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  • 1. My Photographs
    Second Shoot

2. These photographs were taken in the park in Wantage, Oxfordshire. I chose to do a second shoot as I did not love any of the photos from the first one in particular and therefore could not find a main image to use for my front cover. I thought there should be a change in location because the alleyway was very dark and although I could alter this with the DSLR camera, I thought that a brighter location would bring out the fun side of the band and I could therefore emphasise their youth in my article. I decided not to tell Alice and Lucy what to do or how to pose in the photographs, we just went on a dog walk in the park and I took photographs of them casually. I did this because, after analysing the first shoot, I came to the conclusion that they were too stiff and false and so I decided that the only way I could portray the bands true indie personality was to allow the band members to decide themselves on their own stances and facial expressions.