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Online Collaboration and Professional Learning Communities:. Navigating the Maze of Education Networks. Julia Wilson EDLD 5362 Lamar University April, 2011. Defining our Terms. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Online Collaboration and Professional Learning Communities:Navigating the Maze of Education NetworksJulia WilsonEDLD 5362Lamar UniversityApril, 2011

  • Defining our TermsA network is a way to share information or move it among locations efficiently and effectively (Mathews, 2004)Moodle is a virtual learning network platform that can be used by teachers and districts to create online curriculum (HEB Learning Site Administrators, 2009)A wiki is an editable, collaborative website

  • A great network can multitask:

  • In looking at networks, we confront the very large and the very smallThese infinities are among the most awesome of human ideas.-Carl Sagan(Oyster & Malone, 1980)

  • How These Networks Touch my Classroom

  • INTERNATIONAL NETWORK: Edutopia Founded in 1991 by George Lucas, American filmmaker Committed to celebrating and encouraging innovation in pedagogy and technology integration Ongoing, experiential, collaborative: connected to and derived from working with students and understanding their culture Offering educators multiple means and effective methods to reach different types of learners and assess student understanding(Edutopia, 2011)

  • CAMPUS NETWORK: HEB Learning HEB Learning is HEBs first online learning community. HEB Learning can be used to host online courses, provide professional development and lends itself to blended teaching models. HEB Learning is powered by Moodle, a powerful learning environment with endless teaching resources.(HEB Learning Site Administrators, 2009)

  • CAMPUS NETWORK: Wilshire Geek Gals Our task for the year is to facilitate a variety of professional development opportunities, including short "SMART shares" to give teachers lesson ideas for the interactive whiteboards, and "open labs" where teachers can come to seek help and collaboration on specific areas of technology integration into instruction and professional productivity. We utilize this wiki as a collaboration tool for exchanging ideas, recording meeting minutes and collected data, and reviewing that data.

  • ???????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????What Comes Next?I hope to one day see networking as the norm for professional development and collaboration. This can create an environment where classroom teachers collaborate with resource staff and valued their contribution to the learningprocess. (Hurd, 2010) The model of collaboration at the center of these networks (Moir, 2008) can then become the model for classroom collaboration.

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