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  • 8/4/2019 Employee Engagement HR Strategies


    Dear Sir / Madam,

    The following is a questionnaire which attempts to study the various strategies used by your

    organization in initiating and sustaining employee engagement. There is no right or wrong answer.

    Your responses will remain confidential. (Nowhere in the thesis will your name or your companies

    name be disclosed.) However, you are requested to note down your name and correct contact details

    as is the requirement of conducting research. The details would be required in case the examinerwants to cross check the authenticity of this questionnaire as filled in by the researcher.

    Given below are some statements to which you have to respond giving an appropriate rating. The

    rating scale is as follows:


    Sr. No: Statement Rating

    1 The organization has a strong employee referral system in place to fill

    in vacancies.


    2 There are various employee recognition programmes in the

    organization which are effective in their purpose.


    3 Top managers meet the employees frequently to understand their

    expectations and aspirations.


    4 Mentoring is an essential part of the organization's initiative to further

    employee growth within the company.


    5 The performance management and appraisal system was designed by

    involving the employees.


    6 Managers ensure that their subordinates understand their job

    responsibilities and its effects on the immediate work environment.


    7 Employees are encouraged to pursue hobbies outside their work sphere. 1-----2-----3-----4-----5

    8 The company has various programs and training given to ensure that

    employees dont reach burn out stage in terms of work related stress.


    9 In the organization employees are encouraged to move in between the

    functions/projects to broaden their experience and make better

    advancement in their career.


    10 There is a regular feedback system informing every employee about his

    / her performance.


    11 The salary package and perks of the company are at par with the best in

    the industry.


    12 The senior management conducts various activities that help in building

    a strong leadership and employer brand.


    13 The company makes an active effort to create a positive work



    14 The organization encourages employee empowerment. 1-----2-----3-----4-----5

    15 The Company has an effective career management program in place. 1-----2-----3-----4-----5

    16 The management shares with its employees the current business

    scenario and future business plans.


    17 Employees are rewarded financially for actively participating in the

    company's financial success.


    18 The management believes in collective leadership. 1-----2-----3-----4-----5

    19 There is mutual trust among employees of the organization. 1-----2-----3-----4-----5

    20 The company ensures that employees are provided with the adequate

    resources required to perform their job efficiently.


  • 8/4/2019 Employee Engagement HR Strategies


    21 Flexi time is followed in the company at all levels to help employees

    maintain an appropriate work-life balance.


    22 Leadership values employees for their ability to create competitive

    advantage for the organization.


    23 Top management and managers understand employee engagement. 1----2----3----4----5

    24 All employees are engaged to the job but not committed to theorganization.


    25 Employee engagement programmes have reduced turnover,

    absenteeism, recruitment and training costs.


    26 Organization reciprocates with appropriate rewards and recognition

    systems to engaged employees transparently and fairly.


    27 Stay interviews are regularly conducted. 1----2----3----4----5

    28 Surveys are undertaken periodically to assess engagement (or

    disengagement) levels of managers and employees.


    29 Benchmarking is made with leaders in employee engagement strategies. 1----2----3----4----5

    30 The financial growth of the company exemplifies the success of

    employee engagement initiatives.


    31 Actions are taken on a regular basis to combat disengagement issues. 1----2----3----4----5

    32. Engaged employees are likely to stay longer with the organization.


    33. The company has shown lower attrition rates after the implementation of employee

    engagement initiatives.


    34.Attrition rate calculated for the last year ------ %

    35.Reduction in employee attrition has been. ------- (13%; 4---6%, 7---10%, >10%)

    36.The company calculates attrition for (Please tick the option/options which are applicable)

    a) Fresher attrition

    Strongly Disagree Disagree Neither agree nor


    Agree Strongly Agree

    Strongly Disagree Disagree Neither agree nor disagree

    Agree Strongly Agree

  • 8/4/2019 Employee Engagement HR Strategies


    b) Employees leaving the organization within a year of joining

    c) Employees at critical positions leaving the organization.

    d) Low performing employees leaving the organization

    e) A consolidated attrition rate is calculated not separately for each level.

    37.The main reason for employees leaving job are: (State in order of importance/frequency of

    occurrence- 1 being most important and 7 being least important)

    a) Relationship with managers / colleagues / work environment

    b) Compensation and Benefits package

    c) Excessive work stress affecting work life balance

    d) Better brand name of others

    e) Limited development opportunities provided by the company

    f) Withholding information regarding essential aspects of the company that employees

    ought to know.

    g) Job Itself (Role that an individual is supposed to perform)

    Kindly fill in the details below:

    NAME (Optional): ______________________________________________

    AGE: ______________________EDUCATION:

    (Highest Education received) ______________________

    DESIGNATION: _____________________

    DEPARTMENT: ______________________

    NAME OFCOMPANY: ______________________________________________


    INDUSTRY: ______________________________________________

    TOTAL WORK EXPERIENCE (in years): ______________________


    COMPANY: ______________________

    PHONE (OFFICE): _______________________________________________

    MOBILE: ______________________________________________


    EMAIL ADDRESS: ______________________________________________


    ------------------------------------------------ THANK YOU ------------------------------------------------


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