The Nurses Etiquette Advantage: How Professional Etiquette Can Advance Your Nursing Career, Pagana, Kathleen D.

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    The Nurses Etiquette Advantage: How Professional Etiquette CanAdvance Your Nursing Career, Pagana, Kathleen D.

    Do you mind your manners in personal, professional and busi-ness life situations or do you reserve your manners for specialoccasions? Do you know how to behave and interact at homeand professionally in the workplace? Do you know how to ap-proach and handle challenging situations appropriately? Do youknow what to expect from others? How do you know whether

    Key engaging text features are outlined in each chapter whichencourage active reader participation: quizzes, do you know ques-tions, tips, faux pas, good idea boxes ll the pages in a multiplicityof formats. Tables and gures are utilized to itemize concreteinformation presented. Cultural items, frequently asked questionsand take away tips effortlessly help the reader to engage withthe essential necessities of comportment, decorum and proprietywhich makes the reader question previously held assumptions thatwere known to be true. The purpose of the book is twofold: to

    Nurse Education in Practice 10 (2010) e14

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    Nurse Education in Practice

    journal homepage: www.elsevier .com/nepryou have succeeded in your approach? How can you maximizeyour potential to progress your nursing career?

    Etiquette issues face each of us everyday. Etiquette has to dowith having good manners and being socially adept. It is aboutknowing the rules that govern behaviour and how to apply themin a socially acceptable way without making other people in soci-ety feel uncomfortable. Professional etiquette is synonymouswith the world of nursing where rst impressions matter andcount.

    Paganas 224 page paper back book The Nurses EtiquetteAdvantage: How Professional Etiquette Can Advance your NursingCareer is a fun lled informative text which draws the reader intothe essential ingredients of the etiquette world. The book is uniqueas it offers practical advice and value to a conventional uninterest-ing subject.

    Keeping abreast of developments in etiquette, the book is lledwith guidance on how to behave on three levels: personal, profes-sional and interpersonal. An introductory chapter signposts theimportance of etiquette for nurses and customizes business eti-quette knowledge to the professional nursing world with goodeffect.doi:10.1016/j.nepr.2009.02.004present etiquette rules relative to advancing your nursing careerwhilst learning and recollecting rules in a fun way.

    Ten chapters assist the reader to navigate through the world ofintroductions, conversations and networking, professional pres-ence, interviewing preparation and performance, email, telephoneand fax etiquette, managing corporate events, successful diningetiquette in business and social circles, writing thank you notesand business letters, business travel and global etiquette. Notablequotations are used to portray a message and lesson in each chap-ter. A removable top 10 etiquette tip card for nurses is included asa quick reference source.

    Professional etiquette is everyones business. The book is indis-pensable, as it represents a condence ticket which will fostercredible, polished, successful relations and help nurses to connectwith the people it proposes to serve with discernment and sophis-tication. It will help you survive the nursing world so you do notget left behind.

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