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  • 1.Welcome once more to SiMania Admods: The Musical! Finally we havereached the last scene for my turn. When we left off, our two blue sims the only ones eligible for heir/ess were about to have a doublebirthday. Christine and Erik are ready to grow up, so lets see what weget.

2. Heres Christine. Shes pretty lazy so shes slumping in her birthdaypicture, so I included another picture of her standing up straighttoo. Besides the slow skilling, the laziness is the only thing I dontreally like about her. Otherwise, I love this kid!She rolled family/knowledge. I guess the upside to the slowskilling is that now she can get some points for maxing her last fewskills due to the knowledge aspiration. I think Christine turned outvery beautiful and I love a good family sim. 3. Heres little Erik, the baby of the family and the former subject ofChristines ire. Theyre now best friends, though. He is also adorable,although lacking the family eyes. Hes got such a great mix of his mom anddad. *pinches cheeks* 4. Erik can now join his siblings in skilling. Thankfully, he takes moreafter his brother Raoul than he does Christine. She is still skillingsuuuuuper slowly, and Raoul is set to max his skills before she does. Ifshe doesnt work hard, maybe Erik will too, lol. 5. Just a cute little double belly rub picture. The dogs are an importantpart of family life in the Encore household. 6. In the morning, Raoul leads his little brother on a jog to theschool bus, although theyre going to different schools sincewe havent had the headmaster over yet for Erik. When hereturns home, Steven teaches him how to do his homework. 7. Meanwhile, Christine heads off for her first day in the science career.Itll change, of course, but on my computer she wants to be a madscientist for her LTW, so I sent her into the science career when itopened up right away. 8. Christine left behind the boy who followed her home from school,Aidan. Hes happy to help himself to a drink from the bar. Sure,seems normal and healthy. Christine wanted to befriend him before Isent her off to her job, but Im not sure she should be friends with ateenager that makes a beeline for the juice. 9. And a few hours later, Christine returns home an overachiever. Way togo, Christine! Now go ahead and chat up Aidan if itll make you happy. 10. Raoul has maxed almost all his skills. Now that his sister isworking, it may take even longer for her to catch up with him. 11. The headmaster comes over that night and Marty manages not toset anything on fire this time. He accepts Erik easily into the school. 12. Morning time brings the threechildren together, and the threebeagles are quick to follow. It makesfor a pretty busy little room. At firstChristine and Raoul interact, but sheeventually lets Erik play too. Despitetheir relationship scores, I think shestill holds a little lingeringresentment. Just my opinion, though. 13. The three kids head off to private school together for the firsttime. 14. While the kids are busy withschool and work, the adultsdont have much going on.Marty is still working as avisionary while she waits forparanormal to come up on thecomputer so she can start on herthird LTW. Consequently, sheruns around in her all-blackvisionary outfit.The grown-ups in the housespend a lot of their timetogether, whether that means adance party or communal make-out time. Theyre justautonomously drawn to theirspouses, which is sweet. 15. Might as well be a flashing sign: Aria was here. No other ghostshave figured out how to get into the house, but shes a frequentvisitor. Thanks to her secondary knowledge aspiration, Christineactually thinks it was a positive memory. 16. Eriks predestined hobby is sports, and he frequently rolls wantsrelated to it. He especially is good at pulling his parents away fora quick game of catch. Thankfully, his nice points (or lackthereof) dont come into play and he resists the urge to bean hisparents with the ball. 17. Raouls teen birthday comes around, and his growing upwell makes most of the household happy. Marsha andSteven have primary or secondary family aspirations butMartys become pretty good about rolling up family-oriented wants despite being a romance sim. 18. And here he is, the only normal sim of the generation. Raoul is still acutie, in my opinion. Just like his big sister, he rolled family, but hissecondary is grilled cheese. 19. Steven brought home a pretty coworker and Marty keeps a close eyeon the two of them. 20. Shes right to do so, because Steven is heavily attracted to hiscoworker. Thats not right for a family sim. Focus on your family,Steven! Ignore the pretty Captain Hero! Stop telling her howattractive she is! 21. Sweetie, will you ever leave me alone while Im using thebathroom of giant polka dots?Never, my love.I thought as much, honey. 22. Raoul has maxed all his skills finally! Christine is still working on hers,but Erik is swiftly catching up with her. 23. Since the only two she had left were cooking and cleaning, Christineretired to her room to use the bookshelf there. Maybe a little alonetime will help her focus better. 24. Raoul has become enamored with the newspaper girl, Renee. Likein his childhood, his go-to topics are all about school and learning.He makes sure to let Renee know that he has a bunch ofscholarships and has maxed all his skills. 25. He also puts on this face. I can just imagine his innermonologue: Im talking to a girl! For real! A girl! Istalking to me! Im so excited! A real girl! Talking tome!Whoa there, boy. When we can see your lower gums,youre smiling too wide. 26. Renee is into hearing Raoul talk himself up, but she draws the line attalking about grilled cheese. Thats just not attractive to her, I guess. 27. Raoul drowns his sorrow in the cool stream of music emanating fromthe stereo. And looks like a total dork doing it. 28. Oh my god, a chair!Mom, theres a chair! Wow!I think this chair got haunted once and ever since it elicits thisreaction from anyone in the vicinity. What an exciting chair! 29. When hes not playing catchwith his parents, Eriksgetting his siblings to swinghim around. Hes such anactive little guy. 30. Steven! Youre a family sim! Act like it and stop bringing herhome with you! 31. Raoul daydreams about Kaylynn Spitzig, who he has never met. That isher name, right? Im not even sure. But apparently her reputationprecedes her. 32. Christine literally studied all night and still hasnt maxed her skills. Shes close though. She needed to take a break for an energizer pick-me-up, and everyone nearby had to come check out the new object.Marty and Marsha couldnt helpgossiping, but maybe they shouldhave been a bit more discreet? 33. Finally Christine has maxed her skills. Geez, that only took forever. 34. And Erik just has to show off by maxing his the same day. 35. Raoul is an overachiever. I forgot his LTW on my computer, but I senthim into science with his sister so theyd have the same hours. 36. Christine got her first kiss with Aidan the lush. Its really hard to keepfamily teens happy without resorting to relationships, so even thoughthey have only a few days to be together, I went ahead and let her fallin love with Aidan like she wanted. 37. Look, Mom! Over there!Marty is such a cheater! 38. Christine brings home another boy despite having a boyfriend. Dontemulate your dad, sweetie, hes doing family sim wrong. Youresupposed to be devoted, not constantly bringing home fresh meat likesome degenerate romance sim. 39. Christines new friend had to be asked to leave after hestarted picking on Renee, who was over visiting Raoul. Shedidnt put up with any of his pranks, though. Meanwhile,Lloyd smustles on the sidewalk. 40. Renee apparently got stinky from poking random guy too much, butRaoul doesnt mind. Hes just too happy to get his first kiss. 41. Hes found a better outlet for talking about grilled cheese.Although Renee wont listen, Christines 10 nice points assurethat shell talk with Raoul about grilled cheese any time. 42. Father-son dance party! Theyre so cute and dorky, at thesame time. 43. Aww, Marshas time has come. She was studying one of the non-skills from the bookcase and her book, left on the floor where she laid it, is a testament to things left unfinished.This was a hard death on thosethere to watch it. The dogs wailedand wailed while Marty, Rolfe, andErik cried. 44. Heres the aftermath of Marshasdeath. Rolfe reluctantly sleepsalone for the first time in a longtime. Soprano and Diva stayed inthe room where Marsha died andhowled for several hours. The nextmorning, Erik cant stop thinkingabout his grandmother while heplays with his toys. He seemsparticularly hard hit by her death. 45. His siblings are there to watch out for him, though. 46. Rolfes time is up the very next day after Marshas death. At least hedidnt have to live without her for too long. Poor little Erik is thereto witness this one too.Also: not to ruin the solemnity of the picture, but could we pleasehave a death scene without someone stomping and complaining? 47. Wishing you were somehow here again / Knowing we must say, "Goodbye/ Try to forgive, teach me to live / Give me the strength to try / No morememories, no more silent tears / No more gazing across the wasted years /Help me say, "Goodbye"--from Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again, The Phantom of the Opera 48. Two deaths in two days cast a shadow over Eriks birthday literally inthis case, as Raoul looms over Erik, crying. 49. The family musters some excitement for little Erik despite the grief and shock theyre all feeling.Eriks birthday present is hisinheritance. It doesnt changeanything about the sadnessand poor timing of the deaths,though, but this shows howclose Rolfes death was toEriks birthday. 50. While Erik is doing his spin, Christine thinks of Rolfes death and Raoulbreaks down in tears again in the corner. I think this may be the mostdepressing birthday party Ive ever played. 51. With the tears dried and the cake eaten, heres Erik. He grew upvery handsome, in my opinion, which can only help him as he hasrolled up a popularity/romance aspiration. 52. Even though its just two days before Im going to hand them off,Christine rolls the want to go steady with Aidan, so I let her. Luckily,moving to another computer is like going to college a get-out-of-broken-teen-hearts-free pass. 53. Hello there. I have a deformed-looking hand.Eesh. I thought this was so cool back in the day but sometimes thisskin just makes me cringe. I like that were continuing it but I wish Ihad made it better. The recoloring/shading in spots leaves much tobe desired, among other faults. 54. Erik continues to be all go-go-go and active, playing the drums like a maniac and luring people off to play catch.Raoul is much morecontemplative and autonomouslyfeeds the invisible koi on the wayhome from school. 55. Were family sims!No, really? I couldnt tell. 56. Erik also went to work in the athletic career if Im remembering right and returned home an overachiever. Although some of the days aredifferent, he keeps the same hours as his scientist siblings, so theycarpool together more often than not. 57. Besides the overachiever designation, Erik also came home with a cold.He spent some time napping on the recliners in the sun room. Luckily hecan sleep despite his mom holding a conversation in the background.Someone decided to play the drums shortly after this picture was taken,however, and that definitely didnt help his nap. 58. For a minor aspiration boost, Erik meets someone new by greeting awalk-by. 59. Then its straight back to resting, which doesnt exactly make Erikhappy. He doesnt really like to sit still or do quiet things, sorelaxing on the couch makes him cranky, as you can see by hisexpression. 60. The reason I didnt immediately hand the family off when Erik becamea teen is because Marty finally found a job in the paranormal careerand I knew that one night of work as an exorcist would help herachieve her third LTW, assuming nothing went wrong. She heads off,dressed in her . . . interesting work attire. 61. Meanwhile, Steven sets to cooking upsome of Grandmas Comfort Soup tohelp out his ailing son. Unfortunately,Aria is also on the prowl.Woo. That is one smokingghost!I wouldnt check out the ghost if Iwere you, Steven.Why ever not? 62. Thats why. 63. Erik finished the whole bowl of soup and I got a notification that he felt hisillness was melting away, but then the next pop-up said he had a cold!How many bowls of this stupid soup does it take to cure a cold? Regardless,we really only had time for the one since this is the last day Ill have thefamily. Poor Erik will just have to go to Lydia sick. I tried. I really did. 64. Early the next morning, while everyone else is sleeping, Martyreturns home from work as a cult leader, fulfilling her third lifetimewant. Now my turn is complete. 65. So who will be the heir, Erik or Christine? What other musical will beused in the naming process? Will the blue skin pass as easily to thenext generation as it did this time around? Tune in next time withSiMania Admods: the Musical! for the answers to these questions.As always, thank you for reading and please visit us at SiMania!