iOS 7 and iOS 8 - What all Developers and Users should Know

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A quick look on all major features , benefits and drawbacks of iOS 7 and iOS 8 . Whether a veteran Mobile App Developer or an end user, here's everything about iOS Application that you should pay heed to .


<ul><li>1.iOS7andiOS8:WhatallDevelopersandUsersshouldKnow A quick look on all major features , benefits and drawbacks of iOS 7 and iOS 8 . Whether a veteran Mobile App Developer or an end user, heres everything about iOS Application that youshouldpayheedto. iPhone lets you do so many things so easily and quickly accompanied with its amazing Camera , the Retina Display and longer Battery life that no wonder iPhone users truly love theiriPhone. iPhone is so easy to use, Innovative features like Siri and FaceTime plus builtin apps make iPhone not just useful for everyone but also fun to explore and operate. iOS updates download right on your iPhone, so the latest iOS version is only just a tap away. Also iOS features are designed to work perfectly with iPhone features like the Retina display, gyroscope,andaccelerometer. iOS is also the platform for over 900,000 apps that let your favourite iPhone do even more. With the availability of its seventh update, iOS 7 is now ticking inside over 300 million devicesworldwide. iOS7givesyoumorefeaturestomakethethingsyoudoeverydayevenmorebetter.Its freeandeasytoupgradewirelesslyonyouriPhone,iPadoriPodtouch. Sincethereareabout500millioniGadgets,thoserunningoniOS7accountfor60%ofthe entireflock. AfterthereleaseofiOS7inJune10th2013,theiPhonemarketgrewataveryrapidpace providingsomeamazingfeaturesandfacilitationtothedevelopersfordevelopingapps. iOS7adoptionclimbedto87%inthemonthspriortoiOS8Release.iOS7comeswitha newuserinterfacewithflatterandsimplerstyleandisvisuallydifferentfromusualiOS versions. </li></ul> <p>2. SomeamazingFeaturesofiOS7arejustaclickaway Multitasking iOS 7 includes an updated task manager to show the app preview before hand. It includes intelligent scheduling to periodically update the app based onhowfrequentlytheappisused. Safari Enhanced safari allows to show a preview of the webpage as user is switching between them. It also includes new bookmarks menu that contains shared linksfrompeopleyoufollowonsocialmedia. Camera It contains photo filters and a redesigned photo app that organizes photosautomaticallyintomomentswithrespecttodateandlocation. Improved Siri The Siri was improved to include the ability to make reservations in restaurants, launch apps, dictate Facebook or Twitter updates and retrieve movie reviews. This feature was added in iOS 6. With iOS 7 update siri can now have moreaccesstoWikipedia,TwitterandBingSearchengines. AirDrop With this feature you can share data and pictures with nearby people . It supports share sheet and is available on recent devices like iPad Mini, IPhone 5 andiPodTouch. ITunes Radio Its a streaming music service quite similar to Pandora , it features radio stations based on an genre. It enables browsing Radio history and buying musicdirectlyfromtheappandaddingtoyouriTuneswishlist. The folders now support saving multiple pages in a single folder. All purchased videosandaudiosshowsupeveniftheyarenotonyourdevice. The Apple iOS 7 has brought big changes to the mobile platform including scores of enhanced functionalities and features . This update has provided mobile developers with over1500newAPIstoworkwith. 3. ProsofiOS7include This update brought with it major changes targeting especially mobile developers in order to ease out or simplify the entire process of Mobile app development. It helps developerstobecomemorecreativeandproductivewiththeirapps. The look and feel of UI has undergone a massive change making it look more modern and contemporary. The new version uses transparency , layering and blur to add illusion of depth. Now app designers can experiment more with textures and colorsmakingbettereleganticonscomparedtopreviousversions. It offers several toolkits to designers to build more powerful apps even faster than beforewhichwillalsoprovetobebeneficialtoendusers. iOS 7 comes with a powerful multi tasking abilities with its processor performance making the apps more efficient as they can still function in background even when inactivewithouteffectingthesystemperformance. It offers better iCloud facilities with Airdrop and improvised control of GUI handling andmuchpowerfulrenderingofgraphicswithenhancedOpenGLfunctionality. The upgrade includes support to all major social platforms which is a boon to end users , app developers , mobile marketers and businesses as a whole . It also includespeertopeerSDKtowirelesslyexchangedataviaanexclusiveframework. But as there is two sides to a coin, even iOS 7 Suffers from few drawbacks and challengeswhichdemandsequalattention: Making a Transition was never easy though. The biggest challenge for developers is to make the iOS 7 app backward compatible to older iOS versions. Not all users feel the excitement and same urge to make a transition immediately , so developers have to design apps in such a way that it retains their existing customer base while alsokeepingastepwiththelatestmovesinmobileevolution. 4. Several APIs are yet in process of being documented with many notable changes in betweenreleasescreatingcomplicationsandmuchofachallengetodevelopers. The UI kit included in iOS 7 SDK is much different from its previous versions which can result in some UI elements looking worse or not rendering well enough on the device. Buggy apps that crashes frequently is also a downside as it discourages usersfromusingthem. iOS 7 apps though compatible with iphone 4 runs slowly on those devices and older iphones and ipods users are generally unwilling to upgrade themselves to latest models , so if developers develop targeted apps for updated versions they may end uplosingtheirexistingcustomerbase. Apple has recently taken the wraps off its 8th and latest version iOS 8 of Mobile Operating SysteminJune2014inSanFrancisco. This new operating system is not the complete overhaul as with iOS 7 rather it builds on iOS 7 . It comprises newer features like health monitoring technology, new family sharing functionsforiTunes,videomessagingandmuchmore. LetshighlightsomenotablefeaturesofiOS8: Its the 8th major release of iOS mobile operating system designed by Apple on June22014. Messaging in iOS 8 is more fun, there are many surprising features that comes with it.Itenablessendingaudioandvideomessagesbyholdingtherecordbutton. NewphotoappandnewiCloudPhotoLibrary. UI designs are same as that of iOS 7 with few changes like more transparency and fasteranimations. Multitasking is even more improved to show favourite contacts and recently added lists. For the first time since the first iphone, keyboard has witnessed the biggest change as third party keyboards will now be available and you can even tap to choose 5. perfectsuggestionsforthenextword. Family sharing is a commendable change that comes up with this version. Now up to six people in your family can share purchases from iBooks, iTunes and App store withoutsharingaccounts. Now you can store all your data i.e spreadsheets, presentations, images and PDFs in iCloud and can access them anytime anywhere from your iPhone, iPad, Mac ,iPodTouchetc. HealthKit a new tool for developers allows health and fitness apps to work together andprovideadashboardforyourhealthfitnessdata. Another notable feature includes sharing emails and websites through WiFi , it alsoallowsreplyingtotextandcallsfromtheiriphoneontheirMacoripad. Spotlight : It provides suggestions and ideas from Wikipedia entries of trending newsandnearbyplacesafterrecognizingthelocation. Touch ID : Now no need to enter password for using third party apps . You can use touchIdi.eyourfingerprintstoaccessyourdata. With this trending market of iphones and iOS 8 , there are extensive features that iphone developers should get accustomed with before developing their apps. iOS 8 with its advanced features provides assistance to developers while making mobile apps for iphoneandipad. Todiscusshowwecanhelpyouinyourprojects,pleasecontactwithourteamat,skype:oodles.techorVisit: </p>