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  • 1. Welcome to My Weekly Video Series
    Dee Briggs
  • 2. SOCIAL Network Marketing USING Facebook
  • 3.
  • 4.
  • 5. Introduction to the Like Page
  • 6. The Like Page was formerly called the Fan Page
    There are Two Elements on FB
    1)Personal Profile/Timeline
    2) Like Page/Welcome page
    What is the Like Page? It is the business side of
    Facebook. It is FREE. You engage visitors and
    turn them into fans.
  • 7. To start we will create a custom LIKE PAGE/Welcome Page
    When a visitor likes your page it appears on their friends page also. Then their friends see it and they get curious about your page. This is why the like page is so powerful. It can go viral very quickly.
  • 8. Personal Profile vs. Like Page
    Personal Profile
    • does not have the option for the opt in form.
    • 9. You cant attempt to direct sell anything.
    Like Page
    • Can have opt in
    • Can sell direct.
  • 10. There are Two Objectives of a LIKE Page:
    • Get the visitor to sign up by putting their name and email address in the opt in form.
    • 11. Click on the LIKE Button
    • 12. Put it on your website
    • 13. (People love to click on blue buttons)