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Online Professional Learning Communities. Lee Alan Hanawalt Roher Access to Algebra: A Professional Learning Community. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Online Professional Learning CommunitiesLee Alan Hanawalt Roher

  • Access to Algebra: A Professional Learning CommunityThrough this Online Embedded Professional Development (OEPD) program a professional learning community has developed a collaborative team of individuals working together toward a shared educational vision, values, and goals.

  • Population: Access to Algebra2006 - present17 Appalachian region secondary school mathematics teachersOver 210 Appalachian region secondary school students

  • A Professional Learning Community: The setupSummer InstituteWeekly MeetingsSponsor Students in a College Algebra Program

  • Access to Algebra Startup

  • Meeting FormatWeekly meetings onlineDiscuss:Access to Algebra Student ProgramInstructional practicesTechnology implemented and developed through the Student progress

  • Communication EquipmentHeadset with microphoneConnectix Web cameraNotetaker (electronic pen set)

  • Instructional StructureClass Structures (determined by local school)Face-to-Face ClassIndependent Study Daily Teacher AccessIndependent Study Limited Teacher AccessInstructional MaterialsFree TextbookOnline TextbookOnline Homework Online Exams scored at UK

  • Meeting Etiquette & CommunicationAsk a question or wait to be recognized to participateConfirm/Agree or Just say YesDisagree or Just say NoShow amusementApplaudNeed to leave your computer for a moment

  • OnLine Meeting CommunicationVideoAudioApplication ShareText chatMeeting Recording

  • With the exception of the Centra conferencing system, the intellectual property employed in this program was developed in open source by the University of Kentucky Mathematical Sciences through grants and contracts funded by : The National Science FoundationThe US Department of EducationThe Ky Department of EducationThe Ky Council on Postsecondary EducationThe University of Kentucky



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