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  • 1.Branding withInstagram

2. Background facts: Original development on Instagram beganin early 2010 There are over 30 million users, growingat a rate of 2 million users per month More than 1 billion photos have beenuploaded After the launch on Android in April 2012,more than 1 million people had registeredwith the app at a rate of 2,000 peopleregistering per minute. 3. There are manyways a business can leverageInstagram 4. Hold Contests 5. Event Marketing 6. Social Media 7. Marketing takeaway 8. Marketing takeaway 9. Marketing takeaway 10. Creating a Contest KT can host a contest wherethe best photo caption winsHashtags are importantyour product because they are an easy way for people to find your promote contest throughphotos and increase thespecial hash tags and post number of follows and likesphotos on social media you get. Creating customplatforms and your website hashtags is an easy way to organize and promote Announce the winner of the contests, thoughts orcontest on the website inimages that are specific toorder to drive traffic back to your brand.the page and gain SEO value 11. Browser-based Instagramtools such as Web.Stagram,Statigram or SearchInstagram provide you witha direct link to youraudience and what theyreactually saying about yourproduct or industryUtilize popular #hashtags toyour advantage bydiscovering whats alreadybeen said, and how youmight be able to add somevalue to the conversation. 12. Side notes Following the 80-20 rule is key: post 20% ofpromotional photos and 80% of photos that relate toyour brand without making your product the center ofattention. 91% of US citizens have their mobile phone withinreach 24/7 Running an Instagram-only contest is simple, effective,and when done well can be an incredible tool forbranding and capitalizing on the types of activitiescustomers are already engaged in.