baptised in Gt. Yarmouth on 17th May. She married Henry A