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<ul><li><p>8 PAGE GUIDE</p><p>EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWSPRIDE FC</p><p>UFC IN THE UK</p><p>OVER 50 OF THE WORLDS BIGGEST MMA STARS SMASH IN TO THE NEC, BIRMINGHAM ON MAY 12 AND 13</p><p>INCLUDING BJ PENN, RANDY COUTURE, MICHAEL BISPING</p><p> + MANY MORE</p><p>HENDO, COLEMAN, TRIGG &amp; SOKOUDJOU</p><p>LOOK BACK WITH PRIDE</p><p>A COMPREHENSIVE LOOK AT THE UFC IN THE UK</p><p>WWW.</p><p>FIGHT</p><p>ERSM</p><p>AG.CO</p><p>.UK</p><p>SPECIAL SOUVENIR COLLECTORS EDITION</p><p>MAY ISSUE - 3.95</p><p>PLUS AN EXCLUSIVE TRAINING MASK FEATURE WITH SEAN SHERK</p><p>GET YOUR SURIVIVAL GUIDE FOR THE MMA SHOW LIVE</p><p>ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: ULTIMATE FIGHTER RETRO BJJ IN MMA WRESTLING IN MMA MARK MUNOZ BEN HENDERSON DAN HENDERSON JAKE SHIELDS MMA JUDGING CRITERIA </p></li><li><p>PAGE6</p><p>CONTENTS</p><p>EDITORIAL8 RANDY COUTURE</p><p>12 MICHAEL BISPING</p><p>16 BJ PENN</p><p>20 DAN HENDERSON</p><p>24 TRAINING MASK</p><p>28 JAKE SHIELDS</p><p>32 LOOKING BACK WITH PRIDE</p><p>35 THE MMA SHOW LIVE SURVIVAL GUIDE</p><p>44 TUF RETROSPECTIVE</p><p>50 MMA JUDGING DEBATE</p><p>52 QUICKFIRE Q&amp;A</p><p>54 LEX MCMAHON</p><p>56 MARK MUNOZ</p><p>60 UFC IN THE UK</p><p>66 HAYWIRE</p><p>70 KENNY JOHNSON</p><p>72 KO BULLYING</p><p>76 THE RAID</p><p>80 BEN HENDERSON</p><p>So here it is, the issue youve all been waiting for, the souvenir collectors edition of Fighters Magazine celebrating Europes biggest ever MMA fan expo, The MMA Show Live!</p><p>Normally, youd be reading the words of Fighters Magazine owner, Paul Clifton, but Ive tied him up in my basement and hijacked his magazine for a month. I GEREGXYEPP]LIEVLMWQYJIHWGVIEQWEW-X]TIXLMWMREMisery kind of way. Dont worry though, I wont be doing any hobbling yet.</p><p>Its been a manic few months leading up to this show. Every ambition we had for the show has become a reality and every vision we have the future is now just EVSYRHXLIGSVRIV8LIJERWKLXIVWERHMRHYWXV]LEWmade this show happen, and I will always be eternally grateful.</p><p>We have some fantastic interviews in this issue JIEXYVMRKX[SSJQ]EPPXMQIJEZSYVMXIKLXIVW(ERHenderson and BJ Penn. Hendo gives us a candid look at his 205 title shot against Jonny Bones Jones and BJ talks retirement and relaxation.</p><p>We also take a look at the evolution of Wrestling and BJJ in MMA as well as looking back at both PRIDE and The Ultimate Fighter, two areas of MMA that I TIVWSREPP]RHVIZSPYXMSREV]</p><p>Ive enjoyed every second of creating this issue and Id like to thank Dan Burgess, Bryan Levick and Matt Freeman for stepping up and helping me. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it together!</p><p>To hear the ramblings of a mad man, make sure you JSPPS[QISR8[MXXIV$PMEQWLIVYO</p><p>See you all on May 12 and 13 in Birmingham at The MMA Show Live!</p><p>Liam</p></li><li><p> PAGE7</p><p>FIGHTERSMAG.CO.UK</p><p>8 RANDY COUTURE</p><p>PUBLISHERPaul S. Clifton</p><p></p><p>GUEST EDITOR IN CHIEF Liam Fisher</p><p>SENIOR DESIGNERKevin Thompson</p><p>GUEST GRAPHIC DESIGNERDan Burgess</p><p>GUEST FEATURES WRITERMatt Freeman</p><p>WEBMASTERNick Harley</p><p>ADVERTISING/SALES EXECUTIVEJan Harley 0121-351-6930KLXIVW$FXGSRRIGXGSQ</p><p>PHOTOGRAPHYCarrie Austin 07716266854</p><p>IRISH MMA SUB EDITORThomas McCullough</p><p>UK THAI SUB EDITORDan Green </p><p>UK MMA SUB EDITORRob Nutley</p><p>UK BJJ SUB EDITORCarl Fisher</p><p>UK KICKBOXING SUB EDITORCris Janson-Piers </p><p>UK BOXING SUB EDITORSLuke Calvert, Mark Wilson Smith</p><p>THAI / KICKBOXINGTony Myers, Shaun Boland, Paul Hennessy, </p><p>Bob Spour, Neil Holden, Dean Sugden, Carl Emery</p><p>CONTRIBUTORSSteve Dileo, Bryan Levick, Fergus Dullaghan, Ben Cartlidge, Liam Fisher, Teddy Galbally, </p><p>Craig Bush, Rocki Sondhi, Tommy Thompson</p><p>HOW TO GET WORK PUBLISHED(VSTYWERIQEMPEXKLXIVW$QEVXMEPEVXWMRTVMRXGSQor give the editorial team a call on 0121 351 6930</p><p>NEWS ITEMSFor all news related items, simply mark your envelope FIGHTERS NEWSLINE </p><p>and together with a photograph (if required) and a covering letter, send it to: FIGHTERS, ,IEH3JGISV)1EMPKLXIVWRI[W$FXGSRRIGXGSQ</p><p>HEAD OFFICE:Unit 20, Maybrook Business Park, Maybrook Road, 7YXXSR'SPHIPH;IWX1MHPERHW&amp;&amp;)</p><p>8IP)1EMPKLXIVWQEKE^MRI$FXGSRRIGXGSQ</p><p>ADVERTISING DETAILSIf you would like to advertise in FIGHTERS email us at KLXIVW$QEVXMEPEVXWMRTVMRXGSQXSSFXEMRHIXEMPW</p><p>deadline dates and costs.</p><p>DISCLAIMERFIGHTERS is published by M.A. Publications Ltd, </p><p>Unit 20, Maybrook Business Park, Maybrook Road, 7YXXSR'SPHIPH;IWX1MHPERHW&amp;&amp;)8LITYFPMWLIVWVIWIVZIXLIVMKLXXSVINIGXIHMXSVMEPERHSVEHZIVXMWMRKQEXIVMEPEWXLI]WIIX8LI4YFPMWLIVWEGGITXRSVIWTSRWMFMPMX]JSVthe return of unsolicited material. However, the Publishers will endeavour to return such </p><p>matter providing that it is accompanied by a stamped addressed envelope. Any material ac-cepted by the Publishers shall be revised or altered should the Publisher deem it necessary to do so. The act of submitting manuscripts and/or materials shall be considered an express warranty that such material is original and in no way infringes upon the rights of others. It </p><p>is expressly forbidden for any part of the magazine to be reported whatsoever without the permission of Editor / Publishers. The views or comments expressed in these pages are not </p><p>necessarily those of the editor or Publisher. Distribution by COMAG.</p><p>No part of this magazine may be produced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form without prior permission. Fighters, may not be sold at more than the recomended </p><p>retail price shown on the cover.</p><p>SUBSCRIPTION RATESTo take out a subscription to Fighters, just send your cheque for the correct amount made </p><p>payable to M.A. Publications ltd. to: Subscription Dept. Unit 20, Maybrook Business Park, 1E]FVSSO6SEH7YXXSR'SPHIPH;IWX1MHPERHW&amp;&amp;)</p><p>or telephone: 0121-351 693012 issues = UK @ 44.95 EUROPE @ 75 (Airmail) </p><p>REST OF WORLD @ 90 (Airmail)</p></li><li><p>RANDY COUTURECaptain America is ready for England</p><p>There really is no introduction necessary when it comes to Randy The Natural Couture. His many ac-colades are well known in the world of mixed martial arts and when his name is mentioned peoples heads turn and they think of the many great moments Cap-tain America has provided fans throughout his re-markable 14 year career. He has left an indelible mark on the sport and despite no longer being an active KLXIVLIMWWXMPPZIV]QYGLMRZSPZIHMR11%When something has been part of your life for so long and has given you so many fantastic memories you never truly can get it out of your system. Couture LEWVIQEMRIHFYW]WMRGILMWPEWXKLXEKEMRWX0]SXSMachida at UFC 129 in April of 2011. He has caught the acting bug starring in such movies as The Expenda-bles and its sequel. He is still coaching a large stable of KLXIVWEXLMW0EW:IKEWFEWIHK]Q</p></li><li><p>RANDY COUTUREUFC HALL OF FAMER</p><p>TITLES:9*'0-+,8,)%:=;)-+,8</p><p>,)%:=;)-+,88-80)7</p><p>LAST FIGHT:LYOTO MACHIDA (L)</p><p>RECORD:19-11-0</p><p>MMA SHOW LIVE SCHEDULE</p><p>SATURDAY MAY 1210:00: SIGNING SESSION AT THE XTREME COUTURE STAND</p><p>SUNDAY MAY 1314:30: WRESTLING IN MMA DISCUSSION ON THE MAIN STAGE16:00: WRESTLING SEMINAR AT THE WRESTLING ZONE</p><p>A\gflj]Yddq_]ll`]al[`lg_`lYkA^]]dAeY\]l`]ja_`l\][akagf&amp;</p><p> PAGE9</p></li><li><p>MICHAEL BISPINGEa[`Y]d:akhaf_2Ogjcaf_;dYkk@]jg</p><p>8LI[SVOMRKGPEWWKLXIVJVSQ'PMXLIVSILIPTIHTYX11%MRXLIWTSXPMKLXMRXLI9/FYXLIMWEWLYQFPIEWIZIVERHNYWXLETT]XSKIXXLI[MRWMRWMHIXLI3GXEKSRERHIEVRLMWWLSXEXXLIXMXPI</p><p>Talking to Michael The Count Bisping about MMA and his role as one of the biggest UK stars, he is quick to play down the hype. Far from thinking of himself as EEKFIEVIVJSVXLIWTSVXSVEWWSQIOMRHSJMGSRMGKYVI[MXLXLIJERW1MOISV1MGOEWLIMWORS[REQSRKWXLMWJVMIRHWERHJEQMP]MR'PMXLIVSIMWEWdown-to-earth as they come. When people come up XSQIERHXIPPQILS[KVIEX-EQEJXIVEKLX-HSRXreally know what to say. Being an inspiration to peo-TPIERH]SYRKKLXIVWMWKVIEXFYX-QNYWXEREZIVEKIbloke, Mike says thoughtfully. Im no better than ER]FSH]IPWI7SQIKLXIVWXLMROXLI] VIVS]EPX]FYXIm just a working class lad who has worked hard and done well. For Bisping, it is all about working hard and getting the wins. I never think that Im some kind of big star. I dont even like to think that I have fans and Im quick to correct people on that. I think of them as supporters. Supporters who are great, especially every XMQI-KLXMRXLI9/&amp;YXQEMRP]XLI]EVIJERWSJXLIUFC. However, as modest and humble as Mike is, any-</p><p>one who has been to a UK UFC event when he has fought knows just how loyal those British MMA fans are for the man who has done so much in the sport. -GERX[EMXXSKLXMRXLI9/EKEMR8LIPEWXXMQI[EWERHMX WEP[E]WI\GMXMRKXSKLXLIVI-QEREnglishman through and through. Back in the UK to appear at the MMA Live show in Birmingham, Bisping said hed have attended as a fan even if he wasnt on the line up.</p><p>It is this kind of attitude that has endeared him to so QER]JERW%LEVH[SVOIXLMGEIVGIKLXMRKWX]PIERH</p><p>an unwavering sense of humour has seen Mike rise up the ranks. After winning The Ultimate Fighter series 3 as a light-heavyweight, Bisping has fought the majority of his career inside the Octagon. Dropping to mid-dleweight after a close split decision loss to Rashad Evans, The Count has taken on some of the best in the business racking up three Fight of the Night bonuses along the way. Technically vicious wins over the likes of Chris Leben, Denis Kang and Yoshihiro Akiyama have all earned Bisping a reputation for being a skilled ERHI\TPSWMZIKLXIV[LMPWXFMXXIVJIYHW[MXL.SVKIRivera and Jason Miller set up some intensely thrilling wars inside the cage. Having spent much of his career training out of the Wolfslair, near Manchester, Bisping recently made the move out to California. My girl-friend is from Australia and her family all moved back. She didnt really like it and didnt have any ties in the UK, reveals Mike about the mother of his children. So, we compromised and moved to the US. Obvi-ously, there is better training out there but it is also about living life. I was ready for the change. Youve got to live your life. Whilst it is a fantastic opportunity for his family, it is also a great decision for Mikes career having recently trained with the likes of Jake Shields and Dean Lister.</p><p>Southern California is a hub for MMA. It seems like theres a gym on every street corner and therere loads of talented guys out there to train with like Jake and Dean, Mike says. Im mainly based out of Huntingdon Beach at the Ultimate Training Centre. Ive been friends with Tiki [Ghosn] for a long time but I also try to mix it up and train with some other guys out there. Training with Jake Shields ahead of XLI'LEIP7SRRIRQMHHPI[IMKLXGSRXIRHIVKLXNYWXshows the obvious advantages Bisping is affording </p><p>A[YfloYallg_`lafl`]MCY_Yaf&amp;L`]dYkllae]oYk*()(Yf\alkYdoYqk]p[alaf_</p><p>lg_`l`]j]&amp;</p><p>IMA</p><p>GE</p><p> CO</p><p>PY</p><p>RIG</p><p>HT</p><p> TO</p><p> ZU</p><p>FFA</p><p>PAGE12</p><p>To Read More Articles Like This Make </p><p>Sure You Get The Next Issue Of Fighters Available From</p><p>Wh Smith &amp; All Good Newsagents</p></li><li><p>MICHAEL BISPINGUFC MIDDLEWEIGHT</p><p>LAST FIGHT: CHAEL SONNEN (L)</p><p>NEXT FIGHT :TIM BOETSCH - UFC 148</p><p>RECORD:22-4-0</p><p>AefgZ]ll]jl`YfYfqZg\q]dk]&amp;Kge]_`l]jkl a`fcl`]qj]jgqYdlqZmlAebmklYogjcaf_[dYkkdY\o`g`Ykogjc]\`Yj\Yf\\gf]o]dd&amp;</p><p>IMA</p><p>GE</p><p> CO</p><p>PY</p><p>RIG</p><p>HT</p><p> TO</p><p> ZU</p><p>FFA PAGE13</p></li><li><p>BJ PENN</p><p>BJ PENN is a 2 weight UFC champion holding titles at </p><p>lightweight and welterweight.</p><p>PAGE16</p><p>How will BJ Penn remembered when his career is said and done? Will he be remembered as the lightweight wrecking machine who tore through Jens Pulver, Joe Stevenson, Sean Sherk and Diego Sanchez? Or will he be remembered for his uninspired performances as a welterweight where he couldnt duplicate the career HIRMRK[MRLILEHSZIVPSRKXMQI[IPXIV[IMKLX/MRKpin Matt Hughes in 2004?</p><p>There will never be any argument that Penn is one of the most gifted athletes to ever compete in mixed martial arts. He is without a doubt a natural and he certainly has lived up to his nickname of the Prodigy. He is one of only three men to have won champion-ships in two different weight classes joining UFC Hall of Famer Randy The Natural Couture and future Hall of Famer Dan Henderson. The company Penn keeps is incredible and very well deserved, but he fans may think back and remember what couldve been rather than focus on his many accomplishments.One of Penns greatest achievements was when he FIGEQIXLIVWXRSR&amp;VE^MPMERXS[MRXLIFPEGOFIPXdivision of the World Jiu-Jitsu Championships in 2000. Whats crazy about this is that Penn was awarded his BJJ black belt just a few weeks before the Mundials in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At the tender age of 22 Penn had become a force in BJJ and was now prepared to begin training in all facets of mixed martial arts. At the time the UFC had a 155lb. division and Penn was the per-fect addition to a group that included Caol Uno, Jens Pulver and Din Thomas.</p><p>Baby J would make his UFC debut against Joey Gilbert in May of 2001. He would knock Gilbert out with just XLVIIWIGSRHWPIJXMRXLIVWXVSYRH,I[SYPH[MRLMWRI\XX[SKLXWZMEORSGOSYXMRXLIVWXVSYRHEKEMRWXThomas and Uno respectively, the win over Uno took just 11 seconds. The UFC awarded Penn a shot at Pul-ver and the lightweight championship in just his fourth GEVIIVKLXYRJSVXYREXIP]4YPZIV[SYPH[MRZMEYRERMmous decision. Pulver would leave the UFC vacating the title and after defeating Paul Creighton and Matt Serra, Penn would get another crack at the lightweight title against Uno at UFC 41.</p><p>-R[LEX[EWSRILMWQSWXHMWETTSMRXMRKKLXW4IRRand Uno would battle to a draw. We wouldnt see Penn back in the UFC for nearly a year. The UFC abol-ished the lightweight division and Penn would go on to face future Pride Lightweight Champion Takanori Gomi in Hawaii before returning to face Hughes for </p><p>the welterweight title at UFC 46 in January of 2004. In what many considered to be a huge upset at the time Penn stunned Hughes with a rear naked choke ZMGXSV]ERHGETXYVIHLMWVWX[SVPHGLEQTMSRWLMT3RGIEKEMR4IRR[SYPHPSSOJSVKLXWSYXWMHISJXLIUFC and was stripped of his title after signing on to KLXJSV*)+ W/SVKERM^EXMSR</p><p>*VSQ1E]SJXS.YP]SJLI[SYPHKLXthree times for K-1 and once more for Rumble on the Rock. He fought at middleweight against Rodrigo Gracie earning a decision victory, lightweight in a win </p><p>over Duane Ludwig; he would lose to Lyoto Machida who weighed 225lbs while Penn was just 191lbs. He would also defeat Renzo Gracie via decision. Once again the UFC came calling this time with a number one contenders bout against Georges St. Pierre, Penn LEH+74LYVXFEHP]MRXLIVWXVSYRHFYXWIIQIHto lose steam and dropped a very controversial split decision. As luck would have it, GSP got hurt and Penn would rematch Hughes who had reclaimed the welter-weight title by defeating St. Pierre.</p><p>In what would become the story of Penns career as a welterweight he started off quickly against Hughes and had the champion in serious trouble during the second round. Penn came out tired and was domi-nated on the feet by Hughes who eventually won via referee stoppage 3:53 into the third round. It was later reported that Penn had suffered a rib injury during the second round, but regardless the extra weight seemed to slow Penn down once again and in what may have been the best move of his career he took on the role of coach on The Ultimate Fighter season 5 opposite 4YPZIV8LIX[S[SYPHQIIXMRXLIWLS[ WREPIERHPenn toyed with Pulver before eventually choking him out in the second round and beginning an outstanding run as a lightweight.</p><p>%X9*'4IRR[SYPHREPP]GETXYVIXLIPMKLX[IMKLX</p><p>To read the rest of this article why not </p><p>order a back issue, visit</p></li><li><p>BJ PENNUFC WELTERWEIGHT</p><p>LAST FIGHT:...</p></li></ul>