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 Plone is a Python-based enterprise content management system and among the top 2% of all open source projects worldwide. It is developed by a distributed team of 340 core developers using Jenkins as a center piece of the development and release process. This talk will present how the Plone community uses Jenkins to build, test and deliver Python-based software projects.


  • The Butler and the Snake Continuous Integration for Python Jenkins User Conference Europe, June 2014 Timo Stollenwerk
  • Plone Testing
  • "It's like Buildbot, but with a butler." Hudson / Jenkins
  • Version Control Automated Build Agreement on the Team
  • Version Control Commit Build Notify
  • Automated Build Buildout / PIP / Tox / Shining Panda Photo Credit: Ralph Bijker
  • Agreement on the Team
  • Broken Build
  • Continuous Integration Rules
  • Testing collective.xmltestreport / pytest / Coverage / Cobertura
  • Robot Framework / Saucelabs Robot Framework Robot / Saucelabs Jenkins Plugins
  • Static Code Analysis Pep8 / Pyflakes / Pylint / plone.recipe.codeanalysis / Violations Plugin
  • Notifications Email-Ext Plugin / LDAP / Jenkins Dashboard Plugin
  • Scalability Master-Slave / Provisioning / Jenkins Port Allocator Plugin
  • Release Process zest.releaser / devpi / Jenkins Build Pipeline Plugin
  • Summary
  • Jenkins User Conference Europe Timo Stollenwerk ! Twitter: timostollenwerk IRC: tisto@freenode E-Mail: ! The Butler and the Snake
  • Jenkins User Conference Europe #jenkinsconf Corporate Community Thank You To Our Sponsors Platinum Gold Silver


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