The Creation and Application of Digital Storytelling for All Grade Levels

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The Creation and Application of Digital Storytelling for All Grade Levels. ICE 2009 Presenters: Dr. Beth Moore & Vicki Mast Franklin College. Topics of discussion on Digital Storytelling:. Storytelling process Technology tools to use at all grade levels Examples of student work - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>The Creation and Application of Digital Storytelling for All Grade Levels</p> <p>The Creation and Application of Digital Storytelling for All Grade LevelsICE 2009Presenters: Dr. Beth Moore &amp; Vicki MastFranklin College</p> <p>1Topics of discussion on Digital Storytelling:Storytelling processTechnology tools to use at all grade levelsExamples of student work</p> <p>Digital Storytelling can hook students by making learning come alive!2What is Digital Storytelling?Digital Storytelling is the practice of using computer-based tools to tell stories. [University of Houston]</p> <p> Digital Storytelling contains some mixture ofcomputer-based imagestextrecorded audio narrationanimationvideo clipsand/or music</p> <p>Digital Storytelling can vary in length from 2-10 minutes. 3 Daniel Meadow, a British photographer, educator, and digital storyteller, defines digital storytelling as short, personal multimedia tales told from the heart. [University of Houston] http://digitalstorytelling.coe.uh.edu4Why use Digital Storytelling?hooks students on learninggeared toward all grade levels (K-Post Secondary)can be used with non-readers, ESL, ELL studentsaddresses how digital imaging &amp; photographs can expand the role of the teacher and learners, not just the mere use of technology5Why use Digital Storytelling?reinforces educational skillsreading, writing &amp; public speakingresearch, documentation &amp; organizationcooperative learning &amp; problem solving21st century technology skills (applied to your content = technology integration)</p> <p>Source: use Digital Storytelling?multimedia can improve comprehensionbenefits the visual, auditory and kinesthetic learnersengages studentsbetter retention, multiple senses stimulated</p> <p>Sources:</p> <p> to Digital StorytellingDefine, Collect, DecideSelect, Import, CreateDecide, Write, Record, FinalizeDemonstrate, Evaluate, Replicate</p> <p>Source: is how we used Digital Storytelling to hook the freshmenEDU 124-Introduction to American Education/spring semester~ fun way to use technology to tell a story using images~ go to web and find existing information on a subject they were interested in</p> <p>Minimum Requirements:~ 1 video clip~ 1 still image~ 1 music clip or voice over~ 1 video transition~ 1 video effect~ 2-3 minutes in length</p> <p>Technology used:~ Windows Movie Maker (required)~ YouTube Downloader (optional)~ Any Video Converter (optional)~ iTunes (optional)~ Audacity (optional)</p> <p>9and we continue to use Digital Storytelling asSophomores: EDU 222 Child Development and Educational Psychology /fall semester</p> <p>Juniors: EDS 326/327 Instructional Strategies I &amp; II SCI 334/335 Science &amp; Elementary Teaching I &amp; II EDE 344/345 Teaching and Learning Literacy I &amp; II EDE 365/366 Mathematics Methods for Elementary Teachers I &amp; II</p> <p>Seniors: EDE 444 Social Studies Methods (Virtual Tour)</p> <p>10Examples Pre-School</p> <p>11Additional Resourceshttp://eduscapes.com the search feature on the website to find additional links, over 50 at this time.</p> <p>12Additional Resources</p> <p>13Conference Materials are Available ON:</p> <p></p> <p></p>


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