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  • Flying the Flag: National flags and their meanings
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  • What is a national flag? A national flag symbolises a country. People first used flags to identify different sides on the battlefield. Many modern flags are based on old military ones. The colours and shapes on a flag are designed to mean something.
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  • The red of the flag is the colour of revolution. The large gold star represents "the Common Program of the Communist Party (who rule this country). The smaller gold stars represent the four classes united by the common programme in this country. Whose flag? Chinas!
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  • Whose flag? Blue is the colour of Saint Martin, a rich officer who ripped his blue cloak with his sword to give one half of it to a poor man. This is the symbol of care, of the duty that the rich had to help the poor. White is the colour of the Virgin Mary and Joan of Arc, under whose banner the English were finally driven out of this kingdom (in the 15th century). It then became the colour of royalty. Red is the colour of Saint Denis, the patron saint of this countrys capital. The original war banner of the kings was the red oriflamme [war banner] of Saint Denis. Frances!
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  • Whose flag? Black represents the people of this nation. Red represents blood and the struggle for independence. Green represents agriculture and natural resources. The white strips represent unity and peace. The shield is typical of that used by one of this countrys tribes. It symbolises the defence of freedom. Kenyas!
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  • Whose flag? Red cross on white is the flag of St George. White cross on blue is the flag of St Andrew. Red diagonal on white is cross of St Patrick. This flag dates from 1801. Other proposals for this flag. The United Kingdoms!
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  • Whose flag? This flag is said to symbolise white tin metal in black tin ore. Some say it represents the light of truth shining through the darkness of evil. It is the flag of St Piran. It is very similar to other Celtic flags. Cornwalls!
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  • This is a new design for the Cornish flag, held at Cornwall Record Office
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  • Saltire is the name for this type of cross
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  • Can you design your own flag?


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