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Lessons Learned from Multiple Platform Deployments This session will highlight the common pitfalls and issues facing deployment over multiple platforms. We will discuss lessons learned and recommended solutions in bringing application s to markets quickly, efficiently and with maximum coverage. Richard Smith, CTO - OpenPath Products


  • 1. LessonsLearnedfromMultiPlatformDeployments MobileWebandApps WorldForum May2012
  • 2. Background
  • 3. Oneoftheoldestmobileappdevelopmentsshopsintheworld. 2001:SMS,WAP 2002:J2ME 2003:Brew 2005:BillingSubscriptionServices,Sidekick 2006:Blackberry,WindowsMobile 2007:iOS 2008:Android 2010:Qt,HTML5,OpenGL 2011:WindowsPhone7 BasedinAnnapolis,Maryland.
  • 4. Nextel Sprint, AT&T, Verizon T-Mobile Sprint AT&T Cingular Virgin Mobile Cingular AT&T T-Mobile Blackberry Brew iPad Windows launches T-Mobile launches launches launches becomes offers MRC launches rebrands launches Android World & Ovi devs released Phone 7 J2ME launch J2ME Brew Sidekick GameLobby Cingular billing J2ME as AT&T iPhone launches launch earn $3B released 1600 OpenPath OpenPath offers OpenPath provides completes over WP7 conversion custom application 5,000 Brew builds and development design support 1400 OpenPath offers Trademarksarethepropertiesoftheirrespectiveowners OpenPath develops Nokia Qt porting applications using and conversion OpenGL OpenPath offers 1200OpenPathProductsDeviceInventory Android conversion OpenPath offers and development iPhone conversion 1000 and development OpenPath OpenPath offers launches porting services for 800 Storefront Deck Blackberry and Analysis service Windows Mobile OpenPath launches OpenPath ports 600 OpenPath ports J2ME platform for games and apps J2ME to Brew AT&T app OpenPath offers for Virgin phones OpenPath distribution Sidekick porting releases OpenPath ports 400 WAP and J2ME to multiple OpenPath OpenPath OpenPath offers SMS Tools carriers & phones releases offers MRC solutions for SMS Gamelobby AT&T developers 200 OpenPath Brew Testing support and OpenPath ports WAP Tools libraries Founded apps to J2ME Android