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Presentation Makeover: How to use Promethean Flipcharts effectively.


  • 1. Active

2. What does this mean for you?
3. your students?
4. The Activ classroom was built
5. with students engagement
6. in mind.
7. Virtual Learning Center Promethean Class" March 16, 2009 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.
How do you apply this
8. to your classroom?
9. Step #1:
10. students love technology
11. they see it everywhere
Coba Game Boy vs. PSP" March 10, 2006 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.
12. it is their entertainment
13. use that to your
14. Start by opening a flipchart.
15. create your own
16. Or look on Promethean Planet
for shared resources
17. and ActivTips.
18. Marisol might even ask:
How do you do that?Its amazing!
19. Step #2:
Set a goal.
20. Start with 1 goal in mind.
21. I will create two flipchart pages each day for a week.
22. to create a page
23. 24. If something isnt right, delete it!
25. Stick to your goal,
26. and youll have your kids saying
27. I want a turn on the board!
28. Step #3:
29. It doesnt have to be over the top.
30. Start with a colorful background.
31. like this
32. Soon Serenity will say
33. You have the coolest backgrounds!
34. add a little text.
35. manipulate it just so
36. and repeat.
37. Encourage your kids to come up to the board.
38. Learn with them.
39. Step #4:
40. Kids love new things
41. try to add one new skill a week.
42. Try adding some pictures
43. like this
44. Or using some shapes
45. like this
46. Before you know it
47. Your flipcharts will even have containers
48. like this!
49. And Amadi will be saying
I cant wait to see what comes next!
50. Active
51. How will your classroom change?
52. How will this impact student learning?
53. The possibilities are endless.
54. And it all starts with
55. YOU.