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  • Multi-Device Design & DevelopmentAlan OConnorDirector of Product Experience,

  • Your Business Website, does it work properly on a mobile?

  • Do you have a Multi Device Strategy?

  • There are more devices than humans in the world

  • 50 % of US adults use smartphonesto make purchase decisions in-store

  • % of Americans bring their phones to the bathroom!75

  • 3 Main Breakpoints

  • The interface is your product. What people see is what you're selling. If you just slap an interface on at the end, the gaps will show.

    - Getting Real, 37Signals

  • Make it count!

  • We dont have time!!

  • Make it universally usableInstead of designing for each device, design for every device. This ensures great usability regardless of device.

  • Build it with the future in mind

  • Icon Fonts... let them scale

  • SVGs not images

  • Design with real contentPlaceholder images and text can lead to problems later.

  • Dont forget about touch!Fingers and thumbs are not pointers!

  • Performance

  • 69%34% 47%

    Users expect it to load in 2 seconds or less!

  • -11% -16%

    Every Second Equals



  • Lets see it in action.