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<ul><li> 1. Planning for the UnexpectedSimon Langdon, Principal Consultant Insight Consulting </li></ul> <p> 2. DefinitionsCrisis An abnormal situation or perception, which threatens the operation, staff, customers or reputation of an organisation Crisis Management The process by which the organisation manages the wider impact of a crisis, such as media coverage Insight Consulting 3. What Are The Risks? Natural TechnologicalMan MadeInsight Consulting 4. Crisis or Disasters The RiskWhilst some risks can be ? identified, it is difficult topredict exactly what mighthappen, when or where Good practice is therefore to develop a generic plan to enable a focused and effective response to any major incident, of whatever magnitude, wheneverand wherever it might occur Insight Consulting 5. Characteristics of DisastersDisasters cannot be put into boxes or contained within boundariesThey are no respecters of people, buildings, companies,services or local, national or international governmentNo boundaries ? They bring chaos Not sure when they will happen Not sure where they will happen Not sure who will be available Insight Consulting 6. CharacteristicsMajor incidents or disasters areoften geographic the immediateeffect is local from where theimpact might spread rapidlyKey principles, therefore, include: Responsibility at a local level Co-ordination throughout the Group Communication is keyInsight Consulting 7. Impact IncidentImpact LocalRegional Global The response to an emergency incident grows with the impactInsight Consulting 8. Response must be Proportionate to the Incident ResponseIncident The response must be integrated from the individual, to all parts of the organisation,to external organisationsInsight Consulting 9. Crisis Management ProcessFind out what hashappenedIdentify prioritiesTake actionCommunication and Co-ordination Insight Consulting 10. Crisis Management ProcessInformation Emergency DepartmentsTeams Crisis Management TeamCollateAnalyse Assess impact Media Resolve conflicts of interest ActionStatus reportEXTERNAL INTERNALCustomers,Departments, Brief Suppliers,etc Regulators, etcInsight Consulting 11. Framework Strategic The Executive CorporateTacticalCrisis Management TeamDepartmental Insight Consulting 12. Crisis Management and Business Recovery Invocation Immediate 1Crisis Management responseBusiness Recovery Plans2 RecoverySuppliers and ResourcesFinancial Investments Insight Consulting 13. Crisis ManagementWhat will it take account of? Safety of peopleAssetsBusiness priorities Insight Consulting 14. Decisions - What do you Need to Know? Who is going to give you the information? What will you do with the information? Who do you need to inform? Who else might you communicate with? Insight Consulting 15. Business Priorities Decision Tree Identify possible issues ie. decisions that need to be taken and whenWhere does authority for thesedecisions lie now?Does the authority need to bedelegated to facilitate a timelyresponse? Insight Consulting 16. Handling the MediaSingle point of communication tothe outside worldConsistency of message with theEmergency ServicesDelivery of reassurance toconsumer, investor and staff Insight Consulting 17. CMT: Meeting Room LayoutHR XStatus Status LegalXX Operations PA (Minutes) XX Fixed Interest XIssues Issues PAChairmanXX Equities Communications XX UK RetailXCommunicationsCommunicationsComms Int Operations XX Distribution Admin SupportX in adjacent room Company SecretaryInsight Consulting 18. Process - Time Line Incident Status Report Strategy Incident ReportGolden HourRecoveryReactActInsight Consulting 19. Exercise - Objectives Raise awarenessValidate the Crisis Management PlanConfirm: Membership of the Crisis Management Team Roles and Responsibilities TasksTrain members of the Crisis Management TeamIdentify any issues that need to be resolved Insight Consulting 20. Best PracticeDefinition Characteristics Human Factor Crisis Management Process Decision Making Communications Handling the Media Crisis Management Team Exercises Aide-memoire Insight Consulting 21. +44 (0)1932 241000Insight Consulting Part of Siemens Communications Security, Compliance and Continuity Insight Consulting </p>