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<ul><li><p>MARCH 2011 3.95</p><p>On The Rise Again!COUNTTHE</p><p>UULLTTIIMMAATTEE FFIIGGHHTTEERRSeason 13 PreviewIIMMPPRROOVVEE YYOOUURR PPEERRFFOORRMMAANNCCEEReduce The Risk of Injury &amp; Effects of AgingCCAAGGEE QQUUEEEENNOur Monthly Coverage of Womens MMABBAAMMMMAA 55ReviewedWWAARRTTIIMMEEWith Mark CarlingUUFFCC 112266 &amp;&amp; 112277Full Reviews InsideUULLTTIIMMAATTEE CCHHAALLLLEENNGGEEUCMMA 19 - Lights Out</p><p> THE NEC BIRMINGHAM7TH &amp; 8TH MAY 2011BRINGING MARTIALARTS TO LIFE!!!</p><p>KKIICCKKBBOOXXIINNGG -- MMUUAAYY TTHHAAII -- MMMMAA -- KK--11 -- BBOOXXIINNGG</p><p>Is He TheCoolest Guy </p><p>in ProfessionalWrestling?</p><p>RROOBB VVAANNDDAAMMMMEEIs He The</p><p>Coolest Guy in Professional</p><p>Wrestling?</p></li><li><p>CONTENTS</p><p>Well, the nights are quickly drawing out and at the end of thismonth the clocks go forward, it can mean only one thing, thetemparature is rising and the Summer is almost upon us!Things are heating up as well on the full contact circuit! Thismonth we see the UFC Light Heavyweight title on the line asMauricio Shogun Rua makes his long awaited return to thecage in an interesting match up against one of the divisionshottest prospects John Bones Jones. This should be an excit-ing fight with Jones getting his title shot after coming off animpressive win over fellow contender Ryan Bader.</p><p>This month also sees the return of the ever popular UltimateFighter series. The franchise enters its 13th year and doesntlook like letting up the pace at all. Coaches this time roundshould make for entertaining viewing as we see arguablyMMAs biggest star Brock Lesnar take on Number 1Heavyweight contender Junior Dos Santos with, as always thetwo coaches fighting each other for a shot at Cain Velasqueztitle at the end of the season.</p><p>If wrestling is your thing then this month we have a lot tointerest you. Our very own Wrestling correspondant Teddy Ghas been very busy doing interviews and recently caught upwith some big names in the scene. None other than JeffJarrett, Mick Foley and Rob Van Damme! So what are youwaiting for? Read on...</p><p>We all get injured now and then and whether youre a profes-sional fighter or just a student of the martial arts this cancause havoc to your training and fighting regimes. Well, ifyou flick forward to page 20 you can read an article thatmight just help you avoid getting injured as we give yousome tips for warming up properly, it might even prolongyour career a bit longer too.</p><p>Our monthly womens MMA section continues with residentwriter Isobel Carnwath. This issue she takes a trip up to theMidlands to visit Leicester Shootfighters, one of the premierwomens MMA gyms in the country.</p><p>Weve also got reviews from UCMMA and UFC in anotherpacked edition of Fighters Magazine.</p><p>Till next month...</p><p>Keep it locked!</p><p>6 NEWS ROUND-UPDomestic &amp; International</p><p>12 FIGHTERS PRODUCT REVIEWStop The Aches &amp; Pains With CNP ProTect</p><p>14 THE NEIL ADAMS SUBMISSION CLINICBy Fergus Dullaghan</p><p>16 LEGENDS OF THE CAGEMatt Hughes</p><p>20 IMPROVE PERFORMANCEReduce The Risk of Injury &amp; Effects of Aging</p><p>22 JEFF JARRETTBy Teddy G</p><p>28 GAS IN THE TANKFor The High Performance MMA Athlete</p><p>34 WAKO ITALIA &amp; WAKO GBWorking Together in Order to Improve The Fighting Athletes</p><p>40 CAGE QUEENOur Monthly Womens MMA column</p><p>44 A WINNING SMILE IS PRICELESS</p><p>46 ONE FOR THE LADIESA Masterclass in WAKO K-1 Rules ByMaster Cris Janson-Piers</p><p>48 MICK FOLEYBy Teddy G</p><p>54 WARTIMEWith Mark Wartime Carling</p><p>56 CHALINENE BASSINAHI See a Target, I hit it</p><p>60 KEITH HACKNEYThe Giant Killer</p><p>62 ROB VAN DAMMEBy Teddy G</p><p>66 JULIE KITCHENTV Debut As Coach On Enfusion</p><p>70 PETER DAVIESThe Man Behind The System</p><p>74 ULTIMATE CHALLENGE UKUCMMA 19 - Lights Out</p><p>76 UFC 126Silva vs Belfort</p><p>80 BATTLE ARENA</p><p>EDITORIAL</p></li><li><p>PUBLISHER/EDITOR IN CHIEFPaul S. Clifton</p><p>paul@martialartsinprint.comGRAPHIC DESIGN </p><p>Kevin ThompsonWEB DESIGN</p><p>Nick HarleyADVERTISING/SALES EXECUTIVE</p><p>Jan Harley</p><p>PHOTOGRAPHYCarrie Austin 07716266854IRISH MMA SUB EDITOR</p><p>Thomas McCulloughUK THAI SUB EDITOR</p><p>Dan Green UK MMA SUB EDITOR</p><p>Rob NutleyUK BJJ SUB EDITOR</p><p>Carl FisherUK KICKBOXING SUB EDITOR</p><p>Cris Janson-Piers UK BOXING SUB EDITORS</p><p>Luke Calvert, Mark Wilson SmithTHAI / KICKBOXING</p><p>Tony Myers, Shaun Boland, Paul Hennessy, Bob Spour, Neil Holden, Dean Sugden, Carl Emery</p><p>CONTRIBUTORSSteve Dileo, Bryan Levick, Fergus Dullaghan, </p><p>Ben Cartlidge, Teddy Galbally, Craig Bush, Rocki Sondhi, Tommy Thompson</p><p>COVER PICTURECopywrite Zuffa LLC</p><p>HOW TO GET WORK PUBLISHEDDrop us an email at or give the editorial team a call on 0121 351 6930</p><p>NEWS ITEMSFor all news related items, simply mark your envelope</p><p>FIGHTERS NEWSLINE and together with a photograph (if required) and a covering letter, send it to: FIGHTERS,</p><p>Head Office or E-Mail: OFFICE:</p><p>Unit 20, Maybrook Business Park, Maybrook Road, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, B76 1BE.</p><p>Tel: 0121 351 6930 E-Mail: fighters.magazine@btconnect.comADVERTISING DETAILS</p><p>If you would like to advertise in FIGHTERS email us to obtain details, </p><p>deadline dates and costs.DISCLAIMER</p><p>FIGHTERS is published by M.A. Publications Ltd, Unit 20, Maybrook Business Park, Maybrook Road, </p><p>Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, B76 1BE. 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PUBLICATIONS LIMITED</p><p>Dontmissout!!!Get your copy of delivered straight to your door every month!</p><p> -</p><p>Prefer to collect your copy in person? If you cant always find a copy of this magazine, help is at hand! Complete this form and hand it in at your local store, theyll arrange for acopy of each issue to be reserved for you. Some stores may even be able toarrange for it to be delivered to your home. Just ask!Subject to availability</p><p>If you dont want to miss an issue</p><p>Please reserve / deliver my copy of Fighters</p><p>on a regular basis, starting with issue ______________________________________</p><p>Title __________________________ First name_______________________________</p><p>Surname _______________________________________________________________</p><p>Address________________________________________________________________</p><p>_______________________________________________________________________</p><p>Postcode ______________________Tel. 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In Fig 1 Neilbegins his attack on an opponentwho is in the turtle position. His firstobjective as always is to get his firsthook (foot) into position: the correctlocation for the hook is just inside theopponents thigh.</p><p>He then sinks his second hook in.Notice how Neil always maintains anupright, well balanced posture untilthis has been achieved. Importantlyhe does not venture much furtherforward than the opponents belt lineat any time until both hooks are in(Fig 2).</p><p>Now that his hooks are both in placeit is safe for Neil to begin to manoeu-vre his opponent. Ordinarily, whenrolling an opponent Neil would takecontrol with his hands as well, but forthe purposes of demonstrating thistechnique Neil has let go. This isbecause he wants to emphasise howthe legs are used in turning youropponent, and in Fig 3 -5 you can seehow Neil uses his left foot to force theopponent to roll over.</p><p>It is interesting to note that by Fig 5Neil has already underhooked thearm in preparation for the armlock.This illustrates how attacks must beembedded within transitional move-</p><p>ments and not simply applied as sep-arate techniques.</p><p>When his opponent reaches the seatedposition Neil is already positioneddirectly behind him ready to attack(Fig 6). He then begins to push hisopponents head away with his righthand, whilst maintaining the underhook on his opponents arm with hisleft hand. His hips are starting to pivotoutwards to create space (Fig 8). Neilnow swings his leg over his oppo-nents head. At this point many peo-ple lose the arm lock as the opponentcontinues to roll away. Neil preventsthis by continuing to push the oppo-nents head away and most important-ly by pivoting his hips slightly (Fig 9).This changes the angle of the attack,and creates a space into which hisopponent can fall as can be seen inFig 10. </p><p>This attack works so well becausemost opponents expect a choke attackonce you get behind them (Fig 11).Indeed there is no reason why youdont initially look for the choke anduse the armlock as a secondary attack.In Fig 12 Neil is trying to choke hisopponent who is putting up seriousresistance. Neil underhooks the armin preparation to switch to the armlock. Neil then shifts his hips andthrows his leg over his opponentshead. As before he makes this easier</p><p>by pushing the opponents head away(Fig 13). Although his opponentattempts to defend by grabbing hisown arm or gi (Fig 14) Neil has theposition under control. He brieflyallows the opponents head to rise(Fig 15) before pushing it back downto the ground with his leg muscleswhilst maintaining pressure on thearm - this causes the opponent torelease the arm (Fig 16).</p><p>Page 8 WWW.FIGHTERSMAG.CO.UK December 2010</p><p>TThhee NNeeiill AAddaa...</p></li></ul>