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Presentation for Thailand ICT Awards ceremony day, Queen Sirikit Conventional Center, 2 September 2012


  • IT Technology Trends 2014 For Thailand Assoc.Prof.Dr.Thanachart Numnonda Executive Director IMC Institute 2 September 2013
  • 2 Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends Media tablets and beyond Mobile-centric applications and interfaces Social &contextual user experience Application stores and marketplace The Internet of everything Next-generation analytics Big data In-memory computing Extreme low-energy servers Cloud computing Mobile Device Battles Mobile Applications and HTML5 Personal Cloud Enterprise App Stores The Internet of Things Hybrid IT and Cloud Computing Strategic Big Data Actionable Analytics In Memory Computing Integrated Ecosystems 2012 2013 Source: Gartner
  • 3 Gartner 2013 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies Source: Gartner; Aug 2013
  • 4 Trend #1 Smartphone/Tablet Explosion: Post-PC Era
  • 5 Trend #1: Smartphone/Tablet Explosion The era of PC dominance with Windows as the single platform will be replaced with a post-PC era where Windows is one of a variety of environments IT Thailand Mobile Subscribers 89.98 Million, Penetration Rate 131.84% Smartphone penetration in Thailand is now 31% [Ourmobileplanet, August 2013].
  • 6 Trend #1: Smartphone/Tablet Explosion Smartphone sales in Thailand are tipped to 7.5 million unit of the total 16 million in 2013. [GfK] Smartphone sales in Thailand is 2.87 million units in the first four months of 2013: [GfK] Devices sold in Thailand for 2012: Desktop-PC 1.26 million, Notebook 2.1 million, Tablet 1.3 million [NSTDA] Devices expected to be shipped in 2013: Desktop- PC 1.5 million units, Laptops 2.5 million units, Tablet 3.5 million units [IDC]
  • 7 Worldwide Devices Shipment
  • 8 Smartphone Marketshare Q2: 2013 Source IDC
  • 9 Tablet Marketshare Q2: 2013
  • 10 Thailand Smartphone Marketshare 2012
  • 11 Frequency Computer Internet Usage In Thailand Frequency Mobile Internet Usage In Thailand Source: OurMobilePlanet, August 2013
  • 12Source: TrueHits, July 2013 OS Browing
  • 13 Trend #2 Cloud Computing: From Personal Cloud to SaaS
  • 14 Trend #2: Cloud Computing The Cloud hype is over. Expect deployments to increase significantly in 2014. IT users will familiar with personal cloud, especially personal storage. SME/Home users will start explore and use public SaaS. More SW vendors both international and local will offer SaaS.
  • 15 Google Trends [Thailand]
  • 16 Source : PwC Global 100 Software Leaders May 2013
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19 Trend #3 Online Consumerization: Social Networks / 3G /Broadband
  • 20 Trend #3: Online Consumerization Thai people are now always on the internet, more people have 3G and broadband access. We change way of communication. Internet Users in Thailand 23.86 million, penetration 35.8% [TrueHits, July 2013] Internet Broadband 4.55 million users, 22.7% penetration per household [NBTC, July 2013].
  • 21 Social Networks Population in Thailand 2013 18.5 Million 18 Million 2 Million 5.3 Million Videos Source :
  • 22 Four Screens per User
  • 23 Source : We Are Social 2012 Source : Nielsen Thailand study 2013
  • 24 Trend #4 Mobile Applications: Cross Platform with HTML5
  • 25 Trend #4: Mobile Applications Hybrid approach allows developers to write HTML5 code once and deploy it on multiple platform. Nevertheless, native apps won't disappear, and will always offer the best user experiences and most sophisticated features. More than 50% of companies will look to the cloud for their mobile app deployments. By 2017, mobile app download is expected to exceed 200 billion per year, and revenues will reach $63.5 billion. [Portio Research]
  • 26 The Store Index
  • 27
  • 28
  • 29 Smartphone Activities (Users in Thailand) Source: OurMobilePlanet, August 2013
  • 30 Number of Apps on Smartphone Source: OurMobilePlanet, August 2013
  • 31 Trend #5 Bring Your Own Devices: Flexible Office/Workers
  • 32 Trend #5: BYOD Mobile Devices explosive, Work & Personal lines are blurring. Nearly 60 per cent of companies provide smart phones to support their employees' work. [IDC] Half of companies now allowed allow employees to use personally owned devices to access the corporate network. [Vmware; Thailand] The choice of any device and anywhere, anytime access Need to develop a policy to prevent and protect against cyber-attack
  • 33 Traditional IT - Highly Infrastructure - Desktop-fixed Device -Data in Silos -Individual Productivity
  • 34 New Trends - Lightweight IT - BYOD -Resource/Data anywhere -Flexible Office -Collaboration
  • 35 Trend #6 IaaS: Migreate Servers to Cloud
  • 36 Trend #6: IaaS Large enterprise will implement private clouds. Internet Data Center amd Telco will provide public IaaS. Expanding of 3G and broadband will booth IaaS revenue. SME will host there servers on public IaaS either local or international providers. Government agencies will provide their own IaaS. DRC pooling will leverage cloud IaaS.
  • 37
  • 38 IaaS
  • 39 Cloud Market in Thailand 2556 2,220 - 2,330 16.7% - 22.1%
  • 40 Trend #7 Internet of things: Connected Anywhere, Anytime and Anydevices
  • 41 Trend #7: Internet of things Over 50% of Internet connections are things. A wide range of devices and peripherals, such as wristwatch displays, healthcare sensors, smart posters, and home entertainment systems. Communicate via NFC, Bluetooth, LE and Wi-FI. IoT & M2M communication market in 2011 was worth $44.0 billion, and is expected to grow $290.0 billion by 2017. []
  • 42 Google Glass Nike Fuelband Jawbone UP Basis Band Sony SmartwatchMisfit Shine Wearable Technology: The Next Big Things
  • 43 Connected Devices
  • 44 Trend #8 M-Commerce: From e-Commerce to mobile payment
  • 45 Trend #8: M-Commerce E-Commerce market in Thailand was estimated at 340,903 million baht in 2011. [NSO] E-Commerce market in Thailand is expected to reach almost Bt15 billion in 2013 [Paypal] E-Commerce usage in Thailand in 2011-2012 is estimated to be at 67% and M-Commerce is at 37%: One of the top growing country in Asia [MasterCard] 51% of Thai people ever purchase goods via smartphones. [OurMobilePlanet]
  • 46 Internet/Mobile Banking in Thailand Source : Bank of Thailand; April 2013 Internet Banking: 7,000,598 accounts; Transaction 1,663 Billion Bahts Mobile Banking: 969,977 accounts; Transaction 53 Billion Bahts
  • 47 Mobile Payment in Thailand Source: OurMobilePlanet, August 2013
  • 48 Mobile Purchase via Smartphone (Ever) Source: OurMobilePlanet, August 2013
  • 49 Trend #9 Big Data: BI in a Big Data World
  • 50 Trend #9: Big Data Growth of Internet of Things, Social Network, results in explosion of new data. Low cost storage. Volume, variety and velocity of incoming data streams. Big Data technology and service market is expected to grow from $3.2 billion i


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