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<p>MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, FLORIDAMISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION</p> <p>GENERAL FUND REVENUES AND OTHER FINANCING SOURCES BY SOURCE (Unaudited)LAST TEN FISCAL YEARS</p> <p>(in thousands)</p> <p>Fiscal Year General Local Franchise, Intergovernmental All Other ended Property Option Gas Communication License Revenue Revenue </p> <p>September 30, Total Taxes Taxes and Utility Taxes and Permits Sales Tax Sharing Other Sources *2001 1,305,822$ 640,135$ 52,401$ 139,943$ 71,764$ 99,509$ 65,454$ 14,160$ 222,456$ 2002 1,429,792 682,940 53,694 174,485 76,671 101,523 69,769 14,419 256,291 2003 1,499,131 764,558 55,282 156,735 78,246 111,386 66,252 14,599 252,073 2004 1,623,938 859,600 55,782 158,410 86,043 113,947 69,596 16,442 264,118 2005 1,771,352 950,483 57,526 153,504 90,761 118,751 74,426 16,159 309,742 2006 2,017,718 1,110,992 58,572 162,090 94,609 130,538 81,242 15,636 364,039 2007 2,215,188 1,286,643 57,389 175,193 80,856 130,822 77,838 15,569 390,878 2008 2,116,939 1,223,371 58,403 134,804 112,950 134,017 79,655 16,806 356,933 2009 2,091,407 1,262,973 52,669 122,814 106,217 113,916 75,963 14,756 342,099 2010 1,970,270 1,134,363 51,768 122,649 106,366 111,092 75,402 14,507 354,123 </p> <p> * All other revenue sources excluding operating transfers in.</p> <p>GENERAL FUND EXPENDITURES AND OTHER USES BY FUNCTION (Unaudited)LAST TEN FISCAL YEARS</p> <p> (in thousands)Policy</p> <p>Formulation Protection HealthFiscal Year and of People and Socio- Culture</p> <p>ended General and Physical economic and Capital NetSeptember 30, Total Government Property Environment Transportation Environment Recreation Outlay Transfers*</p> <p>1997 1,149,486$ 249,856$ 529,835$ 31,094$ 27,522$ 83,046$ 59,432$ 168,701$ 1998 1,133,621 244,995 553,756 31,446 26,737 44,255 60,033 172,399 1999 1,189,431 263,810 566,467 29,468 27,373 29,699 64,877 207,737 2000 1,245,828 267,441 591,150 36,439 29,671 21,105 66,969 233,053 2001 1,323,076 281,823 620,783 33,730 31,485 30,102 71,987 253,166 2002 1,445,518 297,179 634,047 54,233 21,392 25,955 71,213 19,581$ 321,9182003 1,544,556 310,698 667,135 55,450 23,751 24,952 77,183 24,959 360,428 2004 1,635,367 307,699 720,652 59,855 26,146 45,257 84,894 14,043 376,821 2005 1,679,933 303,467 770,551 64,363 34,703 50,774 88,616 18,674 348,785 2006 1,924,873 338,856 850,199 73,600 36,799 39,974 101,787 24,772 458,886 2007 2,179,064 412,480 924,446 72,270 42,906 39,579 98,107 39,179 550,097 2008 2,157,955 423,505 933,452 73,025 42,025 44,934 104,710 23,518 512,7862009 2,162,291 367,970 916,074 71,759 36,950 123,189 99,064 23,179 524,1062010 1,970,204 330,687 852,139 66,810 34,159 102,864 87,911 20,304 475,330</p> <p> * Represents operating transfers in less operating transfers out.</p> <p>See accompanying independent auditors report.</p> <p>228</p> <p>SE7t</p> <p>hNo</p> <p>rth</p> <p>Sout</p> <p>hOv</p> <p>erto</p> <p>wn/</p> <p>Park</p> <p> Wes</p> <p>tCi</p> <p>tyFl</p> <p>orid</p> <p>aSo</p> <p>uth</p> <p>Nara</p> <p>nja</p> <p>Aven</p> <p>ueMi</p> <p>dtow</p> <p>nNo</p> <p>rthMi</p> <p>ami</p> <p>Wes</p> <p>t</p> <p>Dist</p> <p>rict</p> <p>Poin</p> <p>tePa</p> <p>rk W</p> <p>est</p> <p>Addi</p> <p>tion</p> <p>Omni</p> <p>(1)</p> <p>Cent</p> <p>erHo</p> <p>mes</p> <p>tead</p> <p>City</p> <p>Miam</p> <p>iLa</p> <p>kes</p> <p>Corri</p> <p>dor</p> <p>Miam</p> <p>iMi</p> <p>ami</p> <p>Beac</p> <p>hPe</p> <p>rrine</p> <p>Miam</p> <p>iMi</p> <p>ami</p> <p>Florid</p> <p>aSo</p> <p>uthNo</p> <p>rthN.</p> <p> Miam</p> <p>iMu</p> <p>nicipa</p> <p>lityBe</p> <p>ach</p> <p>Miam</p> <p>iMi</p> <p>ami</p> <p>Miam</p> <p>iBe</p> <p>ach</p> <p>Home</p> <p>stead</p> <p>City</p> <p>Miam</p> <p>iN/</p> <p>AN/</p> <p>AMi</p> <p>ami</p> <p>Miam</p> <p>iBe</p> <p>ach</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>Base</p> <p> year</p> <p> (cr</p> <p>eated</p> <p>)19</p> <p>7619</p> <p>8219</p> <p>8519</p> <p>8619</p> <p>9219</p> <p>9319</p> <p>9419</p> <p>9820</p> <p>0220</p> <p>0320</p> <p>0420</p> <p>0420</p> <p>0420</p> <p>06</p> <p>Base</p> <p> asse</p> <p>ssme</p> <p>nt59</p> <p>,637</p> <p>$ </p> <p> 78</p> <p>,306</p> <p>$ </p> <p> 37</p> <p>,462</p> <p>$ </p> <p> 24</p> <p>6,899</p> <p>$ </p> <p> 29</p> <p>2,572</p> <p>$ </p> <p> 85</p> <p>,619</p> <p>$ </p> <p> 42</p> <p>,804</p> <p>$ </p> <p> 68</p> <p>,437</p> <p>$ </p> <p> 13</p> <p>1,293</p> <p>$ </p> <p> 54</p> <p>,233</p> <p>$ </p> <p> 29</p> <p>,282</p> <p>$ </p> <p> 87</p> <p>0,434</p> <p>$ </p> <p> 23</p> <p>5,289</p> <p>$ </p> <p> 43</p> <p>1,320</p> <p>$ </p> <p>Reve</p> <p>nue Coun</p> <p>ty -</p> <p>2001</p> <p>3,602</p> <p>$ </p> <p>344</p> <p>$ </p> <p>N/A</p> <p>393</p> <p>$ </p> <p> 3,9</p> <p>84$ </p> <p> 41</p> <p>9$ </p> <p> 14</p> <p>0$ </p> <p> 34</p> <p>0$ </p> <p> 20</p> <p>024,1</p> <p>7354</p> <p>8N/</p> <p>A61</p> <p>94,9</p> <p>3050</p> <p>128</p> <p>533</p> <p>920</p> <p>034,7</p> <p>1797</p> <p>0N/</p> <p>A1,3</p> <p>445,8</p> <p>8260</p> <p>631</p> <p>330</p> <p>120</p> <p>047,0</p> <p>1394</p> <p>4N/</p> <p>A2,0</p> <p>466,5</p> <p>7580</p> <p>832</p> <p>832</p> <p>812</p> <p>5$ </p> <p>2005</p> <p>9,457</p> <p>1,189</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>2,282</p> <p>7,236</p> <p>946</p> <p>506</p> <p>334</p> <p>323</p> <p>97$ </p> <p>2006</p> <p>11,59</p> <p>11,7</p> <p>14N/</p> <p>A3,6</p> <p>8910</p> <p>,563</p> <p>1,491</p> <p>513</p> <p>542</p> <p>539</p> <p>152</p> <p>52$ </p> <p>222</p> <p>$ </p> <p> 19</p> <p>7$ </p> <p>2007</p> <p>15,10</p> <p>42,4</p> <p>10N/</p> <p>A5,2</p> <p>8914</p> <p>,453</p> <p>2,103</p> <p>565</p> <p>740</p> <p>1,311</p> <p>269</p> <p>122</p> <p>214</p> <p>575</p> <p>2008</p> <p>14,66</p> <p>92,2</p> <p>28N/</p> <p>A4,6</p> <p>5213</p> <p>,956</p> <p>1,711</p> <p>743</p> <p>719</p> <p>1,577</p> <p>286</p> <p>300</p> <p>360</p> <p>756</p> <p>465</p> <p>$ </p> <p> 20</p> <p>0916</p> <p>,379</p> <p>2,706</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>5,597</p> <p>14,84</p> <p>61,8</p> <p>871,1</p> <p>6471</p> <p>91,7</p> <p>2032</p> <p>01,3</p> <p>231,1</p> <p>3989</p> <p>860</p> <p>420</p> <p>1015</p> <p>,817</p> <p>3,956</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>5,195</p> <p>13,54</p> <p>21,7</p> <p>861,0</p> <p>4955</p> <p>51,3</p> <p>6330</p> <p>91,5</p> <p>0988</p> <p>771</p> <p>146</p> <p>2</p> <p>Munic</p> <p>ipality</p> <p> -20</p> <p>014,7</p> <p>34$ </p> <p> 57</p> <p>4$ </p> <p> N/</p> <p>A62</p> <p>4$ </p> <p>5,241</p> <p>$ </p> <p>656</p> <p>$ </p> <p>219</p> <p>$ </p> <p>376</p> <p>$ </p> <p>2002</p> <p>5,416</p> <p>898</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>1,016</p> <p>6,419</p> <p>772</p> <p>442</p> <p>388</p> <p>2003</p> <p>5,971</p> <p>1,562</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>1,982</p> <p>7,400</p> <p>911</p> <p>463</p> <p>368</p> <p>2004</p> <p>8,654</p> <p>1,474</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>2,594</p> <p>8,363</p> <p>1,096</p> <p>556</p> <p>471</p> <p>51$ </p> <p>2005</p> <p>11,76</p> <p>72,0</p> <p>78N/</p> <p>A3,2</p> <p>739,4</p> <p>561,2</p> <p>4578</p> <p>947</p> <p>013</p> <p>340</p> <p>$ </p> <p> 20</p> <p>0615</p> <p>,030</p> <p>2,656</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>5,515</p> <p>14,05</p> <p>71,7</p> <p>3984</p> <p>467</p> <p>926</p> <p>664</p> <p>76$ </p> <p>1,462</p> <p>$ </p> <p>253</p> <p>$ </p> <p> 20</p> <p>0719</p> <p>,937</p> <p>3,923</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>8,122</p> <p>18,99</p> <p>12,3</p> <p>051,0</p> <p>6679</p> <p>657</p> <p>111</p> <p>718</p> <p>23,9</p> <p>1976</p> <p>820</p> <p>0818</p> <p>,228</p> <p>3,745</p> <p>N/A</p> <p>7,747</p> <p>17,69</p> <p>12,1</p> <p>251,2</p> <p>9975</p> <p>270</p> <p>112</p> <p>747</p> <p>84,6</p> <p>241,1</p> <p>4620</p> <p>7$ </p> <p>2009</p> <p>19,47</p> <p>44,5</p> <p>77N/</p> <p>A9,6</p> <p>6418</p> <p>,345</p> <p>2,356</p> <p>1,822</p> <p>797</p> <p>713</p> <p>133</p> <p>2,098</p> <p>5,124</p> <p>1,218</p> <p>251</p> <p>2010</p> <p>18,80</p> <p>47,0</p> <p>19N/</p> <p>A8,7</p> <p>5916</p> <p>,946</p> <p>2,419</p> <p>1,738</p> <p>643</p> <p>563</p> <p>128</p> <p>2,404</p> <p>4,207</p> <p>1,171</p> <p>190</p> <p>See a</p> <p>ccom</p> <p>pany</p> <p>ing in</p> <p>depe</p> <p>nden</p> <p>t aud</p> <p>itors</p> <p> repo</p> <p>rt.</p> <p>(in th</p> <p>ousa</p> <p>nds)</p> <p>MIAM</p> <p>I-DAD</p> <p>E CO</p> <p>UNTY</p> <p>, FLO</p> <p>RIDA</p> <p>MISC</p> <p>ELLA</p> <p>NEOU</p> <p>S IN</p> <p>FORM</p> <p>ATIO</p> <p>N</p> <p>TAX </p> <p>INCR</p> <p>EMEN</p> <p>T DI</p> <p>STRI</p> <p>CTS </p> <p>(Una</p> <p>udite</p> <p>d)LA</p> <p>ST T</p> <p>EN F</p> <p>ISCA</p> <p>L YE</p> <p>ARS</p> <p>229</p> <p>MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, FLORIDAMISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION</p> <p>INSURANCE IN FORCE (Unaudited)AS OF SEPTEMBER 30, 2010</p> <p>Type of Coverage Insurer Policy Period PremiumART INSURANCE: Lloyds of London 04/17/10-04/17/111 3,500$ AUTOMOBILE LIABILITY:</p> <p>Executive Vehicles Twin City 01/18/10-01/18/11 28,513AVIATION:</p> <p>Airport Liability ACE &amp; London Companies 10/01/09-10/01/10 552,750Airport Wrap-Up London Companies 10/01/09-10/01/10 1,875,000Aircraft Hull and Liability National Union Fire 01/08/10-01/08/11 452,759</p> <p>BONDS:Customs Bond Fidelity &amp; Deposit Co. 03/18/10-3/18/11 850Money &amp; Securities /WASAD Fidelity &amp; Deposit Co. 11/25/09-11/25/10 5,594Crime Policy Fidelity &amp; Deposit Co. 08/19/10-08/19/11 122,993</p> <p>FLOOD COVERAGE:Various County locations American Bankers (NFIP) Various Various </p> <p>HEALTH/LIFE COVERAGES:Head Start Accident Insurance United Healthcare 01/25/10-01/25/11 1,624Accidental Death Hartford Life Insurance Company 08/29/10-08/29/11 182,967Older Americans Volunteer Program Various 07/01/10-07/01/11 4,762PBA Survivors Benefit Trust Hartford Life Insurance Company 08/29/10-08/29/11 Various </p> <p>MARINE COVERAGE:Marine Hull &amp; Liability Fireman's Fund Insurance Co. 02/01/10-02/01/11 19,518</p> <p>PROPERTY INSURANCE:Countywide Master Program Various Companies 04/15/10-04/15/11 14,269,692Boiler &amp; Machinery Zurich 04/15/10-04/15/11 130,832Water and Sewer Department Various Companies 10/31/09-10/31/10 3,002,882Miami-Dade Housing Agency Lexington 07/01/10-07/01/11 1,454,084Solid Waste Department Various Companies 04/15/10-04/15/11 1,553,908South Terminal - MIA Lexington/London 04/15/10-04/15/11 2,289,784Runways- MDAD Illinois Union 04/15/10-04/15/11 194,068Busses- MDT Chubb 04/15/10-04/15/11 404,408Fine Arts- Vizcaya London 04/15/10-04/15/11 32,000MDHA - Forced Place Lloyd's of London 02/01/09-02/01/10 Various</p> <p>SELF INSURANCE FUND:Automobile Liability Self Insurance Fund ContinuousPolice Professional Liability Self Insurance Fund ContinuousPublic Liability Self Insurance Fund ContinuousWorkers Compensation Self Insurance Fund Continuous</p> <p>SOUTH MIAMI-DADE CULTURAL CENTERProfessional Liability Security Insurance Co. 01/31/10-12/31/10 159,450</p> <p>SPECIAL EVENTS:Dade County Auditorium Western World Insurance Co. 10/04/08-10/04/09 Various</p> <p>Source: Miami-Dade County General Services Administration, Risk Management Division.</p> <p>See accompanying independent auditors report.</p> <p>230</p> <p>Com</p> <p>mer</p> <p>cial C</p> <p>onst</p> <p>ruct</p> <p>ion </p> <p>(1)</p> <p>Resid</p> <p>entia</p> <p>l Con</p> <p>stru</p> <p>ctio</p> <p>n (1</p> <p>)Re</p> <p>al Pr</p> <p>oper</p> <p>ty V</p> <p>alue (</p> <p>3)Nu</p> <p>mbe</p> <p>rNu</p> <p>mbe</p> <p>rBa</p> <p>nk/S</p> <p>avin</p> <p>gsof</p> <p>Valu</p> <p>eof</p> <p>Valu</p> <p>eDe</p> <p>posit</p> <p>s (2)</p> <p>Com</p> <p>mer</p> <p>cial</p> <p>Resid</p> <p>entia</p> <p>lNo</p> <p>ntax</p> <p>able</p> <p>Year</p> <p>Build</p> <p>ings</p> <p>(in th</p> <p>ousa</p> <p>nds)</p> <p>Units</p> <p>(in th</p> <p>ousa</p> <p>nds)</p> <p>(in m</p> <p>illion</p> <p>s)(in</p> <p> thou</p> <p>sand</p> <p>s)(in</p> <p> thou</p> <p>sand</p> <p>s)(in</p> <p> thou</p> <p>sand</p> <p>s)20</p> <p>0152</p> <p>5 </p> <p> 61</p> <p>6,442</p> <p>$ </p> <p>9,882</p> <p>845,1</p> <p>23$ </p> <p> 45</p> <p>,064</p> <p>$ </p> <p> 33</p> <p>,219,4</p> <p>26$ </p> <p>76,08</p> <p>7,033</p> <p>$ </p> <p> 22</p> <p>,747,4</p> <p>25$ </p> <p>2002</p> <p>498</p> <p>722,0</p> <p>77 </p> <p> 8,8</p> <p>05 </p> <p> 75</p> <p>1,960</p> <p>51,29</p> <p>7 </p> <p>32,65</p> <p>0,542</p> <p> 85</p> <p>,606,6</p> <p>75 </p> <p>23,64</p> <p>8,584</p> <p> 20</p> <p>0339</p> <p>7 </p> <p> 69</p> <p>7,100</p> <p>9,373</p> <p>819,7</p> <p>53 </p> <p> 56</p> <p>,264</p> <p> 29</p> <p>,999,8</p> <p>21 </p> <p>99,01</p> <p>3,490</p> <p> 24</p> <p>,661,7</p> <p>95 </p> <p>2004</p> <p>794</p> <p>359,0</p> <p>33 </p> <p> 9,6</p> <p>03 </p> <p> 98</p> <p>2,420</p> <p>62,36</p> <p>8 </p> <p>27,47</p> <p>3,191</p> <p> 11</p> <p>6,239</p> <p>,333</p> <p> 26</p> <p>,120,7</p> <p>60 </p> <p>2005</p> <p>914</p> <p>273,7</p> <p>35 </p> <p> 8,8</p> <p>93 </p> <p> 1,0</p> <p>31,75</p> <p>7 </p> <p> 70</p> <p>,222</p> <p> 23</p> <p>,855,0</p> <p>15 </p> <p>139,6</p> <p>13,98</p> <p>5 </p> <p>28,09</p> <p>2,145</p> <p> 20</p> <p>0639</p> <p>4 </p> <p> 32</p> <p>7,729</p> <p>8,001</p> <p>899,9</p> <p>80 </p> <p> 73</p> <p>,205</p> <p> 23</p> <p>,738,0</p> <p>25 </p> <p>169,8</p> <p>66,79</p> <p>3 </p> <p>31,26</p> <p>1,236</p> <p> 20</p> <p>0728</p> <p>8 </p> <p> 29</p> <p>5,413</p> <p>2,404</p> <p>315,5</p> <p>86 </p> <p> 76</p> <p>,345</p> <p> 16</p> <p>,598,8</p> <p>33 </p> <p>215,5</p> <p>72,53</p> <p>2 </p> <p>34,84</p> <p>5,321</p> <p> 20</p> <p>0827</p> <p>4 </p> <p> 47</p> <p>7,442</p> <p>1,262</p> <p>159,4</p> <p>07 </p> <p> 74</p> <p>,987</p> <p> 9,1</p> <p>29,83</p> <p>2 </p> <p> 25</p> <p>8,170</p> <p>,144</p> <p> 38</p> <p>,811,0</p> <p>47 </p> <p>2009</p> <p> A20</p> <p>2 </p> <p> 26</p> <p>3,754</p> <p>556</p> <p>55,41</p> <p>7 </p> <p>77,17</p> <p>8 </p> <p>21,38</p> <p>9,310</p> <p> 25</p> <p>6,121</p> <p>,227</p> <p> 49</p> <p>,938,3</p> <p>88 </p> <p>2010</p> <p>231</p> <p>184,5</p> <p>66 </p> <p> 1,4</p> <p>53 </p> <p> 12</p> <p>9,129</p> <p>80,35</p> <p>2 </p> <p>50,28</p> <p>3,763</p> <p> 20</p> <p>8,920</p> <p>,305</p> <p> 48</p> <p>,319,7</p> <p>94 </p> <p>Sour</p> <p>ce:</p> <p>(1) M</p> <p>iami-D</p> <p>ade C</p> <p>ounty</p> <p> Buil</p> <p>ding D</p> <p>epar</p> <p>tmen</p> <p>t. Unin</p> <p>corp</p> <p>orate</p> <p>d Are</p> <p>a only</p> <p>.(2</p> <p>) Fed</p> <p>eral </p> <p>Depo</p> <p>sit In</p> <p>sura</p> <p>nce C</p> <p>orpo</p> <p>ratio</p> <p>n dep</p> <p>osits</p> <p> of al</p> <p>l FDI</p> <p>C ins</p> <p>ured</p> <p> insti</p> <p>tution</p> <p>s as o</p> <p>f Jun</p> <p>e 30.</p> <p>(3) M</p> <p>iami-D</p> <p>ade C</p> <p>ounty</p> <p> Pro</p> <p>perty</p> <p> App</p> <p>raise</p> <p>r. In </p> <p>FY 20</p> <p>09, to</p> <p>tal ac</p> <p>tual a</p> <p>nd as</p> <p>sess</p> <p>ed va</p> <p>lues a</p> <p>re es</p> <p>timate</p> <p>s bas</p> <p>ed on</p> <p> the F</p> <p>irst C</p> <p>ertifi</p> <p>ed 20</p> <p>08 T</p> <p>ax R</p> <p>oll m</p> <p>ade o</p> <p>n Octo</p> <p>ber 2</p> <p>008, </p> <p>prior</p> <p> to an</p> <p>y adju</p> <p>stmen</p> <p>ts pr</p> <p>oces</p> <p>sed b</p> <p>y the</p> <p> V</p> <p>alue A</p> <p>djustm</p> <p>ent B</p> <p>oard</p> <p>. The</p> <p> Fina</p> <p>l Cer</p> <p>tified</p> <p> Tax</p> <p> Roll</p> <p> for 2</p> <p>008 h</p> <p>as no</p> <p>t bee</p> <p>n rele</p> <p>ased</p> <p> as of</p> <p> the d</p> <p>ate of</p> <p> this </p> <p>repo</p> <p>rt. A</p> <p>ppro</p> <p>ximate</p> <p>ly $8</p> <p>2 billi</p> <p>on in</p> <p> taxa</p> <p>ble va</p> <p>lue ha</p> <p>s be</p> <p>en pe</p> <p>tition</p> <p>ed fo</p> <p>r rea</p> <p>sses</p> <p>smen</p> <p>t to th</p> <p>e V</p> <p>alue A</p> <p>djustm</p> <p>ent B</p> <p>oard</p> <p>.</p> <p>A For</p> <p> FY2</p> <p>009, </p> <p>Real </p> <p>Prop</p> <p>erty </p> <p>Value</p> <p>, total</p> <p> actua</p> <p>l and</p> <p> asse</p> <p>ssed</p> <p> value</p> <p>s we</p> <p>re ad</p> <p>justed</p> <p> to re</p> <p>flect </p> <p>the F</p> <p>inal 2</p> <p>008 T</p> <p>ax R</p> <p>oll ce</p> <p>rtified</p> <p> on M</p> <p>ay 20</p> <p>10. </p> <p>See a</p> <p>ccom</p> <p>pany</p> <p>ing in</p> <p>depe</p> <p>nden</p> <p>t aud</p> <p>itors</p> <p> repo</p> <p>rt.</p> <p>MIAM</p> <p>I-DAD</p> <p>E CO</p> <p>UNTY</p> <p>, FLO</p> <p>RIDA</p> <p>MISC</p> <p>ELLA</p> <p>NEOU</p> <p>S IN</p> <p>FORM</p> <p>ATIO</p> <p>N</p> <p>PROP</p> <p>ERTY</p> <p> VAL</p> <p>UE, C</p> <p>ONST</p> <p>RUCT</p> <p>ION </p> <p>AND </p> <p>BANK</p> <p> DEP</p> <p>OSIT</p>


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