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  • Fundraising via campaigning Glyn Thomas @glynmthomas
  • Goals Recruit new activists to email list. Ensure activists stay engaged. Encourage activists to make one-off donation. Become regular givers.
  • Strategy Welcome new people. Range of online actions. Email comms strategy segmentation, testing, reactivation. Encourage one-off donations. Telemarketing.
  • Outcomes 277% increase in online actions. Increased overall donor base by 6%. Over 1000 new one-off donors.
  • Care 2 2 actions but no donation Bankers Anonymous Facebook 1 action & one- off donation Care2 3 actions & one- off donation 6.3% 7.9% 10.2% 15.2% Telemarketing results
  • 1.
  • 1. Segmentation
  • 1. Segmentation Never made a donation previously but taken action on food campaign Never made a donation previously and not taken action on food campaign Previous one-off donor Regular giver
  • 2. Email is vital Testing. Easy to send multiple versions and have multiple strands at no extra cost. Range of content. Automation.
  • 3. Series of online actions Narrative. Tailored versions of campaign actions.
  • 4. Lots of opportunities to make first donation (without pissing people off too much) Straight after taking online action. Crowdfunding. Tailored versions of financial appeals.
  • 5. Campaigns and Fundraising collaborate
  • Five key things for fundraising via campaigning 1. Segmentation of all comms 2. Email is vital 3. Series of online actions - narrative 4. Lots of opportunities for first donation 5. Campaigns & fundraising collaborate
  • Or in one word Testing