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A community arts project that celebrates sustainability and action on climate change in the Mount Alexander Shire.


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  • To find out more about this project contact:

    Mount Alexander Sustainability GroupPh: +613 5470 6978E:

    Deanna Neville (Focus on Community)Ph: +614 28 751 090E: deanna@focusoncommunity.orgW:

  • Flying the flag for sustainability

    Flying the flag for sustainability is a project developed by the Mount Alexander Sustainability Group (MASG) based in Castlemaine, Central Victoria. Our aim was to acknowledge and celebrate local community groups, businesses and organisations who were addressing issues around climate change and sustainability and to tell their stories to inspire others. A growing body of research points to the arts as a great tool in raising awareness around sustainability themes and be-havioural change. With this in mind, MASG began to build community awareness through arts workshops and discus-sions with members of the 12 participating organisations. Their ideas and themes were designed into colourful flags by local graphic artist, Alice Steel, and the concepts around climate change and sustainability modelled in an attractive and cohesive representation.

    The numerous inspiring actions by the participating groups represented in the flag designs include using less energy, purchasing 100% Greenpower, growing food, sustainable renovations, land restoration, reducing, reusing and recy-cling and promoting sustainability. And thats just a few.

    Flying the flag for sustainability was launched at the Phee Broadway Gallery in Castlemaine in December 2010 and the flags are available to participating groups and other organisations for display at events and venues. Please contact MASG for inquiries.

    Thanks are extended to the participating groups:

    Harcourt Valley Primary School . Theatre Royal . Ron D Swan . Castlemaine Cub Scouts . The Hub Plot . Trust for Nature . Castlemaine Independent . Castlemaine Community House . Windarring . Mount Alexander Shire Council . Bendigo TAFE . St Marys Youth Group

    Flying the flag for sustainability was supported by Helen McPherson Trust and Greensprings, community development worker Deanna Neville (Focus on Community), flag design by Alice Steel and graphic design by Smith and Brown. Thanks also extended to MASG for its continued foresight to be innovative, creative and community focussed.

  • The relationships we forge through becoming involved with others in our community are an important part of our lives.When we participate and share our time and skills with others we are enriched by that experience.

    At Castlemaine Community House we meet with each other to share delicious meals at our community lunch, to sing with one of our five community choirs, to join in with the craft group or one of the many other activities we present, and through providing young families with a place to bring their children. And of course, there is much more on offer in our diverse program which engages both young and old and every age in between.

    If you are interested in finding out more, why not come to our community lunch on Tuesdays at 27 Lytttleton Street or have a look at what else is on offer by checking out our website,, or give us a call on 5472 4842. You will be most welcome!

    Local people taking local action on climate change

    Castlemaine Community House



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    ity H


  • Bendigo TAFE is committed to becoming a leader in the field of Education for Sustainability. This is one of the biggest steps in the process of achieving the cultural change needed to make sustainable practices an everyday part of mainstream society. Our goal is to embed sustainable practices into all the training programs that we delivery across the whole institute, this is from Nursing to Construction, Education to Hospitality and everything that we do.

    We hope that graduates leave Bendigo TAFE with the skills and knowledge to make the informed decisions today that will benefit the planet in the future. These students will be the agents of change in the workplace, marketplace and all other areas of our society, whose actions will influence others to review their everyday practices to become a more sustainable society.

    Local people taking local action on climate change

    Bendigo TAFE

  • Theres a backyard garden growing food to eatBehind The Hub, in Barker Street,Showing how to grow organic vegetables and fruit,Run by volunteers from Mount Alexander Sustainability Group.

    Holy water from the roof of the church next doorWith utterly edible compost means the plants are never poor.Food scraps from The Good Table plus happy well-fed wormsHelp the seedlings grow strong enough to fight off pests and germs.

    When you see the vibrant vegetables youll certainly be inspired,Take time to sit beneath the shady tree if feeling flat or tired.Come and learn about making compost or how to prune your fruit trees,You can share gardening tips with others, its a place to learn with ease.

    From wicking beds to gathering seeds -- tranquility surrounds here,Come learn or try or teach or dig mellow fruitfulness abounds here.

    Judy Tregear

    The Hub Plot

    Local people taking local action on climate change

  • Castlemaine Independent was founded in early 2010, and we are making journalism indispensable indispensable to our community and our world. We are doing it without paper, on green power and without fossil fuels. But our biggest transformation is in our news. News organisations could contribute to human consciousness, but theres nothing about transformation in papers, very little about community development or individual responsibility.

    Traditional journalism does conflict but not consensus. It reports on extreme points of view to sell papers, but life has more of the nuances you see in a novel than in a news story. The traditional media encourage us to consume more. This all helps shape our world.

    Many of our stories are about community building. In a world where journalism and media thrive on conflict and consumption, Castlemaine Independent is dedicated to developing, building and transforming community. CI is part of the phenomenon known as the new news, which is about empowering citizens to be citizens. CI is engaged in this change investigating and experimenting with news and its place in the world.

    Castlemaine Independent

    Local people taking local action on climate change

  • Ron D Swan makes products that he hopes will help inspire people to ride bicycles everyday. Being a tyre swan, he does alot of thinking about being environmentally friendly and sustainably eco and green.

    In business and at home, Ron has covered the easy stuff like using GreenPower, 100% post consumer waste office paper and compact fluoros. Now he wants to make his Grandma really proud. So he designs and tests and researches and tests and researches and designs. He looks proudly at his recycling roots and looks forward to his cradle to cradle future. Meanwhile, he sews your high quality panniers, bags and reflective gear after riding to work, enjoying the creeks, waving at passers-by and experiencing life more fully.

    All this to help you look very, very stylish whilst riding your bicycle.

    Ron D Swan

    Local people taking local action on climate change

  • An adult disability services and support organisation, Windarring has a strong ethic for social sustainability which centres around community inclusiveness and choice. Participants access a broad range of local community activities, such as the community choir at the Castlemaine Community House and being involved in this project. For their Flying the flag for sustainability design, several participants, workers and friends collated a visual interpretation of some of their sustainable prac-tices. Recycling paper is a major component, as it is shredded then processed into colourful hand-made paper and transformed into beautiful cards or writing paper. The collecting and crushing of aluminium cans also forms a major part of recycling as well as fundraising. Seedlings are raised and a garden growing, the cooking program taking great advantage of that. A triple bottom line for Windarring (social, enconomic and sus-tainable) is a strong focus and we have a lot of fun doing it.


    Local people taking local action on climate change


  • Trust for Nature

    Local people taking local action on climate change





    ture Healthy ecosystems are the basis of human wellbeing and the primary objective of all actions that promote ecological

    sustainability. The ecosystems in urgent need of conservation in Victoria are grasslands, grassy woodlands and wetlands. These areas are now predominantly restricted to private land and con-tinue to come under pressure from competing land uses.

    The work of Trust for Nature is therefore important if these threatened ecosystems are to survive. The Trust can help landholders put covenants on the title of their land that protect the natural values forever. Land can also be purchased through the revolving fund. The Trust also advances private nature conservation through its capacity to receive gifts or bequests, and through fundraising activities.