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  • Life After Death Exists

  • Is There Life after death is one of the most frequently asked questions in the spiritual world. I believe life does go on after death. After reading and studying many near death experiences this is actually enough proof to me, you can not assume all these thousands of people who have experienced life after death are not telling the truth, in fact some never tell their story for fear of being ridiculed, people must learn to listen and accept their realities, even if its extreme from your own belief it does not mean it is not real, it is real to them. To try to understand how amazing it is to have a conscious experience whilst the heart has stopped beating the blood stops flowing to the brain, roughly 10-20 seconds later the brain activity that is needed to be conscious stops. Once the brain ceases to function EEG readings flatline, which means there is no activity in the brain at all. So how is it possible for this to be put down to dreams or a conscious experience when the very meaning of these things means there should be no conscious experience at all and that would include dreaming. Many studies have been carried out on near death experiences and one of the things they found was that those who had experienced life after death where absolutely sure it was not like a dream, in fact some said it felt more of a reality than earthly life. Dreams are very vague and hard to remember, they are not clear and easy to remember. People who experience out of body experiences or life after death (the moment of being clinically dead) at the time of death have an extreme clarity of what actually happened to them, describing fascinating details and there seems to be a certain order of the way things unfold, many report being high and looking down, they can see doctors and report conversations from very far away, how could this be anything else other than reality. Some say we wear our body and all death is, is leaving our body or a shift in our consciousness, or a different vibration, many genuine psychics will tell you they communicate with spirits by changing their vibration or conciousness, much like changing a radio frequency, to tune in to the spirit they must be on the same wave length so to speak.

  • I find this subject so fascinating and also a huge comfort when loved ones have passed, people who experience these out of body experiences report seeing lost loved ones, some have even reported seeing people that as far as they were aware at the time were still alive, of course they had actually passed. Again this is all unexplainable taking into account there should be no brain activity whatsoever. If you are looking for physical proof it is unlikely you will ever find it as the very concept of life after death is not physical, but a weightless spirit. I hope if you take anything from this article it is that your loved ones await you on the other side and there is peace and love waiting for you when you return home. I have hundreds of articles that you can find on my website


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