hazel’s makeover

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ZEL’S MAKEOVER. Anneloes Beverwijk 2207850 Karlein Lelieveld 2151316

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Hazel’s makeover. Anneloes Beverwijk 2207850 Karlein Lelieveld 2151316. Table of content. SWOT analyses S: Strengths W:Weaknesses O: Opportunities T: Threats New product Green and clean New logo Mission statement Hazel’s angels. Strengths (internal). Supplier Network - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Hazels makeover.

Hazels makeover. Anneloes Beverwijk 2207850Karlein Lelieveld 2151316

Table of contentSWOT analysesS: StrengthsW:WeaknessesO: OpportunitiesT: Threats New productGreen and cleanNew logoMission statementHazels angels

Strengths (internal) Supplier NetworkCustomer Base


Weaknesses (internal)Customers see Hazel as outdatedCatalogues unattractive

Too many different product lines (which are not great money spinners)

Poor quality of products

Lack of interesting new lines

Ordering procedures old fashioned

OpportunitiesUsing internet and e-commercewww.hazelscosmetics.comEnter retail segment

Green products


Less money for cosmetics

False start due to outdated image

A 3-step natural anti-aging product!


Green and cleanNo chemicalsNatural ingredientsAlo vera / mineralsEnvironmentally friendly jar

New logo

Symbol which stands for peaceSymbol which stands for: phisycal- mental- and spiritual health and protection against bad influencesMission statementsWe believe in a green future we would like to be in balance with nature

Every one deserves to be a natural beauty Hazels AngelsHazels AngelsNatural beauties who fight for nature

Thank you for your attention,