let’s go on virtual field trip to a pumpkin farm! miss. harendza’s second grade class water...

Download Let’s go on virtual field trip to a pumpkin farm! Miss. Harendza’s Second Grade Class Water Elementary School

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  • Lets go on virtual field trip to a pumpkin farm!

    Miss. HarendzasSecond Grade ClassWater Elementary School

  • New York State Standards and ThemesSocial Studies Standard 3- GeographyConcepts and ThemesEvents, people, traditions, practices, and ideas make up communities.Communities provide facilities and services to help meet the needs and wants of the people who live there.

  • ObjectivesStudents will be able to describe the different characteristics and uses of pumpkins.Students will be able to differentiate where pumpkins and corn are traditionally grown.Students will be able to summarize their experience through a journal entry.

  • Today we are going to a pumpkin farm. What are some of the things we will see and do on our field trip?

    we will see pumpkinswe explore a corn fieldwe will see farm animalswe will go on a hayride

  • Here we go!

    (Click the link to enter the pumpkin farm)

  • Pumpkins come in all different colors, shapes and sizes. Pumpkins range in size from less than a pound to over 1,000 pounds.

  • Some pumpkins are small

  • others are medium sized...

  • and some can grow to be very big!The largest pumpkin ever grown weighed 1,140 pounds.

  • Ok, now it is time for you to pick out your own pumpkin!

  • Pumpkins are use as an ingredient in pies, breads, soups, and other foods.

  • Pumpkin seeds can be roasted for a snack.

  • Pumpkins are used as feed for some farm animals.

  • Do you know where pumpkins grow?Pumpkins grow in a pumpkin patch.

    Farmers grow pumpkins in a pumpkin patch and they grow ______ in a field.

    What do you think farmers grow in a field?

  • Farmers grow pumpkins in a pumpkin patch and they grow corn in a field. Lets get in the hay wagon and take a ride over to the corn field. Click Here.

  • Welcome to the corn maze!What is a corn maze?

    Have you ever been in one?

    Lets look at a corn maze.

    What did you see in the corn maze?

    Click here if you want to walk through the corn maze on your own!(http://www.cornmazeontheridge.com/images/Picture_0023.mov)

  • Lets review what we learned today.Pumpkins come in many differentShapesSizesColors

    Pumpkins can beUsed in making pies, breads and soups.Their seeds can be baked for a snack.They are also food for animals.Pumpkins grow in a pumpkin patch and corn grows in a field.

  • Follow up activity.Now that we have reviewed all of the things were learned about the pumpkin farm we can write about our experiences in our journals.For this journal entry you need toDiscuss what you liked best about the pumpkin farm, and why.Illustrate your idea in your journal using crayons, markers or colored pencils.

  • Resource PageMosby Farms Pumpkin Patchhttp://www.vrseattle.com/pages/vrview.php?cat_id=244&vrs_id=vrs733Pick a Pumpkinhttp://www.starfall.com/n/holiday/halloween/load.htm?fPanoramic Hayridehttp://www.severscornmaze.com/panoramas/HayRide_QTVR.htmPanoramic Corn Mazehttp://www.severscornmaze.com/panoramas/CornMaze_QTVR.htmCorn Maze Videohttp://www.cornmazeontheridge.com/images/Picture_0023.mov