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<ul><li><p>March 2015 Issue April 2015 Results Earned Special </p><p>Career Conference Dinner!!! </p><p>Amy Titmus - 2 </p><p>Teresa Akers - 2 </p><p>Trish Harrelson - 2 </p><p>Movin' On Up Challenge Independent Beauty Consultants who from Nov. 30, 2014, through Feb. 28, 2015, achieve and maintain a new step on </p><p>the career path of Star Team Builder, Team Leader, Future Independent Sales Director or Independent Sales Director-in-Qualification will receive a name badge ribbon and onstage recognition. </p><p> Clo Lewis, Anita Martin, Linda Smith, Robin Wood, Cindy DeFreece, Sherry Walker and Amy Titums </p></li><li><p>Amy Titmus Pearl </p><p>Trish Harrelson Emerald </p><p>Cynthia Beauvis Ruby </p><p>Elena Flynn Ruby </p><p>Andra Reventlow Ruby </p><p>Linda Smith Sapphire </p><p>Lynn Vogel Sapphire </p><p>Ruby Hall Sapphire </p><p>Judy Clark Sapphire </p><p>Amy Betts Sapphire </p><p>Pamela Newton Sapphire </p></li><li><p> Star Team Builders </p><p>Della Kelly </p><p>Senior Consultant Celia </p><p>Ramirez Reyes </p><p>Andrea Mc Daid </p><p>Sabine Maas-Kuypers </p><p>Della Kelly </p><p>Ireland </p><p>Sabine Maas-Kuypers Netherlands </p><p>Andrea Mc Daid </p><p>Netherlands </p><p>Charlotte Jeurissen </p><p>Netherlands </p><p>Jeanette Allen </p><p>Netherlands </p><p>Nuala Barr </p><p>Ireland </p><p>Ciara Davenport </p><p>Ireland </p><p>Grietje De Boer </p><p>Netherlands </p><p>Celia Ramirez Reyes </p><p>Mexico </p><p>Deborah Humston </p><p>Netherlands </p></li><li><p>Doreen Barnes </p><p>Anita Martin </p><p>Clo Lewis </p><p>Amparo Titmus </p><p>Kristi Smith </p><p>Amy Betts </p><p>Chelsea Roush </p><p>Lynn Vogel </p><p>Karen Cook </p><p>Cindy DeFreece </p><p>Sherry Walker </p><p>Debbie Sauceda </p><p>Vicki Drexler </p><p>Linda Smith </p><p>Robin Wood </p><p>Senior Consultants Charlotte Watchinski, Trish Harrelson, Mary Divilbiss, Judy Clark, Rana Martin, Hemdah Salonimer-Horner, Lisa McClelland, Teresa Akers, Brenda Baker, Sherry Strope, Melanie Jobe, Rebecca Brooks, Lynn Vogel, Twyla Taylor, Andra Reventlow, Megan Watham, Brenda Harris, Deborah Humston, Crystal Allison, Betty Connell, Renee Fuehring, Patricia Loss, Sarah Haskins, Heather Duris, Shanna Thompson, Collene Duckett, Jeanette Allen, Erika Gibson, May Nguyen, and Brenda Garvin </p></li><li><p>To hear more about Gillian and how she has went from only having $20 in her pocket when she came to America to now being a Multi-Million Dollar National Sales Director for Mary </p><p>Kay, call her $20 and A Dream Hotline at one of the following numbers: </p><p>Just the Facts (20 min) (209) 647-1999 </p><p>Access Code: 584116## </p><p>The Whole Story (40 min) (209) 647-1999 </p><p>Access Code: 273219## </p></li><li><p> National Court </p><p>of Sales Prize - Ribbon/Big gift </p><p>$40,000 Retail </p><p>Ortegas Queen Court Sales </p><p>Prize - Ribbon/gift $20,000+ Retail </p><p> Ortegas Princess </p><p>Court Sales Prize - Ribbon </p><p>$10,000+ Retail </p><p>Consultant Unit Y-T-D Retail </p><p>1. Amy Titmus Gillian Ortega Unit $22,979 </p><p>2. Bridgit Sifers Dawn Peterson Unit $13,079 </p><p>3. Amy Betts Gillian Ortega Unit $12,993 </p><p>4. Trish Harrelson Gillian Ortega Unit $12,261 </p><p>5. Leola Smith Deborah Battle Unit $11,959 </p><p>6. Cynthia Beauvais Gillian Ortega Unit $11,776 </p><p>7. Judy Clark Gillian Ortega Unit $11,072 </p><p>8. Elaine Rarick Laura Muirhead Unit $11,050 </p><p>9. Linda Smith Gillian Ortega Unit $10,747 </p><p>10. Sharla Wood Gillian Ortega Unit $10,196 </p><p>11. Andra Reventlow Gillian Ortega Unit $9,636 </p><p>12. Lynn Vogel Gillian Ortega Unit $8,922 </p><p>13. Pam Newton Gillian Ortega Unit $8,352 </p><p>14. Betty Choplin Janet Hargarten Unit $8,270 </p><p>15. Teresa Akers Gillian Ortega Unit $8,055 </p><p>16. Elena Flynn Gillian Ortega Unit $8,023 </p><p>17. Diane Murphy Gillian Ortega Unit $8,016 </p><p>18. Lisa Robbins Becky Niemeier Unit $7,691 </p><p>19. Anita Martin Gillian Ortega Unit $7,531 </p><p>20. Twyla Taylor Gillian Ortega Unit $7,429 </p><p>21. Julie Hecht Janet Hargarten Unit $7,075 </p><p>22. Angelia Williams Deborah Battle Unit $6,971 </p><p>23. Theresa Gauthier Laura Muirhead Unit $6,759 </p><p>24. Pam Hughes-Watson Deborah Battle Unit $6,650 </p><p>25. Charlotte Watchinski Gillian Ortega Unit $6,307 </p></li><li><p>N A M E # Q U A L I F I E D C M S N . E A R N E D </p><p>C O U R T O F S H A R I N G C O U R T O F R E TA I L S A L E S ( p r o d u c t s o l d ) </p><p>N A M E T o t a l s o l d </p><p>High Weeks $200+ </p><p>Amy Betts $11,227 </p><p>Judy Clark $5,535 </p><p>Lynn Vogel $5,288 </p><p>Pam Newton $3,550 </p><p>Elena Flynn $2,029 </p><p>Andra Reventlow $1,568 </p><p>Lindsey Moszeter $1,085 </p><p>Trish Harrelson $491 </p><p>Anita Harlow $204 </p><p>Teresa Akers $184 </p><p>Jennifer Sparks $71 </p><p>Important... All summary sheets must be received </p><p> By April 3, 2015!! Submit your data online! </p><p> Call me if you have questions! </p><p>Lindsey Moszeter $741 </p><p>Elena Flynn $709 </p><p>Pam Newton $242/477 </p><p>Amy Betts $327/362 </p><p> National Court </p><p>of Sharing Prize - Ribbon/Big gift 24 Qualified Recruits </p><p> Ortegas Queen Court of Sharing Prize - Ribbon/gift </p><p>12 Qualified Recruits </p><p>Ortegas Princess Court of Sharing </p><p>Prize - Ribbon 6 Qualified Recruits </p><p>Amparo Titmus 2 $160.07 Andra D. Reventlow 1 $72.18 </p><p>Teresa L. Akers 2 $61.16 Twyla G. Taylor 1 $55.57 </p><p>Trish A. Harrelson 2 $48.95 Lisa E. McClelland 1 $48.34 </p><p>Lynn Vogel 1 $48.23 Robin D. Wood 1 $41.50 Rana D. Martin 1 $33.16 </p></li><li><p>Expires: 3/31/15 Expires: 4/30/15 </p><p>Consultant Biz Builder Bucks Earned and available to apply towards their </p><p>next $400+ wholesale order and in active status. </p><p>9% Commissions Linda L. Smith$107 Anita L. Martin$99 Vicki Drexler$89 </p><p>Doreen F. Barnes$45 Clo Lewis$24 </p><p>Amy Titmus$20 </p><p>4% Commissions Amy Betts$50 </p><p>Trish A. Harrelson$48 Lyn Vogel$44 </p><p>Charlotte Watchinski$29 May T. Nguyen$24 Judy M. Clark$22 Kristi Kay Smith$19 Patricia C. Loss$18 </p><p>Brenda D. Baker$16 Rana D. Martin$16 </p><p>Cindy L. DeFreece$13 Teresa L. Akers$12 </p><p>Chelsea E. Roush$10 Heather A. Duris$10 </p><p>Shanna L. Thompson$10 </p><p>13% Commissions Gillian Ortega $609 CharlotteWatchinski</p><p>VictoriaAkers</p><p>SharilyneR.Cochran</p><p>RubyA.Hall</p><p>ShirleyHoltzhouser</p><p>JenniferL.Spence</p><p>AmparoTitmus</p><p>ErikaC.Zimmerman</p><p>BrendaD.Baker</p><p>DoreenF.Barnes</p><p>CynthiaM.Beauvais</p><p>AmyBetts</p><p>DaphneL.Bowman</p><p>MelindaDavis</p><p>JenniferEigsti</p><p>RachaelN.Fitch</p><p>AnitaA.Harlow</p><p>TrishA.Harrelson</p><p>MelanieS.Jobe</p><p>BrookeA.Kraft</p><p>AnitaL.Martin</p><p>PatriciaD.McCullough</p><p>DianeMurphy</p><p>PamelaNewton</p><p>VivionNguyen</p><p>AndraD.Reventlow</p><p>LindaL.Smith</p><p>DianeL.Stanton</p><p>SherryWalker</p><p>SharlaD.Wood</p></li><li><p>QUARTER 4 STAR TRACKING Consultant Name Total Contest Credit Sapphire Ruby Diamond Emerald Pearl </p><p>NEW UNSTOPPABLE SALES DIRECTORS! </p></li><li><p> Julie Marie Rangel 1st </p><p>Toni Lynn Slivinski 1st </p><p>Ruth Ann Keel 1st </p><p>Jamie Williams 1st </p><p>Kia LaToya Berry 1st </p><p>Dhana N Jan 1st </p><p>Nicole Ann Lance 1st </p><p>Kimisha Peterson 1st </p><p>Hayley Louise Dobbs 1st </p><p>Fannye Forester 1st </p><p>Kristen Trimm 1st </p><p>Stace C Barnett 1st </p><p>Jackie Livingston 1st </p><p>Brooke Ashley Kraft 1st </p><p>Holly Beth Fisher 1st </p><p>Tonya Kays Hill 1st </p><p>Jodi Kim Kitch 1st </p><p>Diane Murphy 1st </p><p>Ryann Kathleen Pinney 1st </p><p>Sarah Rose Russello 1st </p><p>Annette D. Barnes 1st </p><p>Khrista Cherie Jackson Marsh 1st </p><p>Linda W Szumilo 2nd </p><p>Amie Talarico 3rd </p><p>Cassandra Sands Melhuish 4th </p><p>Gaynelle Chewning Scott 4th </p><p>Pamela Newton 4th </p><p>Mary E Stenger 4th </p><p>Jennifer Claudine Burris 4th </p><p>Brenda Diane Baker 5th </p><p>Angela Teresa Pittman-Alyea 8th </p><p>Cynthia L Richardson 8th </p><p>Debi J Dirickson 8th </p><p>Carolyn Joy Helms 9th </p><p>Nicole L Hoss 12th </p><p>Pam A. Thomas-Bechtold 12th </p><p>Bernadine Mendenhall 14th </p><p>Dana J. McAfee 17th </p><p>Susan W. Brookshire 17th </p><p>Vicki Drexler 20th </p><p>Erika Gibson April 3 </p><p>Sherry Reilly Strope April 3 </p><p>Robin D. Wood April 5 </p><p>Jennifer Wyckoff April 5 </p><p>Kia LaToya Berry April 6 </p><p>Angela Louise McKnight April 7 </p><p>Erika Christine Zimmerman April 7 </p><p>Heather Ann Duris April 8 </p><p>Stace C Barnett April 9 </p><p>Jennifer LouAnn Spence April 10 </p><p>Nicole Ann Lance April 12 </p><p>Melinda Davis April 14 </p><p>Mercedez Hamilton April 14 </p><p>Dawn Miller April 14 </p><p>Becky Lynn deLeon April 16 </p><p>Diana K Johnson April 16 </p><p>Sabrina Stringfield April 17 </p><p>Ann Dee Larkin April 19 </p><p>Laura LeDesma April 19 </p><p>Julie Phillips April 20 </p><p>Brenda Kay Torello April 20 </p><p>Laurie Kae Hink April 21 </p><p>Janette Spence April 24 </p><p>Mary Margaret Walter April 24 </p><p>Elisabeth Hill April 26 </p><p>Angela Teresa Pittman-Alyea April 26 </p><p>Shirley Edwards Boston-Otis April 27 </p><p>Dana J. McAfee April 27 </p><p>Cherrie B Benson April 30 </p></li></ul>