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Dane Reynolds. Photo: HURLEY

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32011 Hurley pro official event guide | presented by san clemente times favorite ASP World Tour event of the year. It’s not my favor-ite event just because Hurley is the title sponsor (although we’re proud of that fact). No. I love it more than anything because it’s the ultimate level playing field. The place we get to see just how far surfing is progressing every single year.

Think of the lineup. A two-way peak. Cobblestone bottom. Lined up walls that peel at a perfect speed to do…well, anything you want. And over the decades we’ve watched wild imagina-tions become reality. From Christian Fletcher’s aerial assault in the late ’80s to Kelly Slater’s rookie dream run in 1990 to Dane and Co.’s assault from all angles last year—surfing’s high-per-formance progress report begins and ends at Lower Trestles.


Produced in partnership withSAN CLEMENTE TIMES34932 Calle del Sol, Ste. BCapistrano Beach, CA 92624Phone: 949.388.7700Publisher: Norb GarrettSenior Graphic Designer: Jasmine SmithAd Sales/Marketing Director: Michele Reddick

HuRLEy PRO EvENT STAffHurley Pro General Manager: Jeb SiqueirosOperations Director: Matt Nuzum (IMG)Event Manager: Jennifer Lau (IMG)

Event Coordinator: Tony WodarckContest Director: Pat O’ConnellHurley Media: Evan Slater, Evan Fontaine

ASP North America Manager: Meg BernardoASP North America Media Manager: Dave ProdanASP North America Head Judge: Jeff KlugelASP North America Tour Rep: Mike Martin

SPECIAL THANkS: California State Parks, San Onofre Surfing Foundation, Arrowhead Water, Surfline, FCS, Surfing Magazine, City of San Clemente, Skullcandy



And those who get the highest marks? They tend to shine on the final exam. Just look at 10-time world champ Kelly Slater, who won the Hurley Pro in 2010 and went on to clinch his unprecedented 10th title two events later.

It’s also a cool place to hang out. Located deep in pristine San Onofre State Park, it still feels like an adventure even though you’re a quick sprint from the Interstate-5. The reason it’s still pristine is due in large part to the efforts of people like Rich Haydon at the California State Parks. Without their help and guidance, the Hurley Pro would not exist.

For those of you who can’t attend, we’re making sure that our digital presentation of the Hurley Pro is maybe even better than the real thing. Log on to to see a high definition, nine-camera webcast and content-loaded site that gives you a full download on everything happening—both in the water and on the beach.

The Hurley Pro is the ultimate surf fan’s event. Where our favorite surf stars redefine possible over and over again.

Can’t wait to see what they come up with this year.

See you in the lineup, PAT O’CONNELLHurley Pro Contest Director


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Five things not to do while at Lowers, courtesy of California State Parks South Sector Superintendent Rich Haydon

he average Southern Californian’s daily wa-ter footprint exceeds

1,800 gallons, which includes all the water it takes to manufacture and transport food and other products. But there are plenty of ways to connect the drops. Saving water, even a little bit at a time, can make a huge impact on the health of our wa-tersheds and the environ-ment as a whole.

The Ecology Center and Hurley H2O are dedicated to inspiring everyday ecological solutions that keep our watersheds healthy and ensure a robust water supply for future generations. Global water challenges are not impossible to solve, and we can start by paying a little extra at-tention to our everyday behaviors.

1. Grow your own fruits and veggies or buy seasonal, organic produce from your local farmer’s market. Aside from

the water saved in trans-port and storage, locally grown organic food spares our water supply from pesticides and other pol-lutants. GALLONS SAVED: 150 per day

2. Purchase—and use—a reusable water bottle. Between the manufacture and trans-port of bottled water, it takes nearly seven times the amount of water inside the bottle to make the bottle itself. GALLONS

SAVED: 6 per day3. Turn off unnecessary lighting

and replace incandescent bulbs with CFLs or LEDs. Most of our electricity is generated from steam turbines, meaning it takes water to make electricity. The more effi cient the bulb, the less energy you use and the more water you save. GALLONS SAVED: 5 per day

4. Place a brick in your toilet tank.

4 2011 Hurley pro official event guide | presented by san clemente times



10 Ways to connect the drops, according to Evan Marks of The Ecology Center

Stay out of the wetlands. Besides damaging the fragile resources there, you may also encounter dangerous wildlife such as rattlesnakes.

Do not cross the railroad tracks.Not only is it extremely dangerous, it’s illegal to trespass on the railroad property.

Do not leave your mark. Don’t litter, vandalize signs and outhouses with stickers or write on paved areas with wax. Enjoy the park, ride the waves, pack out your trash and leave the place just a little bit better than you found it.

No hang-ups. Don’t place wetsuits, towels or boards on any of the natural vegetation or on trashcans.

Take the opportunity to understand why Trestles is such a special place. Pause for a moment, take in the beauty, tranquility and sense of the place around you, then try to imag-ine your experience if the Trestles area of San Onofre State Beach were something other than a park.

By displacing tank water, you reduce the amount of water used in every fl ush. GALLONS SAVED: 2 per day

5. Install a drip irrigation system, landscape with native plants and ap-ply mulch. Native and drought-tolerant gardens need less than half the amount of water required by grass lawns and none of the fertilizers or pesticides. GALLONS SAVED: 150 per day

6. Only wash full loads of laundry and retrofit your clothes washer to irri-gate your lawn. Switch to biodegradable, phosphate-free detergent that won’t lead to pollution of our water bodies. GALLONS SAVED: 40 per wash

7. Turn the faucet off while brushing your teeth. This one is a no-brainer. Let’s not use water if we’re not really using it. GALLONS SAVED: 8 per day

8. Take care of the things you have so they last longer. It takes water to

For more info, visit The Ecology Center at 32701 Alipaz, San Juan Capistrano or If you are interested in bringing our mobile water footprinting exhibition, “The Water Shed,” to your school, email [email protected] to schedule an event.

make new things—clothes, iPods, tooth-brushes—so choose your purchases with care. Functionality and practicality always make for good design. GALLONS SAVED: 100s per day

9. Swap a meat-based meal (or two) for a veggie-based meal each week. Aside from the water animals drink, it takes lots of water to grow their feed and process their meat. Taking a step down the food chain leads to big water savings. GALLONS SAVED: 2,000 per week

10. Wash your car at a commercial car wash. A commercial car wash uses less than half the water of the average at-home wash and requires pre-treatment before being sent to the municipal sewer system. GALLONS SAVED: 50 per wash

Looking at Lowers today, it isn’t hard to imagine what the California coast looked like 200 years ago. Photo: HURLEY

Left: The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano. Right: Mark’s new mobile water shed. Photos: Courtesy

Evan Marks of The Ecology Center. Photo: Eric Van Eyke

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6 2011 Hurley pro official event guide | presented by san clemente times

• Missed making the World Title Tour by a fraction in 2008 when he lost in the quarter-finals (one heat short of qualification) at the O’Neill World Cup at Sunset Beach on the North Shore.

• This spring he moved up 30 crucial spots in the One World Ranking by making the final of the Telstra Drug Aware Pro held at his home break in Margaret River, Western Australia.

• Breezed through this year’s Nike US Open of Surfing with huge airs and high scores—until the final against Kelly Slater, where his combined heat total was 2.57.

• Loves his Yorkshire terrier, Eva, dearly. He even brought her onstage during the US Open awards ceremony. The dog barked, “Why didn’t you catch a wave?”

Yadin Nicol

Three new faces enter the ASP Top 32 at the mid-year cut-off


25, Margaret River, Australia

• Recently broke his fibula while chasing typhoons in Japan and won’t be surfing in Lowers. He’ll be out for four to six months, putting a serious damper on his ASP World Tour qualification campaign.

• Comes from a family of serious surfers: dad, Wagner, was a multiple-time Brazilian national champ. His little brother’s already racked up a few national titles himself.

• Knows how to win at Lowers. He took down a stacked field during the Nike 6.0 Lowers Pro there this spring. He kept his

trophy, the gold railroad spike, safely in his pocket for two weeks after the event.

• Really loves Denny’s diner. Tried to go there for his victory meal after Lowers but had to resort to Carrows instead.

• Generally stoked on life, Brazil, surfing and traveling as witnessed by his perma-smile and the abundance of exclamation points in his tweets.

• He is the youngest surfer to ever win a six-star event. At age 16, he won the 2009 Maresia Surf International.

Miguel Pupo19, São Paulo, Brazil

Gabriel Medina18, Maresias, Brazil

Yadin Nicol finished the first half of the year ranked No. 27 in the world. Unfortunately he’ll miss much of the second half after severely breaking his leg. Photo: HURLEY

It didn’t take long for Miguel Pupo to find his way on tour. The 19-year-old finished the first half at 28th in the world. Photo: HURLEY

Gabriel Medina is the big name of this year’s class. He rose to 16th in the world and will look to translate his phenomenal talent to the World Tour. Photo: HURLEY

t’s a brutal process and, judging from some surfers’ public opinions (ahem, Bobby Martinez), it isn’t exactly wholly embraced.

But rules are rules, and after last week’s Quiksilver Pro in New York, the world’s best have officially reshuffled as the One World Ranking system goes into effect. Sadly, we’re forced to say good-bye to a couple of surf-ers—CJ Hobgood, Gabe Kling, Adam Melling and Martinez—but we also get to say hello to three new ones. Fans, meet these guys. These guys, meet fans. Lots of them.


• Won the Lacanau Pro Junior in France in August. And not only that, but he won every single heat on his way to the podium.

• His favorite number is 10 — or it sure seems that way as he posted three of them in 2009 during the King of the Groms and then three more last month at the Lacanau Pro Junior.

• The young Brazilian disproves the “you are what you eat” theory since he succeeds on a steady diet of junk food.

• He strongly opposes the name Gabe. It’s Gabriel, so get it straight because you’ll no doubt be hearing it a lot; and most likely next to the number “10” or the words “first place.”

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n 2010, the Hurley Pro was voted the best event of the year on the ASP World Tour—not by the media or the ASP, but by

the surfers. With athlete treatment an even higher priority at this year’s Hurley Pro, look for Hurley to re-set the standard for athlete hospitality.

Valet parking will continue at this year’s event. Parking at a surf event has never been easier, with a reserved spot (based on a surfer’s world ranking) and private shuttle to the beach, there’s no headaches (or excuses)

8 2011 Hurley pro official event guide | presented by san clemente times

IRolling out the red carpet for the world’s best surfers



There’s never been more ways to watch The Hurley Pro



et’s be candid here: traveling to Low-ers to watch a contest is a mission. There’s the parking. The long walks.

The shuttle wait. The limited cobblestone space. All worth it, but there are other ways to enjoy the Hurley Pro without all the hassle. And those ways—on your TV screen, monitor or smart phone—will be better than ever. More than 1 million people are expected to tune into the 2011 Hurley Pro webcast for live coverage of the event at Lowers. The stream will come through in full 1080i high defini-tion and will feature nine unique camera angles, six of which will exclusively cover the drama unfolding in the water. Expect split screen comparisons of waves, mul-tiple angle instant replays, heat recaps, a Portuguese feed for our Brazilian friends and Daily Highlights.

In addition to the live webcast on, the event will also air live on Oceanic Time Warner Hawaii, Time Warner LA, San Diego and Desert Cities, ESPN Brazil, FUEL TV Australia, Europe, Middle East and Africa. But, there are those who aren’t in front of a computer all day or don’t have the appropriate cable package, and believe it or not, don’t live in regions where live coverage is offered. Enter the Hurley Pro App. Put it at the top of your “To Download” list. Remember, no stream-ing and driving (Hurley’s not responsible for any accidents as a result of our App’s awesomeness).

about getting there on time for your heat. If there are similarities between this

year’s athlete area and, say, an NBA locker room or MLB clubhouse, it’s by design. Each surfer has a personal locker complete with board racks and a space to hang contest jerseys and clothes. Back again are the personalized jerseys with surfer ranking on the back. And, if surfers want or need anything (within reason) during the event—tickets to a concert, a game or Dis-neyland—Hurley has a concierge for that.

Other notable athlete perks include: private dressing rooms, hot showers, ding repair and a personal training slash warm- up area that features stationary bikes, yoga mats, stretching chords, exercise balls, etc.

What does this mean for us, you might ask? Think of it this way: The better the top surfers are taken care of on land, the better they’ll perform in the water. In other words: Look for the world’s best to take it into the stratosphere in 2011.


Photo: hURLEY

For our friends and followers


Twitter@hurley and @hurley_girls


Photo: hURLEY

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Check in, Win stuff

he world we live in is hyper-connected (yeah, we saw your Facebook check-in at Pipes Cafe; oh, and we got your tweet

about it, too)—we know what you’re doing, when you’re doing it and who’s there with you. Running with this idea, we bring you the Hurley Pro Score Card, which gives your social media musings purpose. Now you can pollute your friends’ streams and feeds with check-ins and tweets for a perfectly logical reason—free stuff.

10 2011 Hurley pro official event guide | presented by san clemente times



The Art Wall—a different take on the Hurley Pro


SAKEook to the right of the event scaffolding at the Hurley Pro and you’ll immediately notice a collection of wheat-pasted photos with a different mood. Those photos, taken by legendary artist/

photographer/writer Craig Stecyk, will show you things you won’t see on the webcast. Expressions. Moments. Cute, furry animals. Stecyk is the master at capturing the unexpected, and his work will be displayed daily at The Hurley Pro art wall. The Hurley Pro can’t wait to see what Mr. Stecyk will do with it.

Hurley Pro Retail StoreSan Onofre State Beach - Lower Trestles, California

H2O BoothSan Onofre State Beach - Lower Trestles, California

Hobie100 S. El Camino Real, San Clemente, California 9267210% Off any Hurley product

Skullcandy724 S. El Camino Real, San Clemente, California 92672Get a gift with any purchase at the Skullcandy store

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Pipes Cafe2017 S. El Camino Real, San Clemente, California 9267210% Off any purchase

Fisherman’s Restaurant/San Clemente Pier611 Avenida Victoria, San Clemente, California 92672With purchase of any entree, receive complimentary prawn cocktail

Rose’s Sugar Shack2319 S. El Camino Real, San Clemente, California 9267215% Off any purchase

*Prizes are only offered as long as supplies last

Photo: hURLEY

HOW IT WORKS:Grab your Hurley Pro Score Card at the event.

Dial in your card with your social network info.

Scan, share, score prizes.Photo: hURLEY

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14 2011 Hurley pro official event guide | presented by san clemente times

he winds of change are stirring once again. If you haven’t already noticed, there’s a growing legion of 18-and-un-

der surfers with the real ability to topple the world’s best in a heat. Their secret? Turning the aerial from an exclamation point to the sentence itself. Never before has it become such a functional, high-percentage part of surfing a heat. At Lowers, that fact is only am-plified and can’t necessarily be replicated by a handful of the Top 10. But that doesn’t mean kids like Gabriel Medina and Miguel Pupo will automatically fly through their heats. Here are takes from a few of the industry’s most insightful observers on how the new genera-tion will stack up against the establishment at this year’s Hurley Pro.

Chris Gallagher, current coach of many World Tour standout surfers

If it were up to me, I would tell the youngsters to control priority and wait for the biggest, best sets. But, being young, they might want to ride a ton of waves to keep a rhythm, reduce nerves and hope they end up on the bombs and com-plete their big maneuvers.

When it comes to Kelly Slater’s approach at Lowers, he will do what he always does. Surf bet-ter than everyone else, get an early lead, keep the pressure on and watch his competitors crumble.

It’s going to be an amazing event, especially since it’s the first stop after the midyear cut off. Some great young rookies will be coming in as lower seeds, going big and launching airs with nothing to lose. It’s so cool that 17-year-olds and

40-year-olds are equally relevant in our sport. It makes for great matchups, story lines and is inspiring for everyone.

This year’s matchups should be fun to watch and could really affect the title race. Let’s just pray for swell!

Shane Beschen, former World Tour standout, coach and San Clemente local

There are going to be some amazing match-ups this year. The young guys like Gabriel Medina and Miguel Pupo will be new faces on tour, in there mixing it up with crazy airs.

When it comes to both groups of surfers [the youngsters and the veterans], I think they are both challenged in different ways. Guys like Slater, Joel “Parko” Parkinson and Mick Fanning have the power surfing down, but will need to step up to the table when it comes to the big airs. And at the same time, guys like Me-dina and Pupo have their big airs dialed in, but are going to have to try and mix in some power moves if they hope to make it past the veterans.

Whoever gets the best waves at Lowers and capitalizes on them by combining power carves with big airs will come out on top in the end.

But I wouldn’t bet against Slater right now. He’s starting to get all the airs dialed and is one of the best power surfers out there. The guy is incredible and keeps proving he can win in anything from 2-foot Huntington Beach to 15-foot Teahupo’o. It will be tough for anyone to stop his momentum at this year’s Hurley Pro.

What generation has the advantage at the Hurley Pro?

Mike Parsons, big-wave legend and current coach of San Clemente’s rising superstar Kolohe Andino

We’re going to see some great, classic matchups this year at Lowers. Depending on the surf, anyone can win. If it’s small, look for guys like Pupo, Medina and Yadin Nicol to do well—boosting airs on whatever they can find. If it’s big, 6-foot roping rights like last year, I think the guys like Slater, Parkinson and Fan-ning will be the ones to beat since they’ll have more room to move around, do more than just airs and really utilize the whole wave with their rail surfing.

In order to win, the young guys need to commit and attack the first section of the wave with big moves to expose the veteran’s weak-nesses. By making a statement right off the bat

and not playing into the veteran’s games, they’ll have the opportunity to go right at the older guys with something they are unable to do.

When it comes down to the actual wave, Lowers is a lot different than something like Huntington. It allows surfers to draw more lines and win with maneuvers other than one big air. The judges will be looking for a com-plete performance—something like a big air on the first section linked with some aggressive turns all the way through and a strong finishing move on the inside.

Whoever makes the most mistakes—doesn’t land their big airs, bobbles on a turn or is surf-ing with poor style (which a wave like Lowers can really expose)—will be penalized by the judges. The airs are risky, but that’s what it’s going to take for the younger guys to win at this year’s Hurley Pro.



At 39, Kelly Slater’s surfing continues to evolve, leaving him—yet again—within striking distance of another World Title. Photo: HURLEY

Kolohe Andino, more so than any other surfer 20 or under, embodies the change presently washing over the sport. Young and confident, and capable of winning anywhere—especially in his backyard at Lowers. Photo: HURLEY

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