The Complete Mobile App UI/UX : LEARN 7 TOOLS AND Design 15 Apps From Scratch

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  • Theres an App for That.

    Its the trademarked slogan by the Apple, that defined that everything

    have an app.

    According to Statica, Worldwide mobile app revenue was 88.3 billion

    dollar this year. By 2020, mobile apps are forecast to generate around

    189 billion U.S. dollars in revenues. According to applause,90% Of

    Companies Will Increase Mobile App Investment. The huge market of

    app development increasing so fast. So does increasing mobile app

    UI/UX design with it and creating hundreds of thousand of jobs and


    If you don't take this opportunity, you will remain far behind in

    your career.

    So, to be a complete mobile app UI/UX designer, we created a full

    course to learn 7 tools from scratch and design 15 top chart apps from


    You will learn to wire-frame, mock-up, prototype and App UI


    Its almost 25 hours of video content.

    You will learn from scratch:

    1. Photoshop CC 2017 2. Sketch 40 3. After effects CC

  • 4. Flinto 5. Principle for Mac 6. Invision 7. Balsamiq

    After you learn all the tools from scratch,

    You will learn to design top chart apps from scratch are:

    1. Facebook Messenger 2. Instagram 3. Snapchat 4. Pinterest 5. Uber 6. Tinder 7. Periscope 8. AirBnB 9. Vine 10. Groupon

    And much more......For iOS and for Android

    You will learn to make the interactive app with Flinto, Invision and

    Principle for Mac

    You will learn how to wire-frame by using Balsamiq from scratch.

    You will learn App UI animation by After Effects CC from


    Many student complain that, there are no complete course on Mobile

    UI/UX design. One course on Photoshop with designing one screen of

    an app, another one on Sketch with design few screen of an app and so


  • So, we created a completed course on mobile App UI/UX design to

    ease your life. You do not have to buy many course to learn mobile

    app UI/UX design. You need to buy only this course.

    The Complete Mobile App UI/UX : Design 15 Apps From ScratchThe Complete Mobile App UI/UX : Design 15 Apps From Scratch