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  • 1.Understanding Instagram Social Media for Fashion October 31, 2013

2. 150 million users 16 billion photos shared | 55 million photos daily | 1 billion daily likes 3. Instagra m register s 25x higher engage ment 4. Online photo and video sharing channel 5. Visual Storytelling Brand Association 6. Instagram and fashion brands are a perfect match for each other 7. #VogueInstaFashion:Vogues First Instagram Photo Shoot 8. 8 Ways to use Instagram as a marketing tool 9. 1/ Build your brand This could involve posting images of staff, the companys offices, pets, or cityscapes basically anything that you want the brand image to be associated with. 10. 2/ Shout about your products Nobody wants to follow a brand that just posts boring stock images of its own products, but there are ways of being creative with product images that will keep people entertained.one of our team members took her beau to the west coast this week. can you guess where? #meandmybeau 11. 3/ Launch Competitions Competitions are a common way of starting conversations with users and driving up follower numbers. 12. 4/ A Look Behind the Scenes It acts as a reward for your followers interest in the brand and helps to build customer loyalty. 13. 5/ Brag About Celeb Fans If your brand is lucky enough to have celebrity fans then why not make the most of them? 14. Useful Supporting AppsRegram 15. 6/ #Hashtag People can use them to search for interesting content. 16. Useful Supporting AppsTagstagram 17. 7/ Link it to Foursquare This only really works for businesses with brick-and-mortar locations, but its a great way of injecting some interest into your foursquare listing and hopefully attracting more customers. 18. 8/ Celebrate your Followers Sharing user-generated content is a great way to reward followers and help to increase brand affinity. 19. COMING SOON / Sponsored Ads 20. 3 ways to convert Instagram followers to customers 21. 1/ Make your Instagram followers a part of your inner circle 22. Tease out exclusive offers on your Instagram feed that can be redeemed online and in stores. 23. 2/ Turn your store into a hotspot 24. Think of it as your Field of Dreams approach: If you build it up, they will come. 25. 3/ Follow your fans lead 26. Showcase influential customers wearing your pieces which, in turn, the fashionistas often regram to their followers. 27. Instagram stats 28. 10 Tips for Fashion on Instagram 29. 10 Tips for Fashion on Instagram 1/ Stay true to your brand values 2/ Think of your Instagram feed as a natural extension of your existing online presence 3/ Appeal to your fans desire to be a part of your world 4/ Dont be afraid of a little shameless self-promotion 5/ Engage by showcasing a little personality 6/ Variety is the spice of life, so mix product images with backstage pics 7/ Utilise a branded hashtag to encourage social sharing 8/ Repost images followers have shared that evangelise your brand, to demonstrate engagement 9/ Engage in conversation via comments when you can 10/ Be discerning not everything can be suitably summed up in a single image 30. Taking Photos for Instagram 31. Please Dont. 32. Yes. 33. Product Shots 34. Get the right perspective/angle 35. If youre mouth is not watering, its a bad picture 36. Useful Supporting Apps 37. Interesting Fact: Normal or #nofilter is by far the most popular filter, but it is not the most effective. 38. Instagram Video 39. Sharing 15 second brand moments 40. Your Turn 41. Thank you