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  • Guide To Become a Freelance Web Developer

    Web developers like you sit at your desk for hours, wrestling with code, trying to put everything

    together, creating and recreating wireframes and so on. Web development is as inevitable as the World

    Wide Web or www. Web development has been in high regard ever since the turn of the century.

    Some of you work for big IT organisations and sometimes take up other projects by the side. Some

    others freelance fulltime and still manage to make enough money as their corporate counterparts. The

    trend of fulltime freelance continues to rise as the amount of work available and the pay scales on offer,

    present a more viable and lucrative option to your regular office work.

    Job Duties:

    Web developers have a host of duties, which they must fulfil at the job. Some of the important ones that

    you will encounter mostly include:

    Checking website requirements, like objective, inputs needed and output requirements.

    Write the code from scratch, or be able to manipulate blue prints laid down to meet business


    Prepare a workflow chart using subject matter, programming languages and logic.

    Encode workflow information to computer language.

    Create, execute and test the website

    Upload the site to a server; register the site with search engines.

  • Skills :

    Web development is a crucial skill in todays world, with the internet playing a more important role, in

    how we conduct business. To be a moderately successful web developer, you need to have these skills.

    Programming Skills

    Problem Solving skills

    Software Development

    Graphics skills

    Software documentation


    Adaptable to newer technologies


    Team Player

    These are, but some of the major skill sets that recruiters look for while signing on potential web

    developers. You can learn many of the skills needed online. Develop PHP, w3 Schools, Allison, Code

    Academy and Home and Learn offer various courses on web development, both paid-for and free


    Being Successful as a Freelance Web Developer :

    A web developers success is measured by the functionality of a website, the innovations in the work

    and the functionalities you add to its code, and how it finally performs. However, employers usually

    measure a freelance web developers success in much the same way that they measure other

    freelancers: ratings and reviews.There are many other aspects to being successful than simply a review

    and a rating. Some of the ways you can get on the path to success as a web developer include:

    Building a technical portfolio, contributing to open source projects like GitHub

    Being an algorithmic, analytical thinker

    Understanding a technical problem and trying to overcome it, and not simply modifying the

    code until it works.

    Networking with people, leveraging your network to find work

    Being able to develop a good working relationship with employers

  • Average Remunerations

    Web development is one of the most important jobs in the world today, with websites usually leading

    the way in many organisations daily activities.

    Usually freelance portals offer two generic kinds of payment models to freelancers. Fixed-price, where

    the price is usually pre-determined and a budget is sanctioned which you can bid for, and the hourly

    payment model where the employer decides on an hourly pay. Usually a fixed price model may range

    from $50-500 upwards, while you have to pitch for hourly projects, which usually range from $5-35 an

    hour, with average payments at $20 per hour.

    Finding Work:

    Finding work as a freelance web developer is not difficult and there are many portals where you can

    advertise your services. It is a reasonably well paid job and there are thousands of opportunities for

    prospective work-at-home web developers like you.

    Web development is a crucial skill, which is essential to the digital market, and there is no shortage of

    websites offering work. Many portals and websites like Elance, Odesk, Guru, Get a Coder,

    Peopleperhour and Freelancer offer many opportunities for freelance web developers like you.


    As web developers, there are many resources available to you that can help you hone your web

    development skills. Many websites, channels and even forums offer training videos, interactive training

    sessions and exercise and demo pages where you can test code.

    Some of the popular choices for web developers remain Develop PHP, w3 Schools, Allison, Code

    Academy and Home and Learn offer various courses on web development, in both paid-for and free

    varieties on how to learn web development online.

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